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  1. I've got a growing collection of vintage-style shirts, Green Lantern, Flash, Dr Seuss, Icee Bear, etc, so I got this one: And this I will cherish. It's going in my memory drawer. http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq48/Broomheads/th_11126648_10154007781082942_2010679007_n_zpsjxl6bsfg.mp4
  2. I can anneal it for you if you really wanted it done.
  3. Um...yeah...I used a jig too. I just set it up so there were two jigs separated by about 3/4" on one board. Interweaving it was the difficult part.
  4. Aw...come on...You don't like my monkey's nuts? Just don't tell our wife, et. al., that you're interested in them. I actually completely forgot about doing a how-to. With Mom's Day this weekend it will probably have to wait till next week, but I'll get something out for y'all.
  5.   Hmmm...Peeing in the portapotty at JT Moore Middle School's ball field, my eldest daughter's school, while waiting for said daughter to get out of school, while your two younger daughters are waiting in the car 5ft away (within sight through the open-ish door). Me thinks I got ya beat by a hair. :woohoo: :rock:  :owned:  I'm :no1: .
  6. The first is a standard cobra bracelet weave but with a length of the pictured chain as the core. It has a nice heft to it without being too heavy for a bracelet. Useful as some "knuckles" perhaps? I found the chain, which was probably 12" in diameter, in a pawn shop's loose tool bin and bought it for 50 cents. [URL=http://s432.photobucket.com/user/Broomheads/media/20150407_192049_zpslycgfuge.jpg.html][/URL] Secondly, I would call these Monkey Nuts. I've never seen anything like this done so I decided to wing it and see if it could be done. There are two 3/4" bearings inside this si
  7. The King of Random is my hero...well not really, but I have been making/doing a lot of things from his YouTube channel. Subscribe to it, there's some awesome stuff.
  8. Turn your head to the right and the burls make a dogs face. Use those and call it the Camp Hound.
  9. "Hey Bubba...Get the camera ready and hold my beer..."   Damn, I need one...
  10. Lol...My cell's mobile hotspot name is "NSA Mobile Unit 15", not that they'd really ever use that. I always have that turned off anyway, unless I'm using a non-wireless device away from home. I still think it's funny nonetheless. My home router's SSID is the brand name with a few numbers, but the password isn't in decimal or the usual letter/number format, thanks to my dad who's been a programmer since the punch card days.
  11.   What can I say? As soon as I get some other projects out of the way (the sooner the better) and get at least SOME organizing done in my shop (it's complete chaos now)...I'm making another FREAKING knife. I can only strive and hope for your level of quality.   Good Job! :up: :pleased: :bow: :clap: :bowrofl: :no1:
  12.   NOOOOOOOO!!!!   A knife is NOT made for prying. The high carbon steel, with proper hardening and tempering, even with this thickness, is way too brittle to use as a prying tool. Unless you're prying open something plastic or wood, you will almost definitely chip the blade and/or break the tip off. There are exceptions for specially designed knives made with certain steels and a springier temper, of course. However, almost all the knife makers on Bladeforums and other sites that I've seen will include a caveat in their warranty that voids it for any knife that was used for prying
  13.   I...actually like Pinterest. :blush: :nervous: :hiding:
  14. It's not a real hook, the "point" is way too blunt to puncture flesh, besides, the copper would bend/deform before it even got close to that. Thanks. I just realized that the heart with the copper wire is actually photographed backwards.
  15. Must...Get...Another...Knife...Started...AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!


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