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  1. 1- reliability 2- comfortable in hand 3- comfortable to carry 4- accuracy
  2. I generally purchase or order a pistol as I desire it to be built. I've heard some will buy a lower end pistol and then "improve it" by putting better made parts in it. If I replaced the parts in my Rock Island pistol with Wilson Combat parts, I'd still have a Rock Island pistol.
  3. Mine has been reliable for years, I usually practice with the XDS 9 but carry the 45.
  4. I'm old and obsolete as most of pistols are. All of my 1911 pistols are reliable, accurate and have been easy to maintain.
  5. tnhawk

    New Gun!

    Congrats on the new rifle! A Henry .22 was my first lever gun. I had an ejector break on my .357 Henry several years ago. I called customer service and had a new part in 3 days.
  6. I wish I had seen this a few days ago as I was in Waverly with the TN State Guard.
  7. tnhawk

    Ruger LCP-Max

    If I didn't already have my LCP I would choose a 9 mm. I frequently carry a P938.
  8. My Gerber MK II and MK I knives are older than bear grylls. The knives made by Gerber over 50 years ago are much better than their current products.
  9. tnhawk

    Ruger LCP-Max

    I've had an original LCP for years. I often carry it as a backup for my primary carry. It has more value as a bug than the few dollars it would sell for.
  10. Wish i had seen this when it was available. The original Mark II was an excellent knife. The newer model is not even close in quality.
  11. A 1911 will always be my favorite gun, but which one depends on the day- SA Professional WC CQB DW Bruin
  12. Welcome back to TN!
  13. I still have a few 40 pistols but prefer the 9 MM.
  14. My clothing, the environment I'm in, and any number of factors determine the weapon I carry. In my younger days it was a 1911 or nothing. Now a Shield or 442 is a common choice.
  15. The california state line will never see my foot cross it. There is nothing there I need or want to be involved in.
  16. I have years of excellent service from my Rock Island and Springfield Armory pistols.
  17. During the last few years I had to travel in Illinois several times. I also agree with the "avoid it" mentioned above as the best solution. Since retirement I have no plan to enter Illinois again.
  18. I recently attended a Shotgun class at Top Gun. I found it very informative as it covered safety, capability and limitations of the shotgun in a defensive situation.
  19. I carry my LCP when nothing else fits the situation, but prefer a Shield, XDs or P938.
  20. I enjoy a revolver at the range but still prefer a semi-auto should I need to defend myself.


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