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  1. Yes. But making things here won't matter when we don't have the raw material. The items in short supply typical come from Asia and Russia.
  2. Yep, velvet ants are a type of wingless wasp. They kill other wasps which is good, just don't step on one barefoot.
  3. I'm with Erik on this... They're not hiding it, they're announcing it. How many times has it been called the "chicom flu" here? Hopefully in few years it'll be just another strain of the flu.
  4. Informative and entertaining.
  5. Spray your shoes/boots and pant legs with permetherin.
  6. Yep. Also seems discriminatory to me. Why only large businesses? Small businesses would seem far more vulnerable to an outbreak.
  7. My youngest had a stomach bug for a couple days last week. Thankfully it was over fairly quickly, but it was ugly for a bit. Hopefully she feels better soon.
  8. So if you can't see those bushes, give it a pass?
  9. In murvul, our 5" rain gauge filled up some time yesterday. The weather guessers say the sun may reappear this afternoon.
  10. There are people who make selfish choices? Say it ain't so!
  11. It's a virus, that's what it does to survive.
  12. I read something recently with a good idea... it said if you've got a lot of crystallized honey, replace your oven bulb with an incandescent 100W bulb. Verify the temp, but it should be about 150 deg. Stick all of it in there overnight to liquefy it. Then be sure to swap the oven bulb back in before you use the oven.
  13. My wife says I've been a grumpy old man for a long time. And I'm not that old. I share your lack of patience with stupid. My solution, for my own sanity, is to disengage whenever possible.
  14. And TWRA will arrest him and confiscate his truck if they catch him doing that. Transporting wildlife without a permit is illegal.
  15. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  16. Sorry to hear that. We'll pray for his family.
  17. This latest round has gone through the unvaccinated at work in the last few weeks. One friend and coworker passed away on Thursday. Kevin is first person I've personally known who's died. He was a quiet guy, about 60, with no complications that I know of. Of the dozen or so others, about 3 have been in pretty rough shape and went to the hospital. He's the only 1 who ended up on a ventilator. I believe the rest are getting better.
  18. The ice cream machine is a nightmare to clean. They hate doing it so they just say it's broken.
  19. Professional movers are expensive. There's a reason why corporate relocations are their primary customers.
  20. My Dad has given my boys a bunch of $2 bills. I think he had the bank get $100 worth and used them as gifts and to pay my boys for various chores. We had a hard time explaining to the boys using them to buy candy at Target wasn't the best idea.
  21. The term "mama bear" is clearly more widely applicable than we might expect.
  22. I agree with this. You could also get something like cerrosafe to check the dimensions of the chamber. If it's smaller than its supposed to be, there's definitely some build up.


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