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  1. maybe it's just the hunting pressure this season, normally I can always hear them at some point, the last 5 times I've been out I haven't heard a thing, I'm seeing sign just no birds. I heard one the first day, just before he was shot and then I called in a hen but that's been it. Strange, maybe it'll change as it gets later in the season.
  2. Its probably just me but is anyone else hunting the WMA land around Nashville having trouble finding birds? Normally I can find them everywhere but not this season.
  3. CVA Optima with a Nikon BDC Scope, first year with a scope
  4. I've been getting away with hunting in TN and late season IL with a pair of Bass Pro rubber 800 gr thinsulate boots, I just double up on socks and use foot warmers when it's bad in IL. They just don't seem to last more than one deer and turkey season before they start coming apart. I'm looking at the LaCrosse® Alpha Midlite 18'' with the 7mm neoprene, I'm going to try on a few different brands this weekend, I'll let you know what I find and how I like them after spending some time in the woods.
  5. I'm looking forward to harvesting a few more deer this year, thanks everyone!
  6. I need to buy another pair of boots this year and I could use some suggestions. I've been looking at Muck Boots, LaCrosse and some others because of the lightweight. My concern is I hunt mostly on public land and there are old fences and just a lot of things to tear them on. I also hunt in IL in late winter so It needs to be able to keep my feet warm. Can anyone tell me how well they hold up or if there are some other brands to look at? Thanks for the help!!
  7. thanks for the info!! I can't think of how many doe I passed on last season because I thought I only had 3 tags..lol
  8. I have to admit I'm completely confused now, I've heard from several people lately that in Until L you can harvest up to 12 Doe each season but only 3 a day. I've always thought it was up to 3 a day but only 3 for the season in Unit L I've read over the regs but I'm guess I'm just missing it or something can someone give me some more insight into that or point me in the right direction. I always get a sportsman's license and I hunt only on WMA Land if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance,
  9. Too bad they don't have a hen day in the spring to thin some of them out. I seem to be good at calling them, twice this weekend they came up my decoys and just hang out eating. I just stop calling and let them do the work for me, but as soon as a tom gobbles, they leave, heading to him I'm sure.
  10. The Title of this thread is perfect... Anyone else having a problem with henned up birds? I did get lucky on the first day but I haven't had anything close since then. Walked in the woods Sunday to Toms gobbling as hard as they could. I didn't hear any hens responding so I thought I got lucky, because I got in close and it was just me. I made one soft hen tree yelp and the woods came alive with hens. Turns out I was surrounded by them, I didn't have a chance after that. They gobbled all day long to anything I did, then when one would start working to me a hen would start up and off he went. Each year about the 2 week into the season I remember how much these things can drive you crazy.
  11. Thanks everyone.. I just have to remember not to shoot them head on so I don't blow a hole in the fan.
  12. Never thought I would get a bird on the first day, especially after this morning and not hearing anything. about 10 minutes after getting setup this afternoon had 2 come in, one was a great turkey, strutting the all the way in but just as slow as he could, after about 15 minutes of him not giving me a shot he finally showed up from behind a tree at roughly 35 yards.. I must have pulled high on him when I shot because he just turned and ran, I shot again. and he kept on going.. I checked for blood and actually followed him for a little bit, he never slowed down. still can't believe I missed him, thats turkey hunting. After that, I still felt the spot I was in was good and it was early so I moved my decoys about 15 yards and setup on another tree and started calling. By the 2nd hit on the box call I had another Tom standing in the distance gobbling at my decoys. I only had to call once or twice more and he came in and gave me a perfect 10 yard shot. I just should have waited until he turned because I shot the hole you see in his tail. He had a 9 inch beard, 19 lbs and 1"spurs Heading back out tomorrow..
  13. JeffL: They are tough to hunt but you'll be hooked once you have one respond to you. Good Luck!
  14. I used some cheap Winchester shells from Walmart last year, first time using a shotgun after anything. Shot two but they were both within 15 yards. I don't have a shotgun this year so we'll see how the Muzzy's do.
  15. I feel better! I thought I was the only one who heard that... I think my wife knows how much I spend down to the penny..lol
  16. I would think as long as you had a kill tag with it there wouldn't be a issue
  17. Thanks for the Info!! I found a box of hollow points in my ammo case. I hope that it works out where I can go and give it a try this weekend, depends on the other hunter.. I'd just like to be able to call a couple to where I could see them but If I could get a shot it would probably be like my first deer...lol If I can't get to the farms I'll go to a WMA and give it a try with the bow again, nice to have something to hunt.
  18. I have a chance to hunt coyote on some private land with some big fields. The problem is I only own 3 rifles, one is only a 22 which I wouldn't think would work with coyote. The others are a 50cal Muzzleloader and a Saiga 7.62 with the 20" barrel. I also believe to legally hunt with the 7.62, I have to either use hollow or soft point ammo? Am I wrong with thinking that?? Which one would you suggest I try?
  19. Wow, that one way to get the hide off, never thought of that one. Thanks for the compliment on the hide 101
  20. Thanks, means a lot coming from someone with your experience. I took my time skinning her but I need to pickup a hand fleshing tool. I've been using a knife to do it but it's easy to cut the hide if your not careful.
  21. I'd like to see a coyote done, I want to do one this year and I'm sure there are some good tricks that would help.
  22. I'm almost done with my latest tanning project, I learn something new every time I do one. You can see the holes from the complete pass-thru on it. I think this one will be softer than my last. I used the K7111 Tanning kit from Van Dykes
  23. Went out for the first time today, I bought a Johnny Stewart® Long Range Rabbit Distress Predator Call yesterday. It is a different feeling hunting them, I didn't see anything I can see how that you could get hooked on it. I feel I'm hunting a good area, found a pile of feathers and a couple piles of scat, one looked fresh. I'm trying the feather decoy that was posted earlier, we'll see how it goes the next time I'm out..
  24. I'll be starting to flesh another deer skin tonight. It's only 2nd one I've ever done so I wanted to use something I was familiar with. K7111 I used this kit last year and worked well and the hide came out nice If I get a coyote this year I'm going to try Lutan on it, sounds like it does a good job.

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