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  1. expendable

    I went out to buy a shotgun and came home with this!

    If that happens when you go out for a shotgun what happens when you go out to buy a new truck?
  2. expendable

    Has anyone heard about this ?

    Fairly old news https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hundreds-of-guns-stolen-from-tennessee-ups-facility-recovered-outside-chicago/
  3. expendable

    M1911 my clip want lock in the gun

    What brand 1911? Are you using the mags that came with the gun or aftermarket?
  4. I’ll take both of the 550 quick change kits.
  5. Just giving you a hard time. I think I was on the 50 yard range right next door to you, I recognize that little Crickett.
  6. Hmmmm.. those glasses aren’t doing you much good up there.
  7. expendable

    1911 Ambi Thumb Safety

    I didn't notice is said Ambi safety. It could be multiple things causing the problem, But I would start by removing the grips (both sides) and seeing how it works.
  8. expendable

    1911 Ambi Thumb Safety

    Is it possible that the LH grip panel is in the way? Some grips and extended safeties don't play well together.
  9. I dry fire all of my guns regularly for practice and have for years. The only ones I put dummy/snapcaps in are rimfires.
  10. expendable

    My Dillon 550 Broke Today

    Wonder why they had you send the whole press in to them instead of just sending you a new part?
  11. expendable

    Bullets marking in press

    It would be nice to have a seating plug that fits every bullet profile, but with all of the different manufacturers there are just to many variables. You'll never be able to fit them all perfectly. I load all different makes, weights and shapes of bullets and use one seating plug with no ring on the bullets, but I seat and crimp separately. Koz
  12. expendable

    Bullets marking in press

    Are you seating and crimping in the same step? If so that may be what is causing it. The crimp is applied during the last bit of seating and causes more resistance than seating an crimping separately. Koz
  13. expendable

    Ruger Mark 3 FTE

    The extractor might solve the problem. Mine only has problems after it gets fairly dirty, and seems to be related to the LCI, at least that's what the empties hang up on. Kurt
  14. expendable

    Frog Lube is the same as coconut oil

        I hope you at least bought the whale a drink first.
  15. expendable

    Looks like Wideners has been sold

        What did they have for Pistol powders? I've been there numerous times in the last few months, and they never have anything but rifle powders.   Kurt

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