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  1. The theory is that when you lower taxes, it makes the economy better and the government takes in more taxes. This can work if you do it right. I agree though, both parties spend way too much. As far as Trump and the bump stocks, I don't like it, but he will still probably get my vote in 2020. What else you going to do, vote for a Bernie or Liz Warren, or are you planning on throwing your vote away to a third party? Sometimes you just have to play the hand you've got. You've also got to look at the big picture. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has one foot in the grave, and rumor is another justice may retire. Long term 2nd amendment success depends on a conservative supreme court, because sooner or later the Dems are likely to get back ahold of 2 branches, and it will be scorched earth toward the 2nd amendment.
  2. Hornady Critical Defense.
  3. m16ty

    Fugitive in Montgomery County

    I'm not so sure it would be a good idea to try and hold him, unless you could make 100% sure you could hold him and he could access any weapons. I'm sure there were other people on that ferry that could get hurt if things go bad. When it's just you and a bad guy, things are different than when there are other people involved. I know my self defense plans are very different, depending on if I'm alone or I'm with my family.
  4. m16ty

    Fugitive in Montgomery County

    He has been caught now. I wonder, if a civilian saw him, and he wasn't posing a threat (moving away), would you take that shot? Common sense tell you to take the shot, but there is also that case down in Chattanooga, which is very similar, and the guy got convicted of 2nd degree murder. I keep thinking about the ferry boat operator. They had him on the ferry, and knew it was him. They notified the police, but they were a long way away. I'm guessing either the captain didn't have a firearm or had one and was scared to use it. If you were in that position, and decided to act, I think it would be very dangerous to try and hold him until the police arrived. About your only reasonable option would be to put him down, or do what they did and let him go. By letting him off the ferry though, they put a bunch of the public and police officers in danger. Tough decision, with lots of legal consequences.
  5. Wonder how he knew the gun wasn’t loaded? It’s pretty easy to tell if a revolver has missing rounds in the cylinder, but you can’t be sure there isn’t one in the chamber. Other guns like a Glock, you can tell, if you are the one holding it, but I’m not sure you could tell if it was being pointed at you. Making the statement “I knew the gun wasn’t loaded”, could also get you charged with murder, if he had killed the guy.
  6. I’ve never heard of a universal prohibition of carrying where drugs are. You sure about that? I thought the only prohibited places were government buildings and places properly posted.
  7. Went to Horizon Hospital today in Dickson to visit a friend. The entrance was posted “No unauthorized weapons allowed”. I don’t really know what that means, but I was armed, and figured that since I had a HCP, I was “authorized”. I’m not sure that was the original intent of the posting, but it appears I was legal, according to the law. What say TGO?
  8. m16ty

    Carrying a Walther PK 380

    Agreed, if a .380 is all you can carry, then carry it. It’s just a personal opinion that a .380 pocket pistol is borderline inadequate. Also, I don’t buy into the hype that a .380 won’t stop a bad guy, but a 9mm is much better, in just a little bit bigger size.
  9. That's what I thought also. I upgraded to life member a few years ago, thinking they would finally stop sending me stuff. Little did I know, they have different grades of life memberships. They still send me stuff, trying to get me to upgrade my life membership.
  10. If you did do it, and had it built where the sound wouldn't escape your property, nobody would ever know . I won't say where, but there used to be a gun store in Nashville, and they (I plead the 5th) would regularly shoot full-auto suppressed into a ravine beside the store. This was right beside a main road and a very busy place. The fact is, with all the city sounds, nobody ever noticed.
  11. m16ty

    Carrying a Walther PK 380

    I've gotten away from .380 "pocket pistols" all together. I tried to carry several ones, but I can't hit squat with them, and pocket carry is extremely uncomfortable to me. I don't know if it's the short barrel, hard to get a good grip on, crappy sights, just me, or a combination of all, but I question my ability to have good consistent shots at anything over a couple of yards. Add the fact that the .380 round is a little on the light side, I've retired the idea of .380 carry.
  12. I've tried a bunch of those compact .380s. I'm not going to say it's all the gun's fault, but I can't hit squat with any of them. I'm of the opinion that the .380 round works well enough at stopping a threat, but the size of the .380 compacts don't lend well to shooting well. The bigger .380s are a lot more accurate, but you might as well go with a 9mm at that point. You want to handle a sweet shooting gun, shoot a M&P EZ .380, but the problem is, it's as big as the 9mm shield. Upgraded to a M&P Shield in 9mm and couldn't be happier. I can shoot a fairly decent group at 30 yards. Nicest gun for it's size that I have shot, for me personally.
  13. m16ty

    Sad news out of OK Corral

    I tend to agree with the suicide theory. If he had been shot by somebody else at the range, or had a AD and shot himself, the media would be all over it.
  14. A lot of it depends on where I'm going. I've started carrying my Glock 17 to church, because if I ever have to draw my gun in that setting, chances are the shots are going to be longer range and higher capacity will be in order. I think the single stacks can suffice, if you are just mainly trying to protect yourself and/or family in close proximity, but not in a church setting, where the shooting could very well start on the other side of the auditorium. Wearing summer attire and OWB, I have to say the 17 prints a fair amount. Nobody has noticed, except the people that already know I carry. I've had conversations with people about it that didn't know I was carrying until I pulled my shirt up and reviled the gun. Most people just don't pay that close attention to other people. About the only reason I worry about it at all is I don't want to scare the little old ladies or freak visitors out. Most all of the regular members at least have a good idea of who is carrying, and the church leadership knows. Now just out in general public, I usually swap to my single stack M&P 9mm, and work a lot harder at not printing. I still don't think people really pay attention though. I have a smartphone case on my other side that prints about as much as full size gun. I think one thing that helps me, even if I print a little, is that I'm left handed. It's like when people see something bulging out, they don't associate it with a gun, because to most people it's on the wrong side. Even with me being left handed, it looks weird to me when I see other people shoot left handed.
  15. m16ty

    A Charter Boat story.......

    That is some crazy stuff right there. You really never know out there, but we always try to find some background info on the boat and captain before we charter a trip. The worst I ever had was last year out of Orange Beach. Fishing was good, and the captain and mate were ok, but the boat was kind of a pile of junk and broke down out there. To add on top of that, it was a rough day with about 4' swell. Now I've been on some rough water before, and it's not too bad, if the captain can keep the boat heading into the waves. When you are out there broke down, and bobbing like a cork, it can get really rough when you loose power. After about a hour, they managed to get the boat fired up and we made it in.

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