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  1. The newbies and have not's are in for a surprise that could last for the foreseeable future, I'm glad not to be included in those groups. https://www.gunsandammo.com/editorial/economics-ammunition/374730?fbclid=IwAR33LUzNvC__tD5skk8giwUjQfdiGTgUh22JD_xQS4IV5jS4Li4JGysX2aQ
  2. I've never had a flu shot and AFAIK, never had the flu either. I'll be 66 on 7/4 and all I take every day are three over the counter supplements. I get checked out by my PCP every year and every year he says the same thing. "If all my older patient's were as healthy as you, I wouldn't have a job. Call it good gene's or just plain luck, but I plan to outlast my parents who made it to their 90' before passing. Bill
  3. Welcome ma'am to our humble abode. Another piece of good advice is to be proficient with the pistol before you take the carry class as you will need to score at least a 90 out of 100 on the shooting part of the class at a distance of 3,5 and 7 yards unless they have changed that part again. Bill
  4. Inquiring mind wants to know. As for me, no way in hell I'm getting stuck. Bill
  5. If I owned one, it would have a flash hider on it. Bill
  6. You can if you have an approved form one from the ATF or you can buy one of those over priced SB Tacticool braces for it and avoid the tax. Me, I would avoid the second option like the plague. Bill
  7. The extractor is slotted for the retainer to hold it in place. The easy way to check the extractor is to remove the slide from the frame, slide a fired case under the extractor groove and shake it a few times. The case will fall out if there is not enough bow in the extractor. Bill
  8. No one is forcing you to work unless maybe you're in the military. Bill
  9. Same here big guy. I also don't need to buy any components as I stocked up years ago. Long range planning ain't the strong suit for a lot of people these days. Bill
  10. Shoot a box of 3" slugs through it and tell me how bad your shoulder feels. Nice toy, wish I had the scratch. Bill
  11. What does golf have to do with long guns? Bill
  12. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/nra-lays-off-staff-cuts-salaries-as-coronavirus-cuts-into-revenue/ Bill
  13. I saw some Nato surplus on the TN armlist site last Sunday. Bill

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