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  1. Thanks for the reminder on the States where I might be able to bring a gun - which made me realize I probably won't be bringing any gun on our trip - we'll be heading into Canada! I'm going to guess that'd be a No-No??? Regards, Michelle (who will most likely have to embark on her Great Adventure unprotected! )
  2. So, my P22 is ammo sensitive? I bought this gun when we moved from Chicago suburbs to NW TN 3 years ago, thinking we were going to have to fight off the snakes at the front door every day!!! Anyway, when I bought the gun, I also bought a box of Federal Gold Medal 40 Grain Solid ammo. Was/Is this bad ammo to put in the P22? This gun has jammed from new straight out of the box. I hope it's the ammo! That would be great, eh? Thanks again for your help! Regards, Michelle
  3. I'm the original poster and I have a P22. What a piece of garbage...jams constantly. I don't ever use it because it doesn't work! I'm very inexperienced with guns, so could I send the P22 back to the manufacturer and they would fix it? That'd be nice since I have LOTS of ammo for it! I also have a Beretta .25 cal model 21A. I will probably just use that for our travels! Regards, Michelle
  4. Holy smokes - I'm way past impressed! You guys are good. All I could find out was that it was some sort of British Bulldog. So, first, why did he say not to load it? I'm in the market for a teeny little gun. His statement didn't mean my particular gun is circa 1870s, did he? This mark indicates black powder proven to 30% excess pressure - what does that mean? repair-conversion reproof mark - what's that? So, you think my Dad got this somewhere in Europe during WWII, or did he pick it up on Maxwell Street in Chicago sometime in the 1940s, or is either a possibility? This is really interesting stuff, isn't it? Thanks for finding all that out! Regards, Michelle
  5. The ammo my friend got me was too wide. So, can I pick up 32-20 at most any store that sells ammo? My friend told me it was a hard caliber to find??? What do I know?????? Thanks for the replies! Regards, Michelle
  6. Here's a close-up of the markings on the other side...
  7. I found this gun in my Dad's house after he died. Can anyone identify it? And what type of ammo I can use? Several years ago, a friend picked me up a box of Remington 32 S&W 88 Grain Lead (R32SW) Centerfire Cartridges, but they're too big! Thanks for your help! Regards, Michelle
  8. For the life of me, I can't see where/how to create my own gallery! Please HELP! Thanks.
  9. Three women are planning a LONG roadtrip next Spring to the great Northwest. We'll be in a small travel trailer and plan to do some dry camping in very remote spots. Not that I'm saying I would take a gun with us (I have yet to convince one of my friends it might be necessary), but if I were to take a gun, what is a very, very small (physical size, not caliber size) revolver? When I moved to Tennessee, I bought a Walther P22 - has jammed every single time I've used it. It's awful. And it's a little bit big, if I was to take a gun on this trip. Maybe if I sent it to the manufacturer, they could fix it? I have a tiny, tiny revolver I found at my Dad's after he died, but I can't figure out what kind of ammo it takes. I'd love to post a picture of it, but can't figure out how yet...anyway, a friend up in Illinois picked me up a box of "32 S&W 88 Grain Lead High Velocity Centerfire Cartridges for this little gun, but they're too big. Bottom line - any suggestions and/or helpful hints? Thanks! Regards, Michelle
  10. I've contacted "Big Rob" by email. I'll also give a call to the people in Troy on Monday. Thanks for the help. We've just been in Tennessee for 3 years. I had a FOID from Illinois and of course, took the requisite safety class back when. I've already heard back from Rob via email. He said they should have the next class scheduled soon and he'll get in touch with me. Wow - such speed in this heat! (just a joke...) Thanks again!! Regards, Michelle
  11. Hey, thanks for the info...I'll give them a call on Monday. Seems like is JUST missed a class! Do you have any idea how to post a picture? I have this weird little revolver I found in my Dad's house after he died and I have no idea what it is or what size ammo to get. I thought this would be a good place to ask, but dang - can't figure out how to post a picture. Thanks again for your reply. Regards, Michelle Palmersville TN
  12. Good morning! I'm trying to find, without any success, a CCW class in XXX County, TN. Does anyone here know of any? XYZ County would be okay, too. Thanks for your help! Regards, Michelle (I edited this post on 10/4/15 because someone tracked me down using my ham radio license and therefore found my address. I have also changed my location on this site...)

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