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  1. Royal Range in west Nashville will accept transfers from private individuals
  2. Haven't been in decades but I used to see grouse in the Big South Fork. I actually saw coveys back in the early 80's.
  3. We got them all over the place in Henry county. They pretty much only come out a night. You can't legally shoot them at night. I am thinking night vision and spears.
  4. This guy has inspired me to get out in the woods. My neighbors are after him too.
  5. '76 AMC Gremlin, 3 speed. Felt like it would rattle to pieces at 70 mph
  6. Nashville metro council voted to decriminalize marijuana in 2016
  7. One politician mentioned that the governor may have to bring in the national guard. The governor and no one else has mentioned it. The standard way for state government to handle counties that don't enforce the law is to simply withhold funding. It happened in Nashville when Nashville legalized marijuana. Marijuana is no longer legalized in Nashville. Also, no one is going to be knocking down doors to take away unregistered ar's. What will happen is that if you are caught committing a crime and you happened to be in possession of an unregistered ar, you will have additional charges added to the existing ones. Also, if you create your own little militia and you are stock piling unregistered ar's and the government finds out, I imagine the Virginia ATF will be paying you a visit and not the local sheriff so I am not really sure what these 2A sanctuaries will actually accomplish other than just making a statement.
  8. I bought a wyatt dbm for my rem 700 which currently sits in a mcmillan edge stock. The back of the magazine does not sit high enough in the back and as a result sometimes the bolt does not catch the top of the lip of the cartridge to push it out of the magazine and into the chamber. I sent a message to Wyatt and he said to remove some material behind the trigger and shorten the pillar. I would much rather hack on the dbm than my stock. If I hack on the stock and decide to replace the dbm then I will end up having to shim it for whatever I replace it with. Is this the right approach to the issue or is there a better way?
  9. My confusion is why wouldn't they line them up 20 20 and 30 30 so there would be no need for a bar across the 2 middle ones? Is there a reason other than not feeling like taking the time to do it? Also because the bar jumps across the 2 middle ones, there can't be a bar between the middle ones to ensure they are turned off at the same time.
  10. I bought a place out in the country a few years back that has a basement that had a washer and dryer in it that have since been removed. I am wanting to use the 220v outlet from the dryer and use it for a 220v air compressor. I went and looked at the electrical panel and the breakers were not what I was suspecting. I should have taken a picture and posted it. There are 4 110v breakers lined up in a row. The 1st and last breakers are 40 amps and the 2 middle breakers are 20 amp. There is a jumper from the 1st to the last so you can just pull the jumper to shut them off at the same time. Those 2 outside breakers are for the stove. The middle 2 breakers are for the dryer. Is this normal? Is there any requirement that these be setup this way or can I just replace the 4 110 breakers with 2 220 breakers?
  11. Interestingly enough if you go to that website and then click the picture of the armadillo, the pdf says the best way to take armadillos with a gun is with a spotlight at night. The twra did not create the pdf.
  12. Duck hunting can be great and it can really suck. Depends totally on the weather. If no cold weather up north then we don't see any migration and you have to rely totally on resident birds. There are good populations of resident ducks and geese. There are good areas but you need to know the regulations of where you are hunting. Allot of areas are blind draw only and if you aren't careful you could end up on in a protected area like a waterfowl resting area without realizing it. I believe you can hunt most of the TN river out of temporary blinds as long as you are not in a WMA. You will need a boat. The cumberland river can produce some ducks. Again, you need to check regs and make sure you are not in a wma where it is from blind only or a protected area. There are lots of creeks that dump into the cumberland that can hold ducks. If you are interested in early wood duck, teal, and goose, try floating smaller rivers around middle and west tn.
  13. My property is being overrun by armadillos. Is it legal to shoot armadillos at night? I can't find anything on it. The only thing the regs say you can hunt at night are raccoons and possum.

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