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  1. The plant I worked at was closing so we relocated with the company I worked for to South Carolina.
  2. Is this forum still available on Tapatalk? I am unable to locate it. Thanks, JP
  3. JP here I was an active member a few years back until we moved out of state. We have recently moved back to the great state of Tennessee so I figured I we log back in and get active again.
  4. So I am waiting for my stamp to come back so I can get the YHM .22 Mite Sound Suppressor I purchased transferred into my name so I figured I would ask: 1 - Does anyone have any experience with these suppressors? 2 - Can it be used for any .22 caliber rifle / handgun? 3 - Can it be used on a .17 HMR rifle? Thanks and sorry if these are dumb questions. JP
  5. No real reason for any of the modifications - I won't be carrying it. I guess I just wanted to trick it out a little. I added/changed the following: Fulcrum Trigger AmeriGlos Ghost Sights Lonewolf Extended 2 port Barrel Lonewolf Extended Slide Lock Lever Lonewolf Slide Cover Plate (Punisher) Aro-Tek Ltd Sure-Touch Mag Release Extended Slide Release (ilovemyglock.com) New Glock OEM Trigger Pin (Polished) New Glock OEM Locking Block Pin (Polished) I think that is it!!!
  6. Well I have two so I decide to upgrade one: Standard Glock 26 Upgraded Glock 26 The set What do you think?
  7. WD - he weighed right at 250lbs and had just under 2" cutters. Thanks, JP
  8. Well - it has been a while since I have posted here but figured I would share my latest hunting experience. Went to Loshbough Hunting Lodge on 1/15/11 and had a great hunt. The guides were awesome and the lodge was great. I took a nice Russian Boar Hog with my Mossberg 695 bolt action slug gun at 65 yards. Picture below: I highly recommend Loshbough if you are looking for a guided hog hunt. Jay
  9. In my opinion the recoil is better than the 9mm and .40 as they tend to buck in my hand as opposed to the .357sig which kind of lunges backward instead of upward allowing me to get back on target rather quickly. Oh BTW - scored at WallyWorld today - picked up 100 rounds of .45acp, .40s&w, 9mm and .357sig WWB for $148.00. They also had .38spl but no .380. Jay
  10. Thanks for all the info. I picked up some 357sig from luckygunner and a few boxes of WWB 357sig from wallyworld. Also hit ontarget this weekend and pick up a few hundred rounds of 10mm. I am still really interested in reloading. Perhaps in the future.
  11. Does anyone know where I could find 10mm ammo? Everywhere I go is sold out / back ordered. I found some at DoubleTap - anyone know if it is any good? It doesn't say back ordered. I am thinking about getting 500 rounds @ about $395. Also 357sig ammo is becoming harder to locate and DoubleTap has some on there as well. I was going to try and start reloading but was told that it is not a good idea to run reloads through Glocks for a few different reasons. I was also told that it is fine if you use brand new brass (I calculated it out and can do about 1000 rounds for the price of 500 purchased
  12. I won't be able to make it to the gun show this weekend. Favor request: Anyone that is going - At the last show there was a guy selling knives he had made. If someone could please get me his contact information? I would like to purchase one. JP
  13. Thanks MK. All three holsters I had up for PIF are shipped. JP
  14. I have only lived here for 1 year. We have 5.25 acres - There is a vacant 5 acres next to me, the neighbor to my left has 5 acres, neighbor to my right has 10 acres and behind me has 25 acres. No of them hunt. I didn't hear a lot of shooting during firearm deer season around my area. But then again compared to Michigan I don't think Tennessee has near the amount of people that hunt. I can't wait to get some pictures of the bucks in velvet. Back in Michigan we lived in a subdivision and I hunted stated land. Here I hunt my 5 during archery and WMA during firearm. JP
  15. I certainly hope not, I would like to have one hanging on my wall - I let the little 1/2 rack walk this past season hoping he will have a full rack this season. If he does not then I will take him out of the herd. Thanks for the comments. JP


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