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  1. From what I've read, there's not a lot of these floating around for sale. My example was either taken care of, ie, cleaned correctly after shooting or not shot much at all by the look of the bore. One of the members over at gunboards.com has a data base of Syrian serial #'s and it is a small list. Bill
  2. I would pay $450.00 for a nice Finn M39 before $300.00 for a plain Jane Russian 91-30.
  3. It depends on whether Mitchell’s mausers got ahold of the rifle before your friend. They’re the experts at humping up a milsurp rifle. You’re right, I see asking prices about double what they’re actually worth but to each his own. I’m sure someone is willing to pay K98k prices for Yugo M48’s and others or the asking prices would fall but I’m not seeing that. Bill
  4. I picked this rifle up at the TMCA show in Franklin the Friday before Easter. When I saw the crest I knew it was going home with me. Bill
  5. You are more than welcome to join me at the Chattanooga Rifle Club most any time for a tour and some trigger time if you would like. Send me a PM and I'll make it happen. Bill
  6. You can't legally buy a hand gun until you turn 21 so I don't see it being legal to have one in your vehicle, loaded or not. Bill
  7. POTUS has pulled us out of the un arms control treaty signed by barry himself but never ratified by the senate. Bill
  8. BCR#1

    1911 Information

    Another +1 for a Springfield RO in .45 ACP. I started out shooting an informal bullseye pistol match every week with my Springfield Loaded model but I didn't like the fixed night sight or the dead center hold I was having to use just to be able to stay on the paper at 25 yards. After trying out a loaner RO for a month of shooting, the owner sold me the pistol for $500.00 and with a 6 o'clock hold, I'm able to keep most of a 10 shot string in or very close to the black during a 90 round match and having to use at least two repair centers during each match. A 200 grain LSWC backed by 6.5 grains of #5 and a Winchester LPP has worked well in both pistols. Bill
  9. You must be referring to the tie flipping runt who I didn't think was worthy of being mayor, much less a US senator. He sure doesn't like being flashed by a welding arc. Bill
  10. I carry my firearm at the Chickamauga dam boat ramp while launching and have never had a problem while doing so. I actually called the tva police and was given the OK to do so but only at the ramp area, not any day use area. Bill
  11. How much #5 are you using? Bill
  12. Well damn. Already ordered two cans but will order two boxes now. Thanks Garufa. Bill

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