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  1. Get a High Point. They are awesome guns. Made in America too. I once heard a guy put 200 rounds through one.
  2. I just put a High Point through it's paces!! I'll tell you what. It was rough,but I managed to put 8 rds, each of different manufacture, through the gun. I now believe this is by far one of the most reliable, robust guns I have ever used. I know, I know, there are some people out there who suggest firing a substantial number of rounds through a gun in order to test reliability and functionality, but that's nonsense. If you need a great gun, that is completely reliable, get a High Point .40, it's made in America and it's completely reliable because I put 8 rds through it. .
  3. I am just going to observe from here on out and not comment because apparently people on here can't accept fact without getting their feelings hurt. I am just shocked though that so far, evryone who has posted on here thinks that 200 rounds through a gun proves it reliable. WOW!!!! Also, if you think Todd Green is just some idiot on the internet you have no business commenting on firearms ever.
  4. As is usual on this forum, someone makes a legitimate comment about a post and goes against the obvious grain and bias and the smartasses reveal themselves. I'm not trying to argue with anyone I am posting what I know. Ask any legitimate firearms instructor if 200 rds of ammo through a gun proves it is reliable. It doesn't. The 2,000 rd test isn't just for feeding ammo. It also measures a guns robustness in terms of parts endurance and the ability of all it's parts to function properly. To the OP, I'm sorry you spent $3,000 on a 1911 that doesn't work, the Springfield right? Bottom line is, if
  5. I'm sorry, I do not mean to be cynical, but putting 225 rounds through a gun and implying it is reliable is like driving a new car down the driveway and saying it is reliable and runs great. A good test of reliability is the 2,000 rd challenge. 2,000 rds fired through one gun and the gun cannot be cleaned in any way shape or form throughout the test. If it completes this, then it is reliable.
  6. With HK you are paying a little more for a name. You should head on over to www.pistol-training.com. Todd Green, a firerma instructor, did a 50,000+ rd test with both the M&P9 and P30. The M&P slide cracked right @ 50,000 rds and the P30 had a piece of the frame shear off around the same round count. The P30 still worked fine. You will probably get better CS w/the M&P but I would say the P30 is made just a little better. The bottom line is you need to pick what you like best and shoot best with. Here are the torture tests with links to all the weeks of testing. The test takes a goo
  7. Did I say there was anything wrong with that or that it was a new idea. I was giving a reason for them charging $1,800 for a cast gun.
  8. I'm sure they suck. You know why people slop a bucket of paint on a canvas and roll around in it then slap a $50,000 price tag on it? Because some jackass with $50,000 wants to tell his friends he bought a $50,000 painting. Same here. The 1911 has had a resergence in popularity and these guys are cashing in. JMO, but I gotta go with my first instinct here.
  9. 10mm4me

    Beretta 96

    Also, have her pull with the racking hand and push with her grip. At the end of the day, the 96 is designed as a LE weapon and it has to lay within certain specs to be reliable. I would not change any springs.
  10. Depends! What are you selling and what are you getting? If it is 220 for a 238 and 250 I would say you are crazy. If it is a 226/229/228 for (2) 238's I would still disapprove. We need facts here!!
  11. 10mm4me

    Beretta 96

    Have her cock the hammer before she racks it back. That will make it alot easier.
  12. BS!!!! There is no freeking way. He pulled the trigger, he is an idiot, he should not be an instructor, and Gun City should be closed, condemned, and burned.
  13. The question is do you prefer the DA/SA of the Sig or the consistent trigger of the Glock. It is 2 different systems. Also, the Glock is a bit lighter and will definitely be easier to carry. Get what you like and shoot best.
  14. Your problem is that stupid Lasermax. Take that thing out and run the gun like it was meant to be run.


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