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  1. I have some SSP I would trade, if you were closer.
  2. My wife saw it in theaters and recently bought it on Blu-ray. She's been nagging me to watch this for a long time, so I finally did last night. It's an impressive story and despite not liking the guy, Andrew Garfield did a pretty damn good job. In fact, most of the cast put on a hell of a performance. Sadly, one of my favorite celebs, Vince Vaughn, was just plain HORRIBLE in his role. He needs to stick to comedy, because his action drama chops are the worst I've seen since Jean-Claude Van Damme, I was amazed at the special effects and camera work. Nothing but top-notch work there.
  3. I thought the 1st one had some of the best tactical firearm action I've ever seen in a movie. I can't wait to see the sequel.
  4. I say do what makes you happy with it. It's not a rare collector's item. That's what I did with my wannabe Makarov by CZ. It's been Cerakoted. I added custom grips, upgraded springs, and rubber mag base plates. I love it way more than I did when it was original.
  5. I downsized twice now to be able to conceal enough for work. I carried a CZ P-01 for a long time, then downsized to a XD-s .45, and now I've had to downsize to a Ruger LCP. My favorite is my CZ 75 Shadow, but it's not practical, just fun.
  6. You're probably right about the failure. I didn't think about the abuse that part takes during operation. That makes more sense, especially since I only break it down like this a couple of times per year. Last time I bought parts, I ordered extra springs. This recoil spring probably has 4k-5k rounds on it. It certainly wouldn't hurt to change it while I'm at it. Thanks for the advice.
  7. I've had my current Ruger Mark II for going on 20 years and can only take a wild guess at how many rounds have gone thru this lil work horse of a pistol. All I know is that there were some summers where it saw a 550 round box of Federals EVERY single weekend. Conservatively I'd estimate it's about 5K rounds/yr, so I don't have a damn thing to complain about. You can't put that many rounds thru any gun without replacing a worb out spring here or there. I've also upgraded to a set of Hogue target grips, Volquartsen extended mag release, and FO front sight. Every other part is original. Yesterday I was indoctrinating a co-worker from CA, err, introducing a first time shooter to the wonderful world of firearms and of course the Mark II comes out first. We put about 400 rounds thru the old gal with zero issues. However, when I got home to clean it, the mainspring was stuck. It took me about 30 minutes to take it apart (this was the normal reassembly time back when I first got the gun and there weren't such thing as a YouTube video to show you how to do it right). I found that the bolt stop pin had broken just above the mainspring. The bottom part is still attached to the mainspring by the pivot pin. I'm guessing the love taps with a rubber mallet over the years to unjam the mainspring or align the bolt stop pin holes finally had their toll. I'm not whining, the replacement parts are $15 including shipping from Ruger. I just thought after all these years this thing was indestructible.
  8. This scenario is not as black & white as you've painted it. The officers' duty to protect and defend themselves overrides the rights of these 2 idiots' attention-seeking experiment. This isn't the first time one law or right conflicts with another. I'd say the officers followed their training perfectly by securing the scene to make sure everyone is safe first.
  9. You hit the nail right on the head with that. When folks like these idiots choose this method of exerting their 2A rights, I suspect they are just wanting to be the center of attention for selfish reasons. If they really had pro-2A intentions in mind they'd not cast such a bad light on an the cause they claim to support. NOTHING good seems to come from the kind of attention they bring to gun rights efforts. If any legislative actions occur or any public opinions are created/changed as a result of their actions, they will not be positive.
  10. Agreed, these guys are morons! Sadly, it's too early to pass out championship trophies, because I have no doubt someone more stupider will do something even more stupider before the end of the year.
  11. That's pretty darn clever! I'm definitely stealing that idea.
  12. I was also disappointed in the RK show in M'boro. Makes sense that it was so boring, half the vendors were 30 miles away at a competing gun show. You'd have to go to both to see a full show.
  13. I also use Win231 for .45ACP. I used it for .38/.357 back when I was reloading them too. It's good stuff: meters well, very consistent, inexpensive...when you can find it.
  14. Knowing what I know now, I think starting on a 650 is doable. When I started, I started on a turret press instead and it was every bit as complicated, so I regretted not starting on a progressive. As for cost savings, buying components in bulk (1K pc or more at a time) has my cost for 50 rounds of 9mm down to around $6.50 not counting brass and my time.
  15. I understand where you're coming from, except for me I'd say it's more of a strong preference for hammer-fired pistols than a dislike of striker-fired pistols. There's just something primal and satisfying to me about being able to cock and de-cock the hammer...hard to explain. That being said, I have owned several striker-fired pistols and despite my preferences, I've kept an XD-s in 45 acp and truly love it. So, it's not a hard and fast rule for me. Additionally, as CZ's self-appointed Number One Fan, I can't wait to get my hands on this P-10 and try it out.
  16. Hoping for swift and excruciating justice on the scumbags, even as I hope the thieves didn't know they were stealing from poor children.
  17. My last job was "exercise-friendly", meaning employees could wear clothing that facilitated such. I didn't participate, but I definitely appreciated the pro-yoga-pants policy. It made for an engaging work environment.
  18. I'm sorry for your loss, but uplifted by how you honored him. Gorgeous urn, by the way.
  19. I wasn't a customer of Levi's to begin with; there are better jeans out there for less. I had nothing against them, however. I guess their CEO knows more about jeans than guns...no surprises.
  20. I don't know anything about deer, but how they taste...delicious. If a stated does DNA testing, what do they look for?
  21. One could argue it, but one would be wrong. Daylight Saving Time was created to add an extra hour to the evenings from spring to fall. We revert to standard time every fall. National Geographic explains it here on this link.
  22. I guess it makes me some kind of blood thirsty warped psycho, but I LOVE hearing stories like this. I'm always glad to hear 2 scumbags died trying to rob someone. I mean, I'm sorry he has to deal with the hassle, but it's better than the alternative.
  23. Daylight Saving Time starts in the spring and ends in the fall. I'm with y'all though...I hate dark starting so early. That means we all like the fake time (spring/summer) with the the extra hour and hate the real time (fall/winter) without the extra hour added. LOL
  24. It started kind of slow and I lost interest. Sounds like I need to rethink that and give it another try...thanks.


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