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  1. TNMP40

    Sig P365

    I had problems with my P938 even after I sent it to SIG to check out and get it back. I am no longer a SIG fan. I have a Shield and just got a Kimber Micro 9. Both are very good.
  2. I like my Bersa Thunder .380 Shoots fantastic and with the fixed barrel it is easy to keep on target. My main carry gun is a 9mm Shield but the Bersa is always close by. For the money you can't beat it.
  3. If anyone owns or has owned a Colt Defender .45 ACP (3" barrel) can you chime in on this. At the range today my first time firing this gun out of about 60 rounds I got smacked in the forehead or nose 3 times. I thought my Glock 19 was bad but this Colt is a bullseye for my face! Would replacing the recoil spring and guide rod with one from Kimber help any??? Photo is my Colt .45ACP next to my Shield 9mm Thanis
  4. Can someone give me the pro or cons on each brand. One cost a lot more and I am not sure why. This is not an item that would be used often unles you own an ammo factory Thanks
  5. That is what I was thinking... but it sure looks cool. Ammo and all!
  6. Thanks Oh Shoot. Mattel hey... Ha... care to put an apple on your head? I know that was an arrow but I can shoot them worth a damn LOL
  7. TNMP40

    Ruger or S&W

    I have a Ruger SR101 but I don't like shooting .357 out of it with the short barrel. Now my S&W Model 19 with the 4" barrel is a dream to shoot and probably the most accurate guns I have. There is something very special about shooting a wheel gun. I have too many semi-auto's and wish I had more wheel guns.
  8. Anyone know who makes this gun and what calabar it is?
  9. Improve stopping power..... go to the range and hit the target in the right place!~ Doesn't matter if you are shooting.380 or 9mm !!!!
  10. Any small gun would be ok as an ankle carry gun. The most popular is a S&W Airweight .38 or the Ruger LCP. For me a back up gun is just not going to happen. I don't go into any areas that would require a back up and I am not a LEO. I like to travel light. To each their own I guess.
  11. Ditto the Knife Works for ammo... they always have at least one brand of 9mm for $9.99 a box of 50.
  12. TNMP40

    Ok Sig

    Here is an update: After sending my P938 to Sig I got it back in about 3 weeks. When I called for a status on the repairs I never got a reply phone all or email! Upon receipt of my gun it appears per their list in addition to cleaning and polishing the feed ramp they "Replaced" 10 items! My case in point the early model P938's had issues and design problems. The good news is that I was not charged the $55 shipping and $85 service call that they quoted me. Here is the problem... Sig Customer Service sucks. If they new how to handle Customer Service calls they would still have a happy customer. I simply will not buy another Sig product. There are too many other choices out there!
  13. You would not be buying a firearm that I purchased... that is for sure!
  14. TNMP40

    Bersa .380 CC

    Yep I was shooting Sellier & Bellot. First time I ever bought that brand. I just ordered some ammo from Palimino and will try that out. Also cleaned and lubed the gun up. I really like how it feels in my hand and fits in my pocket.
  15. At least the gun matches here phone... now if she has matching high heels I am all in.


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