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  1. m16ty

    Glock 43 vs Shield 9mm

    I ended up picking up a Shield yesterday. I held both and the Shield seemed to fit my hand better. I'm a Glock fan and really was leaning toward the Glock, but with the Shield having a better fit, and almost $100 cheaper, the G43 will have to wait. I carry OWB under a untucked shirt. I can hide a LCP .380 pretty well, even under a T-shirt. I know the Shield is bigger but I'm hoping I can still hide it decent. I ordered a Blackhawk CQC Serpa (my preferred carry holster) tonight, I'll have to wait until it gets in to try carrying it.
  2. My personal stance is that I at least have to know somebody that knows you, or see your HCP, before I'll sell somebody a firearm. I've sold a few guns at gun shows, all were either sold to people with tables at the show, or somebody just walking around, after I saw their HCP. This is just my personal stance, and in no way would I want it to become law. I would just hate for a firearm I sold to be used for foul play, and wouldn't want to deal with the legal ramifications that followed.
  3. m16ty

    New NRA president - Lt Col Oliver North

    About all the NRA President does is put a face on the organization and get people ginned up at rallies. Wayne LaPierre still calls the shots. There have been some big shoes to fill since Charleston Heston, none of them have been able to measure up to him since. I would have liked to see R Lee Ermey to have held the office before he passed.
  4. m16ty

    Got my HCP renewal notice

    The use that same pic as your DL. The way I understand it, it just depends how long has passed since your last pic as to if you'll have to get a new pic or not. I renewed my HCP last fall. I was required to go to the Drivers Testing Station to get a new pic. I can't stand going to the Dickson Drivers Testing Station. There will be a room full of people waiting, 4 people behind the counter, with only one person actually doing anything.
  5. m16ty

    LE Duty Handguns in the State of TN

    Talked to a Dickson Police Dept Detective last week, he said the current regulation is every officer carry a Glock 23 as their primary. He said this was due to if something big went down, officers could share mags. He said there was also talk of them going to 9mm, but nothing official yet.
  6. m16ty

    Why should I buy an AR-15?

    I was fooling with ARs before ARs were cool. Back when I got my first one, there were hardly any accessories, and what was available either came from Colt or military surplus. Nowadays, the sky is the limit with what you can do with one. I've got one setup for long range shooting, a 16" for just playing around, and one with a "fun switch" that is sporting a 11.5" barrel. I've also got a stripped lower sitting in the safe I'm thinking about turning into a pistol. If you are building one (the best way to get the most bang for your buck), just about all the lowers on the market are the same, besides the brand stamped on it. Spend your money on a upper and optics. I've heard all the horror stories from Vietnam, that was before my time, but I can tell you that I haven't seen any of those problems with the modern AR. If for no other reason, get one because it pisses the liberals off.
  7. m16ty

    Glock 43 vs Shield 9mm

    Well I've been looking for a more compact carry gun. My Glock 19 is may standard winter carry gun and and general carry gun when I'm not trying too hard to conceal. In the past I'd carry various pocket .380s when I needed better concealment than the 19 offered, but these small .380s aren't doing it for me anymore. I'm just tired of fooling with them, and my accuracy is awful shooting them and any distance. I was pretty much set on picking up a G43, that was until a friend of mine let me shoot his Shield, now I'm torn between the two. I really like the way the shield felt in my hand and the way it shot. I've only held a G43 and haven't shot one but the Glock did fit my hand pretty well also. I've searched the web and have seen several comparisons between the two firearms already, and the conclusions of all I've read is there isn't a nickle's worth of difference between them. I just though I'd throw it out there and see what TGO had to say.
  8. True, and we are more than happy to send them packing.
  9. m16ty

    If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    I have to agree with this. I do swap between a G19 and G43 sometimes, depending on having to conceal deeper or not, but stay in the Glock family. If you ever get into a life or death situation, you are going to want to rely on muscle memory a lot, because your other senses are likely to be slow to react, or lead you down the wrong path.
  10. I don't see a AWB happening on a state level anytime soon. Sure, we have a RINO governor, but the legislature is still solid conservative and not likely to change anytime soon. I know people are fleeing liberal states and moving to more free states, but excluding the OP, I'm hesitant to roll out the welcome wagon here in TN. A lot of these people are still deep down liberal, and are like a parasite. They destroy their current state until they can't take it anymore, they then move to a more conservative state, before long they start trying to change their new state to mirror where they came from, turning our good state into the crap hole they came from.
  11. Left handed shoot here. My worst position is somebody coming up from behind on the drivers side of a vehicle. My solution is to practice off-hand shooting more, and practice drawing with the left and swapping hands. I actually think swapping hands would be as fast as ankle draw, and the gun is still in the wrong hand to get into a good shooting position, without exposing a bunch of your body. I actually had a incident awhile back that bought this to light. I was sitting at the drive thru at McDonald's, and some crazy guy comes walking from behind my truck. I was wanting to try to get my firearm at the ready, but struggled to get into a position where I could draw fast if needed. As it turned out, the guy was just nuts and meant me no harm, he just wanted money. All shooters are very vulnerable from somebody coming up from the rear like that while sitting parked, that's why cops approach a vehicle like they do.
  12. I don’t think so. Before I knew what was happening, while we were still on lockdown, a officer did come inside and escort a woman out. I assume that was the girlfriend and they were wanting to ask her some questions.
  13. Yes, he was apprehended before they let us out.
  14. Other than some shooting activities I attend, I'm fairly certain that Church is the most armed place I attend. Since all the talk of church shootings, us members have discreetly let each other know who is carrying. I'd say at least half of the membership is carrying at any given service. While not making anything official, due to legal matters, the Church leadership actually encourages carrying. We all do try to at least semi-conceal them, mainly due to a few members it may make uncomfortable and don't want to freak out visitors.
  15. Well the incident that happened was that there was a assembly of people at said place, the "girlfriend" of a guy was in attendance of said assembly, he was drunk and mad, and shots were fired out in the parking lot. I honestly think he was just trying to put on a show and scare her or something (who knows why drunks do what they do) but he could have just as easily entered the assembly before he started firing. You don't know the feeling you get when you are put on lock down with shots fired, and all you can do is hope the shooter doesn't breach the lock down, until you've been there. It's a situation I don't want to find myself and my family in again. It is a soft target, plain and simple, and I knew that for awhile and it concerned me, it just hit home last night. I'm going to talk to the Sheriff, who is a personal friend, about setting up a Special Deputy program. Looks like that would be a way for certain persons to get around all these prohibited places.

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