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  1. Looks like it got to -3 here last night. Didn't have any issues that I know of yet. http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KTNMAYNA5&day=7&year=2014&month=1
  2. Maybe the children are taught to lie. Santa much?
  3. [quote name="mikegideon" post="1087490" timestamp="1388599573"] Still a Multi. You can get AR-10's chambered in several different short action calibers. I don't know how most of them are stamped, but you would think they do the same thing.[/quote] Part of me wants to build an ar-10 in 22-250. My TGO sets are going to be a SPRish setup and a 24" Grendel. Still need a source for a 10.5" 458 socom barrel
  4. The e-filing system works surprisingly well. If you are making an SBR, there is an original manufacturer's list that works best if the manufacturer of your rifle is already there. Mine wasn't and I asked them to contact the NFA to get added to the list; took about 3 days.    Aside from that, everything is pretty straightforward. Fill out the form, upload your trust and assignment sheet, pay, get a form back in 3 months. 
  5. Form 1s, you file yourself. Form 4, you'll need some cooperation from the transferring FFL. My last E-Filed 1 took 99 days (including the shutdown)
  6. I got back an e-filed form 1 this week. Was submitted September 11.
  7. $375 plus transfer, you just lightened my wallet. 
  8. Form 4 submitted early Feb approved Oct 28. Not yet received. Mailed Jan 28
  9.   My 10.5 side charge doesn't dump much. I still have a charging handle in it though. 
  10. 458 uses a modified 7.62x39 bolt. In probably going to buy http://shopwilsoncombat.com/458-SOCOM-Build-Kit-147-Recon-SR-Suppressor-Ready-Barrel/productinfo/TR-458K-SR/
  11. The only mod required is to open up the ejection port a little. I have a mill and will be modding one of mine. I could probably help you out if you wanted to build a 458.
  12. That picture looks like your bolt catch pin has backed out a little too. 
  13. the 50 cal conversions require the ejection port to be opened up. I'll probably be getting this for one of them http://shopwilsoncombat.com/458-SOCOM-Build-Kit-147-Recon-SR-Suppressor-Ready-Barrel/productinfo/TR-458K-SR/   I'll have to open the port up on the mill but I think that's the only modification necessary. 
  14. I get to wait another (insert shutdown time here) for my form 4s and 1s to come back. Aside from that, I'll be breaking the rules if I go backpacking where originally planned. Doesn't matter to me. Keep it closed

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