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  1. Hi all, it has been a VERY long time, so I thought I would start here before getting back into the fold. I see the "old timers" are still around, I missed the hell out of you all...welll MOST of you..hehehe The site is doing great!! Thats awesome!! I hope to be more active now that i have finally accomplished my career goals, and I look forward to the things I missed. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! See you on the boards
  2. also, another question for the Lawyers....I "heard" that felons can purchase and possess a black powder C&R gun...is that true?
  3. All that and you're still a pretty S.O.B. Tell the wife I said HI!!! Hope she is still enjoying the 1911... And to the rest of you...and everyone serving in any branch...Thank you for your service!
  4. Hi all, Scott Kilby (owner) will be at the meet and greet on Sunday..he will to be there to meet everyone, and field any questions/concerns, and enjoy the company. This is a great opportunity for folks to bring up their concerns...offer suggestions to the problems, and quell the some of the rumors going around. Be assured that the recent threads are a MAJOR concern at the Range, and the only thing to do now, is make it right. Everyone is welcome to attend and have their questions/concerns answered, as well as chat a bit, and hang out with fellow TGOers. See the "Memphis Call to Arms" thread.
  5. Hi guys. I have been asked to inform you that TGO will have a classroom for the meet and greet. I have also be asked to inform you that the owner of the Range, Scott Kilby, will be onsite specifically for the get together, to meet everyone answer any questions and address any concerns. We hope this will help open communication lines, provide some answers, and quell any out of control rumors that may be floating around...He is VERY open to suggestions from the customers. We hope to see you all there.
  6. Please dont misunderstand, the "swamp cooler" is a loaner, the air conditioning IS ON...the Port-A-Cool fan was given as a trial to see if it helps get more air flow, and cool things down...be assured, the heat is a HUGE concern, and attempts are being made to try to address it.
  7. nope...not forgetting that at all...so does your employer allow you to carry?
  8. (27) (A) “Restaurant†means any public place kept, used, maintained, advertised and held out to the public as a place where meals are served and where meals are actually and regularly served, without sleeping accommodations, such place being provided with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment and seating capacity of at least seventy-five (75) people at tables, having employed therein a sufficient number and kind of employees to prepare, cook and serve suitable food for its guests. An establishment shall be eligible for licensure as a restaurant in accordance with this part, if the establishment is open at least three (3) days a week, with the exception of holidays, vacations and periods of redecorating, and if the serving of meals is the principal business conducted each day the restaurant is open...where does the 50% come in? (I am learning here, so be gentle)
  9. thats they point...ABC NEEDS to identify clearly what is a BAR....
  10. The point being discussed is Daves point, about what constitutes a bar, and the lack of verbiage around it...you went on ramble about those restaurants just because they serve alcohol...which is not the point...there are obvious bars, as Dave pointed out...and all I did was support that statement...maybe you SHOULD type slower for us, so we can gain a clear understanding of your "Logic".There are Bars....and there are restaurants...plain and simple...
  11. TJ Mulligans, Hadleys PUB, Stella Maris (or whatever its called), Coyote Ugly, 100% of the places on Beale...yeah, they arent bars....not at all....LMAO
  12. Glad to meet you all...See you at the next one!
  13. I work in IT...I have been thinking about a career change into Law Enforcement....so... I will trade you!!

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