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  1. Ate gar all the time growing up in Louisiana.
  2. Watched Danger Close as well, also watched '71
  3. 1972 Datsun 1200, 1.1 liter engine. No A/C, (Louisiana) side vent windows. Manual 4 speed. Manual choke.
  4. it's a purty little thang, but a booger to iron
  5. The last gun I bought was a Taurus M44 44 magnum 4 inch
  6. I just ventured into the 44 magnum this past week. Taurus M44SS 4inch. (I'll have to post a picture later) First Taurus revolver to go along with my Smiths and Rugers. I am really surprised with the trigger, pretty smooth right out of the box. I went for the 4 inch strictly for the weight, since my daughter would want to shoot it. First I bought components before the gun. Put together some light loads for my daughter to shoot, 5gr Tite Group over 240 jsp. powder puff round but accurate at 10 yards. Loaded some magnum rounds with 18.7 gr of 2400. Ordered 1000 coated SWC last night from Summers Enterprises out of Arkansas. Found 1 box of 44 special for $48, passed on that.
  7. Wilson Consulting, LLC Address: John or Margaret Wilson 1524 Birchwood Circle Franklin, TN 37064 Phone:615-797-8065 Mobile:615-997-5659 I just used this guy. Great guy, $20 transfer and $10 tics. Picked up my gun 2 hours after he received it.
  8. Read, watch video's and read some more. The Lee loading manual is a must have. I also like the Lyman. Just remember you can never be too anal when it comes to loading, nothing like a squib to pucker you up. You will enjoy loading and experimenting with different loads. I load pistol cartridges, 32, 327, 9, 38, 357, 40 and 45 What equipment are you set up with?
  9. Mistakes happen. When I was in my mid-20's living in Houston in the 80's I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. The apartments were basically 3 identical buildings in a row, I lived in the middle building. I was home one night with my door unlocked, I know, not smart, I noticed my door knob start to turn, I jumped up ran to the door opened it and confronted the guy on the other side of the door. He said he had the wrong apartment building and was sorry for the mistake. His key went into the key hole and he turned the key, since the door was not locked the door knob moved. So I know mistakes like this can happen, usually firearms are not involved. Did she commit murder, I don't think so based on what I have heard. However, I am not privy to what the jury knows. I think that it should be either second degree murder or manslaughter. I also think that she was just made an example of and she has to pay the price of past injustices, real or not.
  10. I have 2 px4's, .40s&w in sc and 9mm compact. I like them both. The 40 is extremely accurate for a sc. I should probably get rid of the bat wings as well. I also added a mag extension to enable it to accept the compact mags. Now I can carry 15 as opposed to 11 rounds ( 1 chambered 14 in the mag). I too had FTE issues at first and sent it back to Beretta 3 times before they figured it out. I finally sent them a video as to what was happening. Turned out to be the follower. They replaced the mags and no issues after that.
  11. Academy seems to always have it in the Middle TN area. Not sure if you have one near you.
  12. Nothing in my reload data would be of any use to you. I looked in my books. Hornady: 90gn HBWC COL .92 90gn SWC COL 1.185 Bullseye 1.6gn to 2.0 Unique 1.7 to 2.5 Win 231 1.8 to 2.5 Lyman: 100gn JHP COL 1.160 Bullseye 2.0 to 2.3 Unique 2.5 to 2.8 Hope that helps some.
  13. I have not loaded any 32 S&W longs as of yet. I have only loaded 327 rounds. I know I have loaded the 327 to 32 H&R specs not sure if I've loaded any to S&W long. I will look at my load data tonight and respond. I buy my 32 S&W longs at Academy.
  14. For packaged ammo for the 327, cheap, is not the operative word. I find 32 S&W longs at Academy. For the most part I load my own ammo. Also finding 327 magnum rounds locally is very challenging. I have found 32 H&R magnum locally, Hornady and Black Hills, but that is scarce as well. I really enjoy this gun, as does my daughter. I'm glad that I was already set up for rolling my own, it just cost me another set of dies and some new brass. It's an easy gun to carry and I don't feel under powered. It's also nice having 6 powerful rounds in a small package. Oh, and yes, happy belated birthday.
  15. Good to hear. Prayers sent as well.
  16. pm sent (already in the dog house)
  17. Clinton lost 54 house seats in 94, Obama lost 63 in 2010. last count Trump lost 31, but don't let facts stop you. Now if you would have said the most a Republican lost since Watergate, then that would have been a true statement, but the spin just isn't there. This is the same thing that the media does, putting out half truths to see what sticks.
  18. I think what you would see is the 94 assault weapons ban on steroids. The supreme court would do nothing unless it were challenged. In 2016 the supreme court rejected challenges to assault weapon bans in Connecticut and New York. That's not a good track record to hang your hat on.
  19. nope, Sandy Hook occurred in 2012, the house was taken in 2010 by the republicans. The republicans gained seats in the senate but the dems where still in control. So yes, if they had all three, there would be a price to pay.
  20. That is a great idea. I will try and remember that, the trouble is, I don't eat out much, but it's still a great idea.

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