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  1. I've not bought ammo in quite a while because I generally handload what I want to shoot. Even before the price hikes it was still cheaper for me to load a box of 50 then to buy a box of factory stuff. Soon as primer prices come back down to something reasonable I'd like to pick up 2k or so and get a couple LBs of powder so I can keep loading. I'd also like to get the .365" 95gr Lee bullet mold when Midway gets em' back in stock on 6/7 so I can cast some bullets for my 9x18mm but as far as buying factory stuff, WHY??? when I can handload stuff that's just as good if not better.
  2. I honestly think that he sees nothing wrong with the way he's leading the Country. He grew up with a Communist mother, father and grand parents so for him the Communist way of Totalitarian Government Control is perfectly "normal" so he's just doing what's "normal" to him. I'll be glad when he's out of office(can't happen too soon for me, impeachment would be great IMHO) and we can hopefully get a decent Liberty/Freedom minded person overseeing the Country.
  3. Windex with Ammonia D will cut through the corrosive salts and clean them out of your barrel and be sure to wipe the bolt face down with a patch with some of it on it too. The corrosive part of the ammo is the primer, you can pull a bullet and dump the powder then fire the empty ctg. at a iron plate and let it sit out for a few days. If it rusts up where the primer gases hit then it's for sure corrosive but like I said, it's not a big deal if you just clean with some Windex after shooting OR you can use Ballistol, it's made to cut corrosive salts as well.
  4. Berry's plated bullets are a lot tougher then they give them credit for. I've loaded their 100gr HBRN bullet to 1325fps in 9x19mm with no ill effects to the bullet. I recovered a few from the sand box I shoot into and the plating was still intact even though they only advertise to load them to 1250fps.
  5. Local shop has gotten in some Tula small pistol for $39/1000 which I think is totally over priced since before all the panic buying they were going for $22-$24/1000. I'll just be glad when we see things come back to normal and I can pick up 1000 CCI small pistol for $30 bucks again.
  6. Maybe this will also help to put your mind at ease. https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=59 Lead works fine in Polygonal rifled barrels as long as it's hard cast lead and not soft swagged bullets.
  7. Back when I was loading 45acp I liked the small primer brass since I could use the same primers for my 45acp as I used for 9x19mm and 38spl/357Mag. Since I load on a single stage press it's no big deal to sort them out for loading. By the way, the Reason behind them is because they only make lead free primer in small right now so for Non-Toxic ammo you need a case that'll take a small pistol primer.
  8. The "Intent to Go Armed" deal was one of the dumbest things I ran across when I first moved here 17 years ago from AZ. Back in AZ we had open carry and I did and it was normally a BIG gun like a Ruger Redhawk or Super Blackhawk or the like. I move here and all of a sudden I can't carry, felt like I lost my left nut or something, man it hurt to not have my gun with me. Once they passed HCP I got it and have had it ever since so I can carry now. Personally, I see no harm in running in to check the P.O.Box while armed with my CCW gun. As long as no one sees it then it's "no harm, no foul" IMHO. YES, I would be breaking the law, a totally useless, ignorant law which deserves to be broken. Just think of how many kids could have been saved in Newtown, CT. if just one teacher had the guts to break the stupid "Gun Free(killing)Zone law. Politicians set up these laws with the "warm, fuzzy, feel good" notion that a criminal will obey them but what they get is a bunch of helpless victims whenever a nut case wants to go on a shooting rampage. You want my take on the matter, do away with Gun Free Zones, pass a Constitutional Carry law so that a Citizen can carry everywhere, all the time and we'll have less of these little shooting rampages or at the very worse they'll end quickly with the perp being shot down by a bunch of armed Citizens. As much as I hate the thought of moving back to Phoenix,AZ at least I'll be free to carry and even carry concealed without need for a permit because they DO have Constitutional Carry now in AZ. so I'll not have to pay $50 every 3 years for my RIGHTS like I do here.
  9. I personally think there should be no such thing as a "prohibited person" because in the end the government will come up with a way to make us ALL prohibited persons. I was also speaking about "illegal" as opposed to "legal" as in bought through a FFL with a background check and not stolen. Illegal would be a stolen gun bought from a drug dealer. All this anti-gun crap isn't ever going to stop until we either impeach a bunch of em' and put them in jail for Treason or line em' up against a wall. That'll put the Fear of God and the Citizens of the USA back into the rest of them so they'll stop trying to take our Rights from us.
  10. I still don't understand what they mean by "buy a gun off the internet"? If you order a gun from say Bud's Gun Shop or buy one from an out of State source it has to be shipped to a local FFL for you to pick it up and you'll fill out a Form 4473 and do a TIC's same as if you buy it from the dealer him/her self. Now if you mean something like GOC where you can do a face to face purchase then yes, a criminal might do that but most guys I deal with have wanted to see my CCW and I ask for the same from them if I sell a gun so it's not like I sell to just anyone. As far as guns go, drug dealers could have real deal AK's shipped in with their next order of cocaine as far as that goes. That's why all these gun bans and gun control laws have nothing to do with crime control and EVERYTHING to do with control of law abiding citizens.
  11. Ok, how about this then: http://www.examiner.com/article/after-senate-setback-obama-quietly-moving-forward-with-gun-regulation Or you can download the .pdf here. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2013-04-22/pdf/2013-09392.pdf and here. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/DCPD-201300143/pdf/DCPD-201300143.pdf Face it, Obama didn't get what he wanted out of Congress so in true Dictator fashion he's going to just sign it into law by E.O. Can we PLEASE Impeach this guy now?
  12. You want to buy an illegal gun just check with your local drug dealer. Chances are some of his customers have traded a few to him for his product and they're for sale for the right price. On a side note, if they keep pushing off all this gun control and executive orders on us we'll ALL be criminals in a matter of time.
  13. So, is this a better "source" for some of ya'? http://www.survivalblog.com/2013/04/here-come-the-first-of-the-executive-actions.html
  14. Not really all that old. First week of January,2013, 1000 CCI small pistol primers, $29.95. :-(
  15. What's wrong with the source? They're going directly by what Obama and Biden have said, it's not like they've made it up or something. Obama has as much said if Congress wouldn't act to pass anti-gun laws that he'd take matters into his own hands, i.e. Executive Orders and reinterpretation of current laws and that looks exactly like what is taking place.

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