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  1. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    Instead of just sending the NRA money, buy somebody a membership. That way you can help them financially and also increase the membership.
  2. I’ve got one of the NRA Visa cards. Sent the First National Bank of Omaha a email telling them I’m cutting it up. It’s turning into a all out war. Whatever you think of the NRA, they are the face of the gun rights movement. They need all the help they can get right now. If you are already a member and feel like donating, instead sign up a new member. That way you not only help them financially, but will help add to their membership number. If you’re not a member, you need to join.
  3. Although I think it would be pretty easy to disarm him, there is the off chance that he would win the battle. In that case, I’d likely be the one getting shot. I don’t like to judge people, but I seen him later walking around the store and he came across to me as the “hey, look at me, I’ve got a gun” type. Seemed he was making a conscience effort to make sure people saw his gun.
  4. I was at Lowes today and noticed somebody open carrying. The guy was in the plumbing section and bent over looking at something on the shelves. He was carrying a 1911 in a non-retention holster and I walked right behind him and I don't think he even noticed I was there. If I was bent on doing harm, I feel sure I could have reached behind him, got his gun, shot him, and then proceeded to shoot anybody else in the area. I'm principally against full open carry personally, but if you do, at least secure your gun and be aware of what is going on behind you.
  5. Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    I wonder if it wasn’t a airsoft. I did find it odd that the handguards stayed in one piece when cut. If it was a real AR, those handguards are split in the middle and held in place by spring pressure. One would think they would fly off if cut in half.
  6. Money bomb for NRA on 3/24

    You do make some good points and I respect your position, but I have to wonder how much worse off we would be if their were no NRA. The NRA does compromise too much, although they don't as much in recent times as they did in the past. The NRA does know how to play politics and sometimes you do have to compromise for the greater good. It could be that they see a big wave of sweeping legislation coming and they try to cut it off by "throwing them a bone". Lots of back room deals going on and sometimes you do have to give something to get something in this nasty corrupt world we call politics. If we can get out of all this with a bump stock ban and some sort of background check enhancements and no new AWB, I'm afraid that may be the best we can do in this political climate. In a perfect world, they would be against any gun legislation, and fight tooth and nail to expand our rights. I'm not trying to excuse them, but I'm a life member and still think that membership is a good cause.
  7. Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    That's what they need to do, turn them in to our local sheriff. He gathers up all the confiscated and turned in firearms and every so often auctions them off. That would be funny, somebody turn in their gun to get it out of circulation, only to be re-sold back into circulation.
  8. I'll fight any of this nonsense tooth and nail, but at this point it looks like we are going to take some sort of hit. I just hope this is like the immigration deal were they can't get anything passed, or it's as minimal as possible. The worst part about any of this is it won't do a thing to stop these shootings.
  9. Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    I notice the guy lives in NY, makes you wonder if the gun was even legal before he started hacking on it.
  10. If somebody can find Scott Pappalardo’s address, I’d like to give him a complementary membership to the NRA. He’s the idiot that saws up a AR on video. I’m going to try to donate money to the NRA every time one of these idiots does something stupid like this.
  11. TN just needs to let permit holders carry in schools. I don't know when these people will get it through their heads that these "gun free" zones don't work, all that does is issue a open invitation for a shooter to know that there will be little to no resistance. Most schools around here have 1 resource officer per school. There is no way 1 officer can protect a whole school. Either he will be the first one to take a bullet, or do like the FL shooter did, make sure the SRO is out of the area. Just the simple thought that the teachers and principles in any given school may be armed could very well cause somebody to think twice about trying to shoot the school up. These people are cowards for the most part, they go after schools partly because they are a soft target.
  12. For what it's worth, I was there today armed, OWB under a untucked shirt. No signs prohibiting carry, security presence but nobody said anything.
  13. I’m heading to the National Farm Machinery Show this weekend at the big convention center in Louisville. Does anybody know if it’s legal to carry at the convention center?
  14. Technically, if your firearm originates in the state of TN, and you never take it out of state, the feds have no authority over it. The fact is though, the states allow the feds to enforce their gun laws within the state. One of the main ways the Feds take power from the States is in the name of "interstate commerce". The feds claim (and I think has been upheld by the SCOTUS) that anything that crosses state lines is subject to the Interstate Commerce Clause. The other way they do it is by bribes, in the form of federal funds. The "bribes" even work their way down to the individual level. Feds pay states to do what they want, States pay counties and cities to do what they want, and even most individuals can get money from the Fed, State, and county or city level, as long as you do what they want you to do.
  15. I'm pretty sure you can backwoods camp at Cheatham WMA, but I don't think they allow fires and I don't think they allow camping when a hunting season is open on the WMA. I personally like Montgomery Bell Park, mainly because it joins my parent's land and I can be there in 5 minutes. You're not supposed to venture off the trails and only camp at the designated backwoods camping sites but when we were kids we hiked and camped all over the park.

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