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  1. @hlb14 Did you make the Saturday race? Rain delay wasn't bad, at least they got it in. (Curious how Xfinity series even survives... place was empty. You could've parked at the track.) Went up there this morning hoping for a miracle but by noon, they postponed it. Amazing how many people still hang out at the Jack Daniels tent even though there's no race, but seeing the girls that are serving the drinks, I completely understand Oh well, 4 months til the night race.
  2. Caught my eye so I bought it. Not bad. A bit on the light side and has a slight sweetness to it that makes me want to have another glass. Guess that's not a bad thing
  3. HHGregg couldn't find a buyer so now all 220 stores will be closing by the end of May. About 5,000 will be unemployed. https://www.thestreet.com/story/14080021/1/now-that-hhgregg-has-died-best-buy-j-c-penney-and-others-could-split-1-billion-sales-windfall.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO&yptr=yahoo
  4. I'll be there for both the Sat & Sun races. Haven't been wanded. They just check bags to see what your bringing in. Not really a bad place to sit, though from past experience I'd avoid being in row 1 or 2 anywhere around the track as your visibility of the cars is limited. I always park on Exide Dr. There's a parking lot on the left just before you get to 11E (on the right is the campground) It's $20 to park (free if you're driving a Toyota) and a short walk to the track. Google map below. You can see where I put the pin drop on Exide Dr. GPS coordinates should you care to use them
  5. So it's April 4th and chat is still working. Are we on borrowed time?
  6. http://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/ways-the-walking-dead-can-redeem-itself.html/?ref=YF&yptr=yahoo
  7. I thought it was predictable & lame. Was hoping Carl would get the bat. No cliff hanger going into October. So there's gonna be a war....kinda figured that Oh well.... next Monday it's back to "Better Call Saul"
  8. 3 pages debating 9mm. Well thank God that Hillary isn't president because we wouldn't have time for this nonsense! We'd all be out hoarding ammo and buying any gun on sale
  9. I understand what you're saying. I know some people love their machines. I know people that buy a $10k Polaris just to cruise around their property. Too each their own.... my 8 year old Bolens rider is still going and is perfect for my acre. And if I had a lawn care service, I'd probably buy a Bad Boy or similar mower. Years ago in Illinois I had a New Holland mower with a hydrostatic transmission. Was nice until the transmission died and it was gonna cost $2k to fix it.
  10. IMHO, for $9900, I'll just hire some Mexicans to cut my lawn until I'm old enough to move into a retirement home.
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