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  1. It's the number one "News" show on TV right now. And, maybe he wanted to give first shot to somebody that stood behind him the whole time. I'm thinking he didn't hurt himself all that much.
  2. Good to see you again, Spots. Nothing more valuable than experience. I'm glad you came out OK. Family is a big deal. I learned that pretty late in life.
  3. That's what Rittenhouse said.
  4. You need to retire. Traffic sucks
  5. Don't be fooled. Hannity said that to her face. She's still a Democrat. She's just not so far out there.
  6. Yeah. Chris has needed to go for a long time. And Brett isn't far behind. But, I have seen Tucker stretch things a little far a time or two. False flag may be a little far. With that said, the Democrats milked it the whole way. I haven't watched Tucker's documentary yet. Just need to set aside some time. This retirement thing is tough.
  7. I haven't watched enough TV to pass the bar yet. I'm gonna wait and see. Sandman kicked their asses, and still five years away from the end of his cases. Glad you have it all figured out though.
  8. Yes he was. Once again, the media reaches a new low.
  9. I heard his BLM quotes in context. He's ok there, especially his comment on prosecutorial misconduct. He has experienced it first hand. As he said, the case was about self defense. Others tried to make it about race. Now, when it comes to the lowlifes in mainstream media, and possibly some politicians... they're gonna get their asses sued off. I hope Kyle drags in millions.
  10. Kyle has some very good coaches. I wouldn't be looking for anything like that.
  11. Great interview so far. I have my answer. But, I'm gonna keep watching.
  12. He's a teenager going to government schools. I don't care what he supports. I wanna know if he is gonna sue some "journalists".
  13. Speaking of Tucker, Kyle will be on his show tonight. Starts at 7PM Central.
  14. When asked by Smith for comment about the two Never-Trumpers leaving the network, Carlson said it was “great news” and that “our viewers will be grateful.” I'm with Tucker. They need to get on over to CNN, and take that squeaky little Chris Wallace with them.
  15. Kimberly Guilfoyle, ex-wife of CA governor Gavin Newsome, and main squeeze of Donald Trump Jr. She was also an assistant DA, and worked for Fox News for awhile.
  16. Fixin' to meet the big guy. And, I ain't talking the beady eyed wonder. Kimberly is looking good as usual...
  17. I think it was more like 2 1/2 months.
  18. And calling Kyle a white supremacist. Those boys may have been white. But in their hearts, they was black.
  19. You're plenty smart. Smart enough to see the evidence was pointing to self defense. Too many people just believe what Don Lemon, or Brainless Brandon tell them to believe. You're not one of them. I didn't even think Kyle should have been charged.
  20. Got me a piece of merch from this show...
  21. Yep. He will be able to afford a real M16 soon.


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