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  1. I don't know about private K-12 but I was talking about this with my supervisor this week. The new law was a topic of discussion at the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association meeting last week. The school where I work has a 2a friendly policy developed after discussions with the county Sheriff's department lawyers. That said I don't think they will be adding carry around campus to our allowed activities.   Joe W.
  2. I know this always opens a can of worms, but I want to look at it from both sides. If there is going to be a penalty then the sign should be very specific, this law covers most of that but some of  wording should be changed because as we have seen the sign will be hidden behind a bush if you don't put your finger on the spot. This should replace the sentence about plainly visible to the advantage person "The notice shall be plainly visible on all doors and prominent locations used for entrance to the building, property, or portion of the building or property,posted". As I said very specif
  3. Thanks for posting this,I'm going to show to my wife.One clarification, you said it doesen't auto record. Did you mean the ECG device or your implant? Thanks again. Joe W
  4. Just saw the new stuff this morning, is this in affect as of today? The Wife and her Sis are going to VA today and I would like for her to be able to take her Sig. Thanks.   Joe W.
  5. I have the Ring Doorbell, it works nicely but you can't turn it on and just look around. They just set quietly until they see motion. When some people come to my front door they know it's a camera and will reach over it and knock. Motion detect has had them since they hit the porch though.  The links I put is for something I'm going to try in the next couple of weeks. It's not plug n play but seems simple enough and the system can operate several cameras. Something to research and play with and you can use cameras that run under a hundred bucks. HTH   Joe W.  
  6. They won't need any money that card will be an IOU that will never activate.
  7. They won't need any money that card will be an IOU that will never activate.
  8. On windows machines if the center button on your mouse is a roller wheel hold Ctrl then roll the wheel forward for big, back for small.
  9. Don't forget Tennessee includes fear of serious bodily injury also not just life. I figure a guy coming at me on my property with a club means me serious bodily injury. Joe W.
  10. Kind of like the Hide It holster from a few years back. http://hideitholster.com/hideitholster.html
  11. You can get a tool for the Ultratech here. http://www.pvk.vegas/product-p/mt-sp-2.5.htm I carry a regular blade Ultratech every day and have a bayonet blade as well. Like then a lot. Joe W.
  12. Kind of a shame really, at least in this case He still did the right thing. Joe W.
  13. I don't know if you saw this but we won't have to worry about Sharpton and the like jumping in on this. I was on the KPD Facebook page and saw this exchange between a race baiter and the KPD.   Rebeccs Parker Swiger I am rereading the statement and something is puzzling to me. It says the friend was outside watching, How was his life in danger then? He had nothing to do with what is going on inside the building. He decided to get his gun and shoot. This is no justice. He needs to be prosecuted for something. the law was interpreted to protect white shooting black. Go figure. Lik
  14. So after 3 days in the Seiverville Wal Mart thread without any comment the horse needed another kick with it's own thread :snore: .    Joe W.


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