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  1. Wife had this done a few years back.  Was given anesthesia for the stint (spelling?), but not the lithotripsy.  She's had kidney stones since she was about 16 -- says it hurts worse than giving birth when those little buggers start moving.  So a procedure that breaks the stone up into smaller pieces (as I understand lithotripsy -- but I'm not a doc), she's all in.   As others noted --- sometimes we just hafta go with what the doc says.
  2. There's nothing to worry about until you have your hand on the bathroom doorknob and can't remember if you are going in or coming out!
  3. Got one -- goes with me pert near everywhere.   But I didn't like the folding grip (mine was kinda loose it seemed).  Also hard to hang onto with the little wood factory grips with the magnums. I like the oversized rubber grips (even if they are nearly as big as the rest of the revolver).   But, as others have said, it is well made and reliable. 
  4. Prayers for both Lowbuster and musicman and families.  Keep us posted, please.
  5. All the above is good advice.  Some of the Registry questions are -- shall we say -- poorly phrased (I started to say "moronic").   Read all the options, then pick the "best" one -- and as noted by Red, don't second-guess your answers.   You got this -- but we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers as an extra measure of assurance.
  6. Just saw the thread, Bersa.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you and yours, and we'll keep sending messages to the Great Physician until we hear otherwise.  God Bless !!
  7. Pretty nice shootin'.   What ??? I'm a grampaw with a 14-year-old grand-daughter -- I ain't allowed to notice anything else in the video ...
  8. Wife's had it.  My boy and his whole brood have had it.  And it does seem to be a really nasty bug.   So far ... I've missed it.  So far ...
  9. Thumbs up, Brother.  Will keep ya'll in our thoughts and prayers.
  10. My boy is all grown up, but I have a 14-year-old grand-daughter.  Done a number on me, too.  As others have noted, very happy, indeed, that she is safe and well.  Prayers for the family continue, as well as thanks to the Good Lord above for answered prayers.
  11. Just saw this.  Shared on FB.  Praying for her, you, and yours.
  12. We ran a few mags over the weekend.  Can't tell any diff in function or trigger.   Happy, happy, happy ...
  13. And NEXT month, we'll stick a tree up an angel's butt ...
  14. At the barn, tending some calves.  Got called to the house, and watched news until milking time. Back to the news after milking.   I well remember how it affected everyone, especially the folks of my parents' generation. It was a personal loss, a very deep grief for the older folks; I thought of JFK's death, and how it hit everyone during the 9/11 attacks, when I went through the emotions of that.  Maybe it's not a very good comparison for most, but it was for me.   Somehow, events like these two gets into the deepest parts of us, makes us aware of our own mortality, an
  15. No, Greg.  You did not do any wrong.  None.  Nary a bit.


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