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  1. that's still dang near an hour from my house. Probably for the best though.....
  2. You compensate in extreme weather by practicing in that weather and making notes on the effects. Wood and most polymers expand at about 3x the rate of steel. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/linear-expansion-coefficients-d_95.html
  3. The trick is to match the weather induced dimensional changes of the barreled action to the stock it's sitting in so they both move together. Problems arise when the two are dramatically different... such as a wood stock in a steel rifle. Strangely enough, carbon fiber reacts opposite to steel in that it shrinks with increasing temperature.
  4. Thanks for the stereotype. Society has removed many of the stress outlets for kids. They don't get into fist fights at recess or after school because fighting is wrong. Conflict resolution isn't taught anywhere. Instead it seems to be better to bottle up all that angst until it burns them up from the inside or explodes.
  5. An attempt to high jack Christmas again.
  6. Not really, as most of mine stay locked up in my cabinet. My kids could get into it of they really wanted to, but I try to diffuse their curiosity by letting them see/handle them when they ask. I wish I could take them shooting more often, but bb guns in the backyard is about as good as it gets these days.
  7. If I had the cash at the moment, it'd be mine. I'd really like to have a Garand. Someone will get a nice rifle.
  8. Amen. A question that remains for me is ... Is this really a new, novel, unique thing? Or is this perfectly normal stuff that's been happening for decades that because we're looking for it now, we're finding it. A similar situation happens at my work fairly regularly. A new inspector sees something with different eyes and finds a condition no one really paid mind to before. The immediate reaction isz this condition is bad and suddenly every part has it, there's panic in the streets, .... Then some actual analysis is done, data is reviewed, the condition has likely been there all along, and its not really that big of a deal. Until the next new thing shows up.
  9. You just get a break for a few years, it starts all over with grandkids.
  10. When should we come over for smoked sausage?
  11. Welcome back. Good luck with the refurb.
  12. They look Russian to me. Either way, no limits back then.
  13. A friend raises Curs for bear hunting. His are well socialized and friendly. Curs are pretty lean looking dogs. Yours looks a little thin, but seeing their ribs is normal. Once yours settles in, I suspect you'll need to find her a job.
  14. Hydrogen vehicles have been around for years. The problem with them will continue to be storing enough Hydrogen for reasonable range in a manner safe enough to make people comfortable.
  15. I got a WSM a couple years ago and it's very close to "set and forget". I can load it with charcoal, tweak the vents for my target temp based on the ambient temp, and it'll sit there for 8-10 hrs with minimal adjustment. It's a lot lower maintenance than what I had before.
  16. That's not too much of a stretch. Between the transmission and differential you get 15-20:1 torque multiplication in a normal truck. So 11,000 ftlbs at the tires equates to 550ftlbs at the crank.
  17. I'll be the contrairian here... babysitting the smoker is the best part. It's an excuse to be occupied all day while actually doing very little. I get to stand around with a cold beverage while fiddling with fire, what's not to like? The electric ones are so easy they're basically just a glorified crock pot. There's no sense of accomplishment. You don't get to come back in the house hours later, dirty with charcoal dust, smelling of smoke, giving the appearance of having worked hard all day to provide such a delectable bounty for your family.
  18. I built tons of models when I was a kid, mostly airplanes. They were all hanging from my ceiling with fishing line. I wasn't super good at it, but a good friend I met in college built museum quality models. Air brushed mud splatters, diorama displays, the whole bit. The tricks I learned from him were what folks have already said about sanding, painting, filling, etc.
  19. General question for you.... Is there any feedback loop for questions a jury (or juror) has? Can they tell the judge or attorneys that a topic hasn't been addressed to their satisfaction and request more information?
  20. If it can make Lemmy look good, it can make anyone look good.
  21. I have a black hat like that. I bought it while on a school trip to Australia in 1990.


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