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  1. There are quite a few Sheriffs and Police Chiefs in TN that say that they are against a lot of things the Feds and their law enforcement do. By saying that, most of them mean they will not assist federal law enforcement, but it a whole other level to actually hold them accountable. We need more local law enforcement like this guy.
  2. If this does somehow pass the Senate, I'm pretty sure there will be constitutional issues. Congressman Dan Bishop (R-NC) got Jerry Nadler to admit on record in a hearing that the bill's goal was to restrict guns "in common use". That comment goes directly against prior Supreme Court rulings. The Chairman of the committee was banging the gavel as Jerry was speaking to try to get him to shut up, because he knew the damage Jerry was causing to the bill. Lol
  3. I don't know the exact legal ramifications for carrying past a sign, but I usually either choose not to go or carry anyway. I know I've talked to a local DA and Sheriff and they aren't really looking to prosecute somebody with this. "Off the record" I was told that unless the establishment really pushes it, it will likely be dropped on a local level. This just goes for carrying past a sign, you reach another level when you carry in another prohibited place like a school or court house.
  4. Here is some good bedtime reading. A whole bunch of hogwash. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/1808/text
  5. Wish they would take the force of law away from signs here in TN. I think it is possible to get the law changed, but you'll hear certain people scream bloody murder about it. The media isn't wanting to talk too much about this incident, the outcome doesn't fit their narrative. When they go to yelling gun control because of the active shooter, they contradict themselves if they acknowledge the outcome.
  6. I met a guy one time and got to know him and knew him quite a while before I found out he was ATF. Great guy, but after I found out he was ATF I had to cut ties with him. Just couldn't trust him, because even though he seemed like a great guy, I bet he could turn pretty quick if he smelled something with you. I question the motives of anybody that would even want that job. Now some of you would say that if you aren't doing anything wrong there is nothing to worry about, but I would submit that almost everybody that has ever owned firearms has violated a firearm law at some point.
  7. I hope they do whatever they need to do to keep other States satisfied and maintain reciprocity. My permit doesn’t do a whole lot within the boarders of the State, but it is golden to be able to carry in other States.
  8. Dog is a idiot, I don’t understand why anybody pays attention to what he says.
  9. You’d probably be surprised at what NY officials would deem “disqualifying speech”.
  10. I agree, more lawsuits, but it’s a shame you have to file suit to have your rights. They will have to weasel this new lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, the new law will get shot down, and then they will just make another unconstitutional law, and the cycle continues. Meanwhile, the people filing these suits are going broke with legal fees.
  11. Well, NY Governor just signed a bill declaring almost every place a "sensitive area". I told y'all NY wasn't going to abide by the ruling.
  12. So the justices are going to all plié in a car and go to NY to arrest Eric Adams? A Judge can make any ruling he wants to, but if you don’t have anybody to enforce the ruling, it doesn’t mean much. Kind of like when President Jackson told the Supreme Court “You’ve made your ruling, now enforce it”, and they didn’t do a thing. I would like nothing more than to see the NY mayor and others be brought to justice, but I don’t see it happening with the current administration.
  13. At the end of the day though, if the Biden Justice Department doesn't want to prosecute, contempt of court doesn't mean much. If NY ignores the ruling, do you really think the Biden Justice Department would go after them? Even if the FBI was held in contempt, there is nobody to arrest them.
  14. Well he’s not wrong. NY could ignore the ruling and there isn’t really much the SC could do about it, especially with a Biden justice department.


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