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  1. I have a hard enough time finding my car keys. Nice work!
  2. Free AVG wears me out.. I probably didn't get it configured right. All my machines are company machines. We use Symantec Endpoint (Norton). My girl's personal machines are Norton as well. Can't really complain about them. And, they don't drive us crazy. I normally scan with free Malwarebytes as well. And, as was already mentioned. Back it up
  3. Don't know exactly when, but I did too.
  4. I have some 62 gr TTSX in 224 that I'm anxious to try out. Not much of a hog round, but should pack some punch for 223. Now, those 300 grain TTSX in my 458 SOCOM rounds should slap a Hog. I have another box of them to load somewhere. So far, only supers in my 300 blk. 110's and 126's
  5. Well damn. I already bought a motor.
  6. I wonder if you could put an electric motor on that sucker?
  7. Best single stage press in the whole world. BTW, Frankford Arsenal has a knock-off now...
  8. He's gonna start loading 6.5 Creedmoor. He needs a Coax. Already had him convinced of that. Just can't find one in stock anywhere. It was the same deal when I bought mine. I'll get him back. He has enough property for precision load development
  9. Little brother is starting into reloading. Grabbing this stuff for him.
  10. If I wasn't 3/4 sick, I would come out. Holler next time you're thru
  11. It was mine too when I was hanging there. We hit the Neeley's places a lot too. I understand they're gone now. We had one of those in Nashville.
  12. And Anderson is low or bottom on the same list as the Aero. FWIW, I have built a couple guns with Anderson lowers, and had no issues other than having to tap the grip screw all the way through. One turned into a sub MOA gun. Just relaying the feedback I have gathered from others. The Anderson stuff sure is priced right. It's why I got 'em.
  13. If they have time, they can look at my hard drive. Don't think the files are illegal. From the viewer...
  14. I have had decent over there. I forget where. I agree that it's hard to beat Memphis. A friend of mine shot a picture of his lunch at the Barbecue Shop last week. Inspired me to go on a hunt for some around here. I wound up real disappointed.
  15. He's closer to the Carolinas, which does OK as well.
  16. We're fixing to start load development for my little brother's 6.5 Creedmor, as soon as his coax press comes in. He's getting 5ish in groups at 500 yards now with some wind, so it's close with the factory Hornady stuff. We can get it better with hand loads. Like I said, great caliber.
  17. Great looking rifle, and a great caliber. You're gonna really like that
  18. Shoot for Aero Precision if you can get it. It seems to be the favorite these days. I'm always too impatient to hunt down specific brands myself.
  19. Not the first White Castle/Krystal battle on TGO. It's always Mike and me against the heathens
  20. Nothing like a good ass fire to get you outa bed quick.
  21. Y'all are gonna catch something nasty from those things

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