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  1. I have a Gen 2 SUB-2000 and am very pleased with it. Very accurate and fun to shoot especially with 33rd Glock mags. Wife says it looks like a toy but it makes a good and serious truck gun.
  2. Giving your address and saying you own guns.......NOT!
  3. I have a KelTek sub2000 gen 2 that I like very much. Accurate and light weight. Mine is the Glock version and will use a 33rnd mag. It has top and bottom rails standard and I added Magpul side rails. Also added a Magpul forward hand grip (slanted type) and a sling. It looks mean and still folds. Kinda hard to not to send a bookoo of lead downrange with it.
  4. I'm with an earlier poster who said this kind of work is not missed! I worked on computers and computer systems for ages! Octal mainframes, DOS PC's, and Windows 3.0 thru Windows 7. Got burned out fixing other peoples problems and retired just after Windows 8 came out. I will stay with 7 and still have a MAC Book running XP. I maintain my own of course but find myself enjoying my guns, my music (drums), fixing bicycles, boating and fishing these days!
  5. Had the same problem on a 2003 GMC. Was the receiver module in the truck. Was repaired on warranty so don't know the cost.
  6. Didn't go anywhere today so I wasn't held up by this carnival parade. I retired from Pellissippi State about 1 year ago. Had I still been there I would probably have gotten fired for standing with the protestors. :cool: :up:
  7. This is a link to the votes cast by Senator.       http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=113&session=1&vote=00091
  8. Yes. Cars and trucks can be registered jointly. Ours are. Boats cannot be registered with more than one name.
  9. I received a letter from Col. North today on behalf of the NRA-PVF. Yes, it was a request for donations. But I firmly believe we need to support this organization as much as we can......at least for the next few weeks. These guys will be our first line of defense. I can't afford much but I have been sending $50 a month so far this year. The funds I would normally spend on ammo, if I could find it, I am donating to the cause. It may be like playing the lottery but I think the jackpot would be worth the investment.
  10. 10-Ring - "Again, I'm not interested in joining a militia I just want to know what the organizations that are out there stand for before I stand beside them to fight for my rights."   Try 16thFF TnState Malitia search. Nice website. 
  11. Letter sent. Contents included below. Feel free to use.   Dear Senator  XXXXXXXXX Due to recent events in the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Newtown, Ct, I feel I must write to vigorously defend my rights. I am one of tens of millions of law-abiding firearm owners in the United States, and I feel that my rights are now under attack from the media and politicians alike. The knee-jerk reaction from many has been to call for more gun control. To ban certain types of firearms. This is misguided and dangerous. What the government should be focusing on is how to help families wi
  12. Agree. IMHO ar, the polls were probably responsible for so many Romney supporters staying home thinking.........according to the polls Romney had it in the bag.
  13. My local Walmart manager says it will take 6 months to a year for ammo supplies to return to normal.
  14. Way to go Joe! I certainly would back that!
  15. A visit to my local Walmart over the weekend was not productive with finding any of the calibers I use. The salesperson, who I am very acquainted with, told me that they are certain that people from the LGS's are coming in and buying up all the popular calibers for resale at inflated prices. Would'nt surprise me! But he added that they could'nt find any definate proof.
  16. I just sent them a contribution and wil be sending more. The NRA is the biggest elephant in the room........just do it!
  17. Well Guys.....I don't think the anti-gunners really care who or how many are killed. They just ride every possible excuse to push the disarming of America. They have to disarm the country before they can put us in bondage.
  18. I have an SR22P. Love this little .22! 400 rounds down the pipe with zero problems. Mostly 35 year old ammo. Bought it for cheap technique practice and just plinking. This is a very accurate fun gun.
  19. Since the Second Amendment guarantees the First, I would certainly hold that basis in high regard. It would further indicate a respect for the Constitution as a whole. As for Ruger, my search for an SR22P was finished just in time. Everyone was out of stock except for one online source.
  20. styx

    SW M&P9's

    Very pleased with my M&P9c and have just bought an M&P40c. As S&W says, these are finely tuned machines!
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