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  1. The battle of 5 points like in Gangs of New York? They're finally expanding to 12 teams. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2022/12/01/college-football-playoff-expanding-12-teams-2024-season/10810063002/
  2. A well trained and practiced solider could get off 3 shots per minute.
  3. I think this year may put a damper on the drive to form these super power conferences. The trick to making the playoffs seems to be to go undefeated against an assortment of high school and Jr College teams so that everyone is healthy and rested come playoff time.
  4. I got this model for my birthday earlier this year, though it didn't come with a carry bag. Its the perfect size for my family and is small enough to stay on my screened porch, out of the weather. The 1 lb bottles make it through several meals, though I also got the hose for 20lb grill bottles. Season it like they say, treat it like a cast iron skillet, and it stays non-stick. I'll admit I haven't mastered steaks on it yet, but most everything else has been excellent.
  5. This came on my feed this morning. Let's just say it resonated with me.
  6. Osage orange wood makes pretty bowls, platters, furniture, etc. But it does require a sealant otherwise the color will fade. Example photo...
  7. peejman

    Red rider

    I can hit beer cans routinely at about 20ft. Further than that requires some Kentucky windage for the elevation but it's still pretty accurate. The trigger is atrocious, but its pretty accurate. Switch to pellets with your Powerline. It should be accurate out to 30-40 yds.
  8. Nice work! I smoked a turkey breast, a ham, a whole chicken, and a pork loin yesterday. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.
  9. His face and hands are very clean as well.
  10. peejman

    Red rider

    I've got a Buck and a Red Ryder for my boys and a Crossman piston rifle for me. They're the only thing we can shoot in my suburban backyard. I'm thinking of getting my boys on the 4H shooting team. They use Daisy 499's. They both seem interested but neither shoot particularly well. It's mostly a matter of whether it will fit in the schedule.
  11. Gatlinburg, Windrock, Chilhowee, ORSA, are the ones I can think of. I don't know if any would let you do anything other than shoot from behind the line. The indoor ranges and ORSA sometimes have IDPA type practice matches. If you really want to DIY, you'll have to do it on your own property.
  12. Keep yer booger hook off the bang switch.
  13. We still have a half rotted jack-o-lantern on the porch. My wife got the Thanksgiving flag out, but I think that's only because it was in the box with the Halloween stuff. No other Thanksgiving decorations yet. Just too busy. I suspect we'll skip them and go straight to Christmas. I may end up getting Christmas stuff out day before Thanksgiving since I'm off. But all I'm allowed to do is assemble the tree and put up the outside lights.
  14. I'll 2nd the energy survey suggestion. Leaky doors or HVAC problems could be contributing. Do you know the type and amount of insulation in your house? Mine was very poorly insulated when I bought it. I added floor insulation over the crawlspace and more than doubled what was in the attic. I also found a big leak in an HVAC duct.
  15. Yes, there's very few family appropriate comedians left. While I'll definitely laugh at a few dirty jokes, I consider it a lack of talent when vulgarity is the only thing in their repertoire. It gets old really fast. One of my favorite bits....
  16. I planted a cover crop of peas for the winter. They're coming up nicely now. I'm curious to see how well this works.
  17. Thanks to all who serve!
  18. Web title search or insurance quote is my guess.
  19. I don't enjoy inhaling its sweet aroma, I just look at it....
  20. Not necessarily. I can look at my watch and see what time it is without the temptation to do other things on my phone.
  21. I like watching some of these home improvement shows. Every time I've done anything electrical in my house I have a "damn you Mike Holmes!" moment where I find some bigger problem I now have to fix.... Light fixtures without junction boxes ( and cellulose insulation), ceiling fan over master bed held in with one drywall screw, sink disposal switch in same panel as overhead light but they're on different circuits... Been there, done that.
  22. Timex, it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Mine is a chronograph with a leather strap. I've worn it daily for at least 15 years. I've been thinking of getting another one with a bigger date field as it's getting harder to read those little numbers.


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