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  1. Great truck.......we got to do somthin about that front plate though...roll tide!!! Lol!!
  2. My wife carries a glock 42, we have a range here at the house and she gets lots of practice with it.
  3. That looks awesome!! My only complaint with the orient is I wish the crown was bigger, or the knurling was alittle more aggressive
  4. I’m actually in the process of doing the same thing! I’m having my website built right now, I’m hoping to launch by the 1st part of September. I’ll just be buying and selling, but if I need one repaired I know who to call now
  5. I bought a new orient komasu, or mako iii depending on where you buy it. Orient is owned by seiko, and the komasu is taking the place of the SKX. The sop in New York that I bought it from wanted a picture for their Facebook so I sent them this lol!!
  6. I have the FVSR in .22 mag, I love it, it’s a tack driver!!
  7. I shoot out here at my house just about every weekend.....haven’t seen a deputy yet lol
  8. Just make friends with some cops and have them out to shoot.....who are they going to call..your buddies?? Lol
  9. Well they started warming her up last night and today she is at100% she is also the giant of the NICU haha 2 feet long and almost 10lbs she still so tiny though. As for when she starts dateing ill have about 5 watermellons set up in the years and when I see him pull in ill just let loose with my AK on em and then when he gets out ill explain how a watermellon acts like a human head when shot......them ask him if he would like some brains
  10. I am buying a lifetime sprotsmans license when we get back to west tn, I figure ill do that and the oppertunity will be there when the time comes iv got one and I buy them for all my friends sons and daughters....if they don t ever use it oh well but I'd they do it will be that much easier for them
  11. Thanks guys!! My wife is doing great, girls are a lot tougher than we give them credit for hahahhaha she is up walking around I looks silly pushing an empty wheelchair with us everywhere but I really don't like her walking long distances so better safe than sorry....we had her at 0110 and at 1500 we were in the jeep headed to vandy my parents drove up from florida yesterday so everyone is here making sure everyone is taken care of
  12. Well my daughter Riley was born 3/19/13 at 0110 she was 8 lbs 12oz and 24 inches long!! I'm 6"4 and my wife is 6"1 so she has some growing to do haha. We 're here at vandy in the nicu, she had some trauma to her head from the suction thing the doctor used, and her cord was wrapped twice around her neck. It wasn't pulled tight, and she wasn't blue or anything just tangled up. She is doing much better now and the swelling on her head has gone down....iv had about 4 hours sleep in the past 2 days. They also have been cooling her core temp. Kinda like an induced hypothermia it basicly makes the bo
  13. When I renewed mine it took 3 weeks....the new ones are crazy looking and really thin compaired to my old one
  14. Florida highway patrol....he had been behind me for a few miles and said he could see my gun the whole time, he even told me it was a sub compact glock hahaha like I said he was really nice about it, he checked my drivers license for my motorcycle endorsement and checked my insurance and my carry permit, we chatted and went about our day
  15. I was on my bike one day while on vacation and my shirt was blowing up in the back and I got pulled over because the cop saw my g27 tuvked in my waistband.....he was cool about it once he knew I had a permit, I asked about other gun laws and we told each other to be safe and parted ways
  16. Mabey one day we will have someone in the white house that does not have their head in their ass.....people brag about how were the most feared country.........I think after these next 4 years we will be the broke laughing stock where boys are married to each other
  17. For the b18 you will need the engine, obd1 ecu, integra axles, integra throttle cable, integra motor mounts, and wire harness. My friend has a 300 hp b18 swapped turbo 95 civic hatch, probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on The easiest thing would be to get a nice b16a from Hmotors.......over on the jeep forums we like to all get together and order pizza and install lifts......I think a B series motor swap would take about 4 to 5 hours if yoy could find a way to get it to my buddys shop, im sure the 3 of us could knock it out. If your ok with that ill get with him and see wh


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