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  1. I've got a 10kw military genset, it will run the whole 3,000 square foot house. I look at it as a luxury item though. In a actual full blown major event, I think you are better off to learn how live without electricity than you are to try to produce it. After some time you're going to run into fuel issues, and a big genset running in the night is like a big magnet to attract unwanted attention.
  2. I know you make the quote “it depends on how the gun was an issue” often, and it falls in line with a conversation about school shootings with a officer. He said it is a department attitude to tell teachers to do whatever they feel is best, concerning teachers being armed, just don’t let the gun be an issue until there is a issue (active shooter). He then said at that point nobody is going to be looking to charge a teacher for trying to stop an active shooter. In other words, they aren’t going to go around and search teachers for weapons, but if there are other issues that garners their attention, the gun could then become a issue.
  3. Just looked it up on Property Viewer, some of the fairgrounds property is owned by the American Legion and some owned by the Dickson County Fair Association. It’s a moot point however, because there are no restrictions to carrying at the Dickson County Fair.
  4. One more thing as far as tactics go. Do you normally run your nods with the IR light on? Can you still see pretty well without the IR light? Reason I ask, if you are being pursued or pursuing somebody with nods, running the IR light is going to look like you are carrying a big spotlight to them. Then you have the issue of weapon mounted IR lasers. This will also give away your position pretty well to somebody else with nods. I guess at the end of the day, you are still better off with nods, even if you know your adversary also has nods, but you really should change your tactics accordingly.
  5. NVG has sparked my interest as of late. In some of my research, there seems to be a debate over dual tubes vs a single tube. One is obvious, dual tubes cost twice as much. The second is some say you have better depth perception running a single tube, and can help having one unaided eye to know how to stay in the shadows.
  6. Dickson County Fairgrounds are privately operated. I think the county may own the property, but it is kept up and operated by the American Legion.
  7. I think people worry way too much about printing. I wear a G17 OWB with most of the times just a untucked tee covering it. Sure it prints, but nobody notices. 90% of people just don’t pay attention to their surroundings, and the other 10% most of the time just assume it is a phone case or something (I have a belt phone holder that prints just as bad). I’ve had police officers (people that are trained to notice such things) at church not notice I’m carrying. I know because we’ve talked about it. The reason you stand in front of the mirror and it looks bad is because your eyes are trained on it.
  8. I’ve bought so many IWB holsters that I got tired of spending money. Bottom line is none of them work for me. I’m 6’ 2”, 180 lbs. I just stick with OWB, and can conceal it good enough, with a coat in the winter or a untucked shirt in the summer.
  9. Well, you probably have to have at least a couple of beers in you to be charged with drinking while armed. The problem comes if you have to actually use your firearm. I’d say if you took much more than a sip, it would be used against you in court.
  10. Not to make light of the situation, but I picture Clint Eastwood right out of frame with a smirk on his face saying “that’s not a gun, this is a gun”, while he pulls his 44 mag out.
  11. I finally watched the whole video, where it showed the car cam video. From the vantage point of the car, it does look like the officer just gave up there at the end. It didn't look like he was physically unable to continue the fight, it looked like his was mentally unable. He had enough strength to at least get to his knees, but he just sat there on his knees and watched her drive away. She could have finished him off execution style if she wanted. One would think you would either pick up your gun (fight) or tried to drag yourself to cover (flight), but he just sat there kind of dumbfounded. Not trying to blame the officer, I don't know if I could have done any better, and it's really easy to sit here in a chair and critique the officer. This should be something to look at and learn from though.
  12. IMO, the reason the cop was giving her so much lead way is a direct result of the current climate between cops and minorities. Cops today are sacred to death that they will get a civil rights charge or worse against them. Him acting like he did, due to the current political climate, appears to be a contributing factor in the cop getting shot.
  13. If the democrats get their way, by either making DC or Puerto Rico a state, automatically registering everybody to vote, and make mail in voting commonplace, your vote in TN will be worthless on a national level. We are getting to a point that our only hope is to have the State stand up to the Feds. I agree that to have the State go against the Federal Government is a steep hill to climb. The feds have taken over state’s rights by taking hold of the purse strings. It’s something we should at least consider though.
  14. You might be surprised. So I guess we are just supposed to suck it up and take whatever the Feds throw at us?


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