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  1. One firearm not mentioned here, and is antiquated by most standards...the Beretta model 1934 .380 acp. The most reliable .380 ever made, bar none. They can still be found for under $300. and are made like a Sherman tank & will last forever. My choice in a .380, however, may not be yourn. -Bearman-
  2. Congrats!!! THAT, is a very nice bruin Conrad, my friend! Looking Forward to the upcoming front-stuffer season soon.
  3. Awww come on guys!...Possum innards and mustard greens.....it's whats for dinner!!! LOL! ......
  4. +1...Way to go, Chuck! Keep up the good work, my friend.
  5. I agree, wd. Too complicated to figure out in layman's terms. Unfortunately, this will be the LAST sportsmans license I'll purchase. I'll just hunt my own land for free. The T.W.R.A. has lost their collective minds on the hunting issues. There needs to be some serious housecleaning done over at the T.W.R.A. in my humble opinion. They seem to not want to dance with the one's that brought them. FWIW.
  6. And just what is that "chicken on a stick" stuff anyways? I have never figured out what part of a chicken is that long anyhow...meow tell me.
  7. Call BR549 folks, for a used car deal you can't refuse...Junior Samples was one of the original Hee Haw regulars...RIP Junior. http://youtu.be/5S2z8rDL9Hg
  8. Patti Page...what a beautiful soul, and a beautiful voice to match. Hard to beat her rendition of the Tennessee Waltz.
  9. Academy Sports has 9x18 mm Monarch brand 95 grain steel jacketed round ball for 10.00 a box of 50. Can't hardly beat the Makarov for reliabilty, accuracy and craftsmanship. They are a great deal for the money.
  10. FWIW...After about the 1750's, the native American indians were trading heavily with the white pioneers infiltrating their lands. The indians transitioned from primarily stone arrowheads to metal points, made of any salvageable metal they could scavage and form into useable tools, or weapons. I wouldn't rule it out that it could very well be a "new world" arrowhead from that time frame. If it is, its way more rare than a stone arrowhead; and worth alot more than most stone points of that era.
  11. I grew up on a hill in west Nashville; where a union battery was positioned throughout the occupation of the union forces in Nashville and through the remainder of the civil war. The first shots of the Battle of Nashville, December 1864,were fired at Confederate forces aligned on Richland Creek approxamaitly 1.5 miles away to the west. Now, fast foward to around 1950 ish. WSM, channel 4 decides to build their first transmitter tower on that hill. They get the thing almost complete; all +1000 ft. of it. 9 workers on the tower when she colapses down within itsself...kinda like an acordian...a
  12. Welcome Burgan, from just down the road in Gainesboro. I'm a lefty shooter too; however, I just can't seem to cotton up to plastic firearms. I'll stick with the tried and true 1911 platform, for my money and safety concerns. Glad to have you on board, my friend. Oh yeah, try Daves Pawn, in Cookeville...you will NOT be disappointed in their selection and service.
  13. Next time just hollar out the window " I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore"...thats bound to give them food for thought. Oh yea, don't forget to shake your fist out the window at them too...for effect. Society has gone to hell in a handbag. fwiw...
  14. First off I'd remove all the old fuel and replace it with fresh, before you even attempt to start them. Ethanol fuel will separate and wears hard on all the rubber seals and o-rings and such; especially if he didn't winterize it last year. Also, new spark plugs would certainly be a good idea, as well. Use a fuel stabilizer if you plan on it sitting for any lenght of time; such as marine formula Stabil. Enjoy!


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