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  1. I carry a semi-automatic rifle, I have no use for full auto. As others mentioned, the practicality of shorter barrels is obvious when working out of a vehicle. I'm curious about the suppressor comment though. You do know they protect hearing and don't make the rifle any more deadly, right? I don't know of any officers that use suppressors for patrol, but I'm surprised to hear this view coming from the gun community. I usually only hear the uninformed speaking in this manner about a suppressor.
  2. I also am interested in the military grade weapons comment. I work for a smaller department just outside of Memphis. I see AK47's and SKS rifles. I'm glad I have an AR15.
  3. EMTRN

    Glock 34

    I had a 35 that was great to shoot. Very accurate. I decided to sell my 40's and keep my 9mm guns. Sold it to a guy on here. I miss it sometimes!
  4. I use a weapon light on duty. It helps to have a free hand to open doors and operate a radio. I don't need a rail on a concealed pistol though. I actually prefer 1911's not to have a rail.
  5. I changed my post to include the TCA.
  6. http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/
  7. Yes you can. I stop people regularly for it. If they have a valid license and insurance, I let them go with a warning. TCA 55-4-110c
  8. I drilled. Tried the socket first and didn't work for me.
  9. [quote name="Patton" post="1156973" timestamp="1402339980"] If it were me I would buy a Shield because they can be found for less than $410 OTD now. When he gets hired or is in the Academy he can get a new Glock for as cheap as $430 OTD(Blue label plus tax, no TICS fee for LE).[/quote] This sounds like the best idea. I recently bought a blue label glock. I didn't realize how easy it is, even with having to get it shipped.
  10. [quote name="Patton" post="1156195" timestamp="1402097124"] Besides the best way to get hired is to already be POST certified and you will end up having to use your own weapon in the academy before you get hired. If you switch departments you can carry that extra, personally owned duty weapon with you that you are qualified on and start work quicker. Some smaller departments it may take them a month or more to get you qualified on their weapon. ).[/quote] Unfortunately this is not an option in West TN. You have to be hired first. I know there is a community college in middle/east TN that runs an independent academy.
  11. I bet Ralph was also pulling the 3rd mag out of each box and selling it.
  12. The dept's in the Memphis area will give you a weapon. The 19 and the shield are my favorite carry guns. I carry a 23 on duty because my dept issues .40 ammo and I can't turn down free ammo. That said, I would carry a 19 on duty and not feel undergunned. As far as HCP's, I don't think any dept would be against you having one. My dept regs actually state that the dept "prefers" you to obtain a HCP.
  13. Obviously I'm a Beltman fan, but I'd also vote for wilderness tactical. I own one and they are good belts. I just prefer leather.
  14. I have three beltman belts. They are great. I have a brown one and a black one I keep nice, and a brown one that I've worn everyday for seven years. The beltman is good to go.
  15. I have the MAS 2 piece Krinkov. I like it a lot.
  16. I did it last year. It's beautiful. Do it early in the season. The water was already getting low the last weekend in April last year.
  17. Central is great. If you want to eat good BBQ for the same price as McDonalds, Tops is actually a good choice!
  18. Here is what I really love about this gun. Have you ever been out driving around and one of your friends calls and wants to go to the shooting range? In the past, I would have to go home and get a gun to take to the range because I didn't really want to shoot the small pistol I was carrying. With the shield, I am always ready to go to the range. I enjoy shooting it as much as my bigger pistols. I know it sounds like I'm doing a commercial for S&W, but I just really like this gun. The only drawback for me was the manual safety, but it hasn't been a problem.
  19. I got mine from Lanbo's. They had the best price a few weeks ago.
  20. I have nicer pistols than my shield. That said, it is my favorite carry pistol. It is small enough to conceal well, but I don't feel under gunned carrying it. I got my HCP in 1999, and the shield is the pistol I've been wanting for the last 15 years.
  21. EMTRN

    Remington R-51

    The sight movement is unreal.
  22. EMTRN

    Remington R-51

    [quote name="KKing" post="1125572" timestamp="1395010018"]Taint looking good, at least for the one this shop got in http://youtu.be/jQ65wbjq6t0[/quote] Wow. I can't believe this ever left the factory.


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