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  1. My confusion is why wouldn't they line them up 20 20 and 30 30 so there would be no need for a bar across the 2 middle ones? Is there a reason other than not feeling like taking the time to do it? Also because the bar jumps across the 2 middle ones, there can't be a bar between the middle ones to ensure they are turned off at the same time.
  2. I bought a place out in the country a few years back that has a basement that had a washer and dryer in it that have since been removed. I am wanting to use the 220v outlet from the dryer and use it for a 220v air compressor. I went and looked at the electrical panel and the breakers were not what I was suspecting. I should have taken a picture and posted it. There are 4 110v breakers lined up in a row. The 1st and last breakers are 40 amps and the 2 middle breakers are 20 amp. There is a jumper from the 1st to the last so you can just pull the jumper to shut them off at the same time. Those 2 outside breakers are for the stove. The middle 2 breakers are for the dryer. Is this normal? Is there any requirement that these be setup this way or can I just replace the 4 110 breakers with 2 220 breakers?
  3. Interestingly enough if you go to that website and then click the picture of the armadillo, the pdf says the best way to take armadillos with a gun is with a spotlight at night. The twra did not create the pdf.
  4. Duck hunting can be great and it can really suck. Depends totally on the weather. If no cold weather up north then we don't see any migration and you have to rely totally on resident birds. There are good populations of resident ducks and geese. There are good areas but you need to know the regulations of where you are hunting. Allot of areas are blind draw only and if you aren't careful you could end up on in a protected area like a waterfowl resting area without realizing it. I believe you can hunt most of the TN river out of temporary blinds as long as you are not in a WMA. You will need a boat. The cumberland river can produce some ducks. Again, you need to check regs and make sure you are not in a wma where it is from blind only or a protected area. There are lots of creeks that dump into the cumberland that can hold ducks. If you are interested in early wood duck, teal, and goose, try floating smaller rivers around middle and west tn.
  5. My property is being overrun by armadillos. Is it legal to shoot armadillos at night? I can't find anything on it. The only thing the regs say you can hunt at night are raccoons and possum.
  6. This is on the TN Revenue website. My land is a greenbelt which means I qualify under Agricultural Forest and Open Space Land Act of 1976. I can't find anything where it says I have to prove that I generated any income unless I qualify under one of the other criteria. https://revenue.support.tn.gov/hc/en-us/articles/204488605-How-do-I-apply-for-the-Tennessee-agricultural-exemption- To qualify, farmers, timber harvesters and nursery operators must meet one or more of the following criteria: Be the owner or lessee of agricultural land from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced or sold during the year, including payments from government sources; Engaged in the business of providing for-hire custom agricultural services of plowing, planting, harvesting, growing, raising, or processing agricultural products or the maintenance of agricultural land; Be the owner of land that qualifies for taxation under the provisions of the Agricultural Forest and Open Space Land Act of 1976; Be able to provide a copy of the applicant’s federal income tax return that contains one or more of the following: Business activity on IRS schedule F (Profit or Loss From Farming); or Farm rental activity on IRS for 4835 (Farm Rental Income and Expenses) or schedule E (Supplemental Income and Loss); or The applicant establishes to the satisfaction of the commissioner that he or she is actively engaged in the business of raising, harvesting or otherwise producing agricultural commodities.
  7. Jeff is who I would take it to. The only problem is that he is probably backed up for 6 months or more.
  8. If you have access to a smooth solid core door, they make a great workbench top.
  9. I have some land in Henry county that I had greenbelted. I have been shopping for an atv to use on the property and a salesman mentioned getting a farm card and I would not have to pay the sales tax. This brightened my day and I did further research and found out that I am qualified. My basic question is, is it a hassle to use? Do I need to keep all paperwork of anything I purchased with it? Is there some chance of being audited or have to prove that I have generated income from the property?
  10. So I built my own "Custom" rem 700 in 35 whelen with a remage barrel for pig hunting in GA just to see if I could do it. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I am getting MOA groups or better at 100yds with factory ammo. The intended range of the rifle is under 200yds so it fits the bill perfectly. I listed the specs below. I probably now have more experience than most with them but I have a 300 win mag that has over 1000 rds down the pipe and I am looking into replacing the barrel soon. This is my long range shooter and the ranges can reach out to 500yds or more. I am considering another remage barrel and do it myself. I am just not sure I want to invest in a remage barrel for a more precise shooting rifle. I keep telling myself that this is exactly how the savage long range shooters are done but I just like the idea of the standard installation of a quality barrel like a Kreiger or Lilja. specs: Rem 700 SS action McGowen remage barrel in 35 whelen timney trigger mcmillan stock - edge filled wyatts dbm - kind of clunky, may change.
  11. Lock stock and barrel is good as is Franklin gun shop. Franklin gun shop is a bit pricey but they are good.
  12. I recently bought some primed 35 whelen brass from A&H Reloading in Nashville out of the bins of brass. Does anyone know what kind of primers are used in the primed hornady brass? Also, do they need to be resized?
  13. This is the biggest deer on my trail cams. How old do you think he is? I think these are the same deer.

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