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  1. So stoked. I have like a dozen buddies all waiting to see this bad boy.
  2. Yep, WHO gets you is as important as how fast or where. I got one for 11 over (staying with the flow of traffic) on I 24 from a THP officer in 2003 and it was $283 all said and done. I got a bunch from Metro cops from 2001-2005 when I was in college in the ghetto and you'd get pulled over for just a few over. $50 every time. I think the Metro tickets have gone up since then, but thankfully I'm not down that way much any more.
  3. Steelharp nailed it. It's a bit bigger in every way, especially width with the ambi safety, than the XDs. It also felt really top heavy, and heavy in general for a poly single stack. I feel like a Sig 938 or Kimber Micro 9 would be a much better choice for someone who wanted 1911ish controls on a smaller 9mm. Wow, out of curiosity I looked up the weight of the XDe... Springfield lists it as 25oz. Kimber lists the Micro 9 as 15.6 oz, and the 938 is an identical 15.6 oz empty, 17.4oz with 6 in the mag.
  4. Just got back from London a couple weeks ago. It was great! Pack light. The accommodations are hilariously small across the pond. Yes, the all-inclusive tube/bus passes are great. You can get just about anywhere relatively quickly and easily. If you'll be there a few days, I highly recommend taking the open top bus guided tour first. You'll see a lot and get a good idea of the layout of the city proper and visit the highlights. Then on the later days you can go back and really spend some time at places that interest you. Stonehenge was cool, but it's a 2.5 hr bus ride away. If I wasn't such a huge Spinal Tap fan I wouldn't have bothered.
  5. I think he hasn't had a chance to update the list. My check cleared about a week ago, but I still show unpaid.
  6. The Kimber Custom II is $799 at Academy, and I think the PX4 45 is $569 or thereabouts. Just depends on if you are that determined to dump the 1911. Just beware that the PX4 45 is one of the chunkiest handguns you'll ever hold! :-)
  7. Has anyone gotten one? Shot one? Seen one? Just curious... there seemed to be lots of noise leading up to the release of the new Cobra, then a few less than stellar reviews when the first testers got their mitts on them. I'm curious if anyone here has some first hand experience and opinion on the gun. Thanks!
  8. I wasn't impressed the two times we went. The stuff seemed just a small step better quality than the Ashley furniture junk for 4x the price. Found a sleeper sofa that would have been ok, and I started to negotiate the price and the saleslady said they don't negotiate. Well, that $1,200 overpriced $2,200 sofa stayed right there and we left. A week later she calls and asks if I'm still interested in the sofa and offers to deal. That royally pissed me off and I told her so. Anyways, we went to our local Mom & Pop in Smyrna and got a custom, USA made dual powered recliner sofa (decided against the sleeper) for $1,100 delivered. Best purchase we ever made.
  9. I'm happy with all the guns I still have. ;-) For carry, my PC Shield 9 is just perfect, and it shoots groups like a full size gun. It's fun stretching that thing out to shooting longer range targets. It always surprises me how accurate and easy that thing is to shoot. I just picked up its 45 cal big bro, but haven't shot it yet. I expect more of the same. My favorite gun to just have fun with at the range is my 6" PC 629 44 mag. The flexibility in ammo (when reloading) makes it such a darn hoot. From chucking 240gr lead pebbles at steels around 800 fps to vaporizing potatoes with 180gr bullets at about twice that velocity, it never disappoints. Just about the most perfect trigger I've felt and is about as close to a laser as I own. My only disappointment in a current pistol is with my Witness Elite Match 10mm. I love everything about the gun EXCEPT when the mags are loaded past 10 or 11 rds (capacity is 14) they won't go into the gun. I've just decided it's a glorified 10rd pistol at this point. But MAN does it shoot!
  10. 870 Express Tactical Ruger LCPII Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shield 45 Lots of gun food.
  11. I haven't been by there since late March. At that time they were preparing to move to a little spot over by the bowling alley, in that plaza at Weakley Ln and Sam Ridley, beside the liquor store. I haven't been over there yet to verify if the move was successful. I DID see Sheena post something on FB today so I know they're alive, at least. Best of luck to you. I got the 5" FDE 2.0 9mm the day it arrived at Academy in Smyrna. Whenever you DO get it, you're gunna love it. Promise!
  12. I got one but haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. I also have the ported 9mm and love it. I have shot it in low light and it's maybe a little more apparent, but all guns have muzzle flash visible when shooting in low light. A low flash powder makes a bigger difference than porting/vs non porting, imho. Shoot some 9mm loaded with Power Pistol... like camera flashes coming out of my M9A1! Haha!
  13. Congrats, Steelharp. The Shields are great. I have a Performance Center 9 Shield, and am getting a PC 45 tomorrow. I am also a fan of the regular M&P line and have almost every flavor of those, too. What many folks don't realize is that the mediocre/poor and inconsistent of the standard M&P line is not an issue with the Shield line. Completely different trigger in the Shield. Even the standard, non-PC models are pretty good. I really like the ported barrel on the PC models so I spring for those. What kind of accuracy are you gettting with your 45 Shield? Does it shoot like a small gun, or are you getting similar groups to your full-sizers?


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