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  1. I would guess that... given the circumstance, a hard look will be given to place those facilities in a hardened environment. They should be in bunker-buildings set back from public streets and right-of-ways. Hindsight is 2020 (wow). AT&T might find themselves speaking to Congress about this incident... and the vulnerabilities it exposed. I'm not saying there is wrongdoing on AT&T's part - just that ... serving the public means helping AT&T be motivated to keep this data/telecom outage from being so easy to make happen. Merry Christmas TGOr's.
  2. -agree with everything David said. I do not know how many of the buildings on the river side of 2nd Avenue were protected by the historic commission, but... If they are condemned, the value of the property on which they sit goes way, way, waaaay up.... and it was already worth a fortune. The ability to develop high-rise buildings on that street is... a diamond mine. Purely hypothetical: If that were the purpose, anything this momentous would have to be done several, several, several layers removed with alternative motives farmed and used - meaning the pe
  3. I guess I see the Hummer thing as a little different from Ford's mustang. Hummer is a retired badge. They are still making Mustangs - 2-door, RWD coupe. The Hummer looks like it could be a continuation of the Hummer line... and follows the same general format while using electric propulsion. -but yeah, the specs on the Hummer are out of this world!!
  4. haha... maybe because it is not a mustang. Does anyone know why they had an obsession to name it the "mustang"? Bring back another retired model name - or come up with something new. It is probably a great product. I would probably consider purchasing Ford's new 4-door electric sports sedan, but I wouldn't buy a "mustang" that has absolutely nothing to do with the lineage or name of the Ford mustang.
  5. I have a day 1 reservation for a Badlands. I doubt that I will order. It seems like David DuCOVIDy has been the lead on this project and has caused delay after delay (some understandable and some are bewildering). This along with the weird website/build anomalies and junior-high-level information and communication shenanigans leads me to believe that the first iteration may not be up to snuff. Also, the 4runner is all the on-road/off-road combo that I need. Taking the roof off would be fun, but if I'm honest, I'd rather do that in a 911. That - and I am not that fond of the ha
  6. 1) If you can navigate to a ramp that is open and keep a C19 safe distance while launching, you will encounter way less people than picking up fish at the grocery store. 2) Emotional health is recognized by the administration as something that is important - thus the allowance to be outside and boat and canoe and kayak... etc. 3) Stay away from people. Don't congregate. Don't interact. That is the spirit of the order. If you can do that and fish, great. If you can't, then don't. It seems that "throwing words at each other" is a time-honored traditional form of rec
  7. yes!! Well, I'll live until I die -- trying like heck to not take anyone else with me.
  8. Am I correct in reading that this EO is effective immediately? Aaaand - if I can drive 3 minutes to my private boat ramp and go catch crappie to eat, is that the same as going grocery shopping in the eyes of this EO? I am FOR social distancing and have been advocating since the first of March that folks isolate, but I do not like the generic force-of-law house arrest vibe. There seems to be a LOT left open to interpretation - for something that carries, supposedly, the force of law. Am I wrong? bottom line: I would hope that one could travel reasonable distan
  9. Well, one can be fairly certain that this individual is not a hand washer either. Is a danger to society AND gross. dude.
  10. https://www.sea-doo.com/watercraft/sport-fishing/fish-pro.html ~$15k _______________________ https://nashville.craigslist.org/boa/d/bowling-green-ranger-boat/6784796306.html $13.5k I fish all day every chance I get... which isn’t near as much as I’d like. ... between a bass boat, a kayak, and a jet ski,... given your choices at any price point, I know now which one I’d choose.
  11. It won't be up long: https://www.facebook.com/jthodgkinson?lst=671369187%3A1350932325%3A1497451816
  12. NBC news running well-focussed, long-lens video of Scalise being rolled on a gurney to the ambulance. - covered only by med blankets. grrrrrrrr. There is no way that is necessary. I would say that for any member of any party... or any other human on the planet.
  13. If current reporting is accurate, Scalise spent ~10 MINUTES down after taking a 5.56 or .223 round to the hip. He was alone in the outfield without treatment for ~10 minutes. Unreal. I hope he - and all of the innocents today are ok and makes a full recovery. Tourniquet & Blow Out Kit. Have one with you every day. Everywhere.


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