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  1. [quote name="Raoul" post="890103" timestamp="1358646344"]Here's a pretty good analy[i]sis of[/i] the law on[url=http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/restricted.asp] Snopes[/url].[/quote] No. This is Obama's fault. Don't take that away from us.
  2. Who cares, really? :shrug:   Those that view us as rednecks are always going to. Us trying to "class" it up isn't going to change that.
  3.   Well yes, I know it's part of a helo. I was just asking to what aircraft it belonged to if it doesn't belong to a "stealth hawk" since you believe stealth hawks don't exist?
  4. Well, if this isn't a tail piece to a Stealth Hawk, then what does it go to? They kinda left it behind...
  5. Commencing a Constitutional Convention can be a very dangerous thing to do. Once it starts, anything is possible. In this day and age, the 2nd Amendment would be a big shiny target. I'd be much more comfortable working within the confines of the current constitution than risk what could be destroyed in a Convention.
  6.   So he needs to relax about seeing an unknown vehicle driving around his house that's a quarter mile from the road after dark?
  7. It's like looking at the Elephant Man. Just a grotesque, deformed tragedy.
  8. I have used them many times and have had nothing but good experiences. I placed an order with them a couple days ago for a revolver but due to the current climate I'm not expecting it to ship out anytime soon.
  9. When the government regulates your rights, you only have priviledges. Pretty simple to me.
  10. Can't rent more than one gun a month? Are you fucking shitting me? WTF does that have to do with anything?
  11.   Same difference. You aren't required by law to know whether they are a criminal or not. Just have no knowledge that they are. If it were required by law, how would you be certain? A background check? Isn't that the whole purpose of them closing the "loophole"?
  12.   No we're not. The law states that it is an offense to knowingly and intentionally sell, loan, or gift a firearm to someone who cannot legally possess a firearm. You don't have to verify they are not a criminal, just have no reason to believe that they are.
  13. Yeah I don't buy it either. Just more conservative propaganda.
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