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  1. Here are a couple of my extra homemade holsters for a 1911. I always keep unused extras for shows & flea markets.
  2. 500AT. The "T" is for tactical. The 500 AT was not marketed toward the general public, (although you could still buy it) but was intended for law enforcement, military, SWAT etc... They came from the factory shortend and often with heat shields, pistol grips, etc. Basically the same gun as the 500, but factory customised. This is my 500AT & the only thing I've added was the light mount.
  3. Here's my Mossberg model 500AT 12 ga. I purchased it a few years ago from an ex fed. officer & the only mod I added was the light mount. I'm thinking about adding a tactical folding stock for those heavy 3" mag rounds. They hurt my hand with just the pistol grip.
  4. The light in the picture is a Surefire G2. I have one of these mounted on my Mossberg 12 ga. and it is extremely bright. It will more than light up a large area & temporarily blind anyone in the dark & it was less than $40, but of course there are larger brighter lights out there that can cost hundreds. You will probably be happy with nearly any light as long as you make sure you get a quality light with high lumens output & designed for use with firearms. A lot of the ones you see at gun shows & ebay won't hold up being jarred around by weapon fire. You want something that you
  5. Surefire & Streamlight are both good choices. I have both and love them. You may even find a deal on a light or laser. I was in a pawn shop in Knoxville and bought a Streamlight TLR-1 for $25 like new. Its very bright and the batteries will last with the LED. My G2 is a little brighter, but eats the batteries. I keep a Surefire G2 on my Mossberg 12 gauge cruiser and a Veridian green laser on my SR9 for the range. All are excellent. The Veridian laser has the longest range and is visible in bright daylight or at night.
  6. I recently got one too & it's been great for the range. I usually take several extra magazines for each pistol and it really helps keep your thumbs intact. It rocks
  7. I'm planning to part with the Tasco Red Dot laser scope & bracket if anybody wants to make an offer.
  8. I haven't tried the Golden Sabers in my.45 yet. GS feed fine in my 9mm, so I'll have to check them out. They're hard to find in my area though.
  9. I personally like the 1911 pistols, but agree that they tend to be a little pricey for what you get. I agree; they are reliable, look and feel good, but tend to be overpriced, especially when you consider the amount of 1911 parts available floating around out there. Go into a gun shop or gun show & ask a seller why they are so expensive. I gurantee that about 90% of them will say, "Cause its a 1911" & not explain quality or reliability. They are expensive because people expect them to be expensive.
  10. PMC Gold Starfires should be considered. They are higher grain (what you want for protection) very consistent and keep nearly 100% their weight after impact. A little pricey for the shooting range, but a good defense round.
  11. 1,200 troops at the border seems more like putting a bandaid on a breaking dam. If :poop:Obama:poop: continues to add on more gun control & fight against our rights, soon there will be no guns...no ammo...& no America! Whatever happened to: defend & love the red, white, and blue forever & protect her from ALL enemies...both foreign and domestic!
  12. I don't know about the other stores, but the Scott County Walmart just dropped the limit ban. You can now buy as much as you want of any caliber or brand. I don't care for Walmart much, but they do have certain brands cheaper. With all the gun control an ammo bans they're trying to force on the American public, better buy while you can.
  13. Still a thread though. I read old ones too. Sometimes you find some interesting stuff.
  14. My screen name should tell you something. Berettas are great guns. I'd put their quality up aginst any maker. I have a full size Cougar .45 and it's an excellent pistol. It's dead-on accurate & I've never had any problems with it. > Beretta 8045F Cougar (Italian made) > Ruger SR9 - Olive Drab > Llama 1911 .45 Cal. - Silver
  15. Here's a custom holster I recently made for a customers Taurus Raging Bull 480. I used 10 oz leather!! The leather is thick and was a pain to mold, but it was lots of fun and it turned out well. .
  16. Security should never have taken your property like that, but there were about 20 signs posted outside the building, on all the doors, and the ticket booth about carrying ammunition into the show. I think security was getting irritated with people ignoring the signs & carrying it in anyway and acted unprofessionally about it. They should have been honest enough to give you the option to take it back to your car. Next time, simply leave your ammo in you vehicle and the rent-a-cops won't have a chance to steal again.
  17. I went to the show and had a good experience. I even purchased a gun at a pawn shop on my way to the show just to make a sale or trade on it. I saw the NO LOADED OR LOOSE AMMUNITION signs everywhere, got my gun checked at the door and had a good time. Then I went home with a nicer gun than I arrived with. See you at Chilhowee.
  18. Like others say...check prices before you go. I rarely find great deals on guns unless it's from a private seller. Most guns from dealers at shows are priced higher than at gun shops, but occasionally you may find a deal. I have, however, found some great deals on magazines, tac gear, old military items, etc. Also know your brands before you go. You can find some deals on accessories like lights & lasers, but there are a lot of no name copies out there that dealers swear are the same, but will leave you in the dark after a few shots. Enjoy & see you at the Expo Center.
  19. Hello, everyone. My name is Gary & I'm 33 yrs old. I'm new to the site, but have always been a gun enthusiest. My first gun was a black/nickle .22 cal. Remington Nylon 66 that was given to me by my dad when I was 10; which I still have. I also have a Mossberg 500-AT 12 ga. cruiser and recently purchased a Beretta Cougar .45 ACP. I enjoy making custom leather gun holsters and spending time in the great outdoors. I am a lifetime Eagle Scout, I love America, & support the right to bear arms! Give me a holler sometime!
  20. My father and I make custom holsters for most makes of guns, revolvers and autos. I often use suede or 4-5 oz. domestic leather for IWB holsters. Its holds up well, is very comfortable, and doesn't scratch coatings off guns. If you wanted to make your own instead of buying, you could give me an idea of what type you're wanting to make and I could sent, fax, or email a pattern to you. Just email me a picture of the style you want to make and I'll make up a pattern and send out. I started out making them for fun and now sell regularly & we plan to start attending gun shows this spring in Kno
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