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  1. I finally watched the whole video, where it showed the car cam video. From the vantage point of the car, it does look like the officer just gave up there at the end. It didn't look like he was physically unable to continue the fight, it looked like his was mentally unable. He had enough strength to at least get to his knees, but he just sat there on his knees and watched her drive away. She could have finished him off execution style if she wanted. One would think you would either pick up your gun (fight) or tried to drag yourself to cover (flight), but he just sat there kind of dumbfounded.
  2. IMO, the reason the cop was giving her so much lead way is a direct result of the current climate between cops and minorities. Cops today are sacred to death that they will get a civil rights charge or worse against them. Him acting like he did, due to the current political climate, appears to be a contributing factor in the cop getting shot.
  3. If the democrats get their way, by either making DC or Puerto Rico a state, automatically registering everybody to vote, and make mail in voting commonplace, your vote in TN will be worthless on a national level. We are getting to a point that our only hope is to have the State stand up to the Feds. I agree that to have the State go against the Federal Government is a steep hill to climb. The feds have taken over state’s rights by taking hold of the purse strings. It’s something we should at least consider though.
  4. You might be surprised. So I guess we are just supposed to suck it up and take whatever the Feds throw at us?
  5. Well, TN and several other southern states have done it in the past.
  6. I know the president of the TN Sherriff's Association, he used to be my Sherriff (Jeff Bledsoe of Dickson County). I need to talk to him about this. I'll talk to him and see what he says.
  7. The joke is even more funny in this political climate. If the Sherriff's Association was advocating something pro-gun, I'm sure they would be dealt with swiftly. If it fits their agenda though, the federal government is more than happy to look the other way. Bottom line is, expect zero help from any federal agency, no matter how outrageous the infraction.
  8. Back in the day, I would talk to several stations in West Nashville from Dickson on CB. I was running a 40' tower and 600 watts though.
  9. Roosters are the only ones that are noisy. I've never had a smell problem, but my pen isn't overcrowded and I keep the coop clean. They do tend to poop on everything and attract predators, but if you keep them in a good pen that isn't a problem.
  10. I had game chickens for years, just left to run wild here at the farm. I figured maybe it would help with ticks, but didn't really see any effect. Last year, my daughter did the 4H chicken project. These were black sex links. Great chickens, they will almost do 1 egg a day each. They are going on a year old and are still laying good. If you can keep the predators away, you can't hardly kill a chicken. Predators will ruin your day though, and chickens are pretty low on the food chain. Keep them penned up and you should be fine. One more thing, don't buy "pit run" chickens, wha
  11. I understand your concerns, but I think the permit system is a false sense of security. Lets face it, any idiot can pass the HCP class. Shoot, when I took mine we graded our own papers, and as long as nobody got shot at the range you passed that part. I do think that when a cop runs your license or sees your HCP and sees that you are a HCP holder it eases their mind a little, because it tells them right away that you at least can pass a background check.
  12. As far as the Sheriff goes, you are right, talk is cheap, and he could change his tune if his himself is threatened with jail. That’s all the more reason we have to stand behind people like this when the pressure comes down on them. Local and state government is the best defense we have against all this mess. If that fails, it’s going to be very bad. like the saying goes “when it becomes time to bury your guns, it will be time to dig them back up”. I read a story once about how Saddam Husain came to power. What he did was call a big meeting and had all the local leaders come and disc
  13. I ain't buying no neutered mags. I did buy 10 more standard capacity G17 mags, and a few more AK mags (already set on AR mags). I'm betting on a grandfather, and no law enforcement (at least in red states) is eager to start going door to door to round anything up. My local Sherriff has already said he flat out won't do it, and will hinder any efforts by the State or Feds to do the same.


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