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  1. rab

    Shooting Range

    I am looking for a good range or a place to shoot pass 300 yds in the Bristol area. Not having much luck. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any reports on a gunsmith in Piney Flats, I can't find much about them as far as Barrel cutting and rethreading. Or if anyone knows of any shops in the Bristol area that they might suggest it would be very helpful. Thanks
  3. Which Glocks will this fit Gen?
  4. Does this come with the rifle length buffer tube? And where in E/TN?
  5. Thanks all for the input. I have a small amount of small rifle primers remaining,more than likely get me though the year with the rounds loaded with out a problem. I only shoot about 200 rounds a month,but still like to pick up supply when I see them. Did find a fair deal on #8 of powder on line. I was just wondering.
  6. I have not been able to find any thread on any site that give a good reason for the shortage of small rifle primers. What is your thoughts?
  7. Boy, I sure wish you were closer, I could enjoy that!
  8. Dave Thanks , Got an e-mail back from Mike said he would be happy to help. Price is very good and is about two week out on small jobs like threading. He is located about 120 miles away.Hope I can make the trip and drop it off.
  9. Thanks Bill, I have the Kidd Match grade 920 and it is a great shooter. That is why I would like to get it threaded ,for I know what it can do. The same barrel threaded form Kidd is only $250 and would most likely shoot as good. Then I would have an extra barrel that I would not need for, I am going all suppressed from here out.
  10. Is there no one in East Tn
  11. What models will this fit? What is the total length? Where in e/tn
  12. I hope that I am at the correct location. I am looking to get a 10-22 Kidd barrel threaded. Does anyone know who preforms this service in the N/E Tn area ( Bristol)? Thanks for the help
  13. is that a thread protector on the end, If threaded I that it.
  14. Westwindmike, Thanks for the infor. it is sure helpping to get a feel for what I need for there just is not any 6.5 creedmoor brass to be had at this time. I have 60 Hornady cases that I got from factory ammo, other say they only last for a few firing and other report that 6.5 brass from 308 last for quite a few, up to 15. I will start the process soon, just need a few tools and want to get the correct one on the frist buy. Again thanks for any information to the quest.
  15. I have been hand loading for just over two years for my 223 bolt gun and feel some what comfortable at it. Now I gotten a 6.5 CM. And finding brass just a little pricy. I am thinking about resizing some 308 down to 6.5 CM. What dies will I need to get and what is the process? Thanks for all comments and help in advance for I like to buy ONCE, I know that a joke. Thanks
  16. Well I guess that luck was on my side or better yet I just living right. I had to stop at Walmart this afternoon and low and behold on the shelf was 2 lbs of IR 4064, that was the part of the order that caused my concern from Widener's be cause of the hazmat ship.  Was a Great Day
  17. This was news to me, I went to their site today and was glad to see that they had everything that I needed. The frist thing I ask was if I place an order today can I pick it up tomorrow, that when I was told that they no longer had in store pickup. I sure hate that. Just my 2 cents
  18. Can anyone tell me what the wait time is for all the paper work to clear to purchase a suppressor? Thanks
  19. rab

    Got The Fever

    Well guys I been reading  alot on the Ruger Precision Rifle and like buying a new car if you keep checking them out soon you got the fever. That where I am at, only thing is now I can't find one. I am looking for a 6.5 CM. Does anyone know where I might look ? Would like to do a face 2 face buy if I could. Thanks for all help.
  20. rab

    Search for Accuracy

    Dolomite   Thanks for the advice. I do load all of my ammo and make every effort to keep all my brass as consistent an uniform as I can. I have just been reloading for three years and want to learn all that I can. How did you reduce the expander ball? Also  I use a single stage press(RCBS) and weight each load on a 505 scales. I will also try a front bag. Again Thanks


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