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  1. I'd try any holsters aimed at the M11a1 if you can't find on specific to the p229c SAS yet(or have to wait for one to be made). They are pretty plentiful, often cheap, and most work well with the other rail-less p229 variant frames I have.
  2. Just to clarify, This is a TV special rather than a movie! But since you opened the door I'm rewatching Stranger Things again this halloween.
  3. I was incorrect, Laser sight are patchwork banned by different counties and cities all around, I just remembered my BIL reminding me to remove mine before my christmas trip up there last year. Seriously though, he's an attorney working for a county DA up there and can't keep the laws straight, no clue how the general populace visiting or traveling around is supposed to. . .
  4. http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/illinois.pdf ^That has all the current laws and court decisions I've seen on IL carry. Keep in mind that there are mag/ammo/firearm restrictions in several areas surrounding chicago. Those local laws are being revised/changed frequently from what I've seen so check any you may drive through(or may wish to drive around), also laser sights are still banned statewide IIRC.
  5. As I understand it the $$$ is not what makes the airlines care so much about checked guns, it's the pile of grief the FAA apparently gives them when firearms do go missing in secure areas. This is why so many photographers I know use this method of including guns with their gear. Tell the baggage clerk that your high dollar camera gear disappeared and they shrug and hand you a claim form then tell you they'll call you if/when it turns up. Tell them a similar case holding a firearm is missing and all of a sudden they are on the radio looking high and low and getting supervisors involved. . .
  6. I put my pistols in a pair of Pelican 1510 cases, or 40mm morter cases, one with my clothes and the other my photography gear routinely. Pistols unloaded in zip up soft cases, placed into the hard cases which each also hold all my other things. You're going to HAVE to check the guns so no need to try and "pack everything into your carry on" nonsense. I carry on a small bag with my tablet, noise cancelling headphones etc. That makes finding a seat easy since I have no concern about overhead bin space. Smaller locked firearms cases can be slipped under a shirt or jacket and snuck out. Much harder to do with a large case. You have to lock the pistols up by law, but nothing states that that is all that can be in the case. I prefer to protect ALL my checked belongings with the extra scrutiny that the firearms and locks bring.
  7. Good find! Tasty stuff for sure.
  8. I guess my question is why would you carry a non engraved finished lower? All the 80% lowers I've finished have been engraved from the get go should I want to form 1 an SBR from them later, and it makes it more likely to be recoverable should it ever be lost/stolen. While it's legal to carry an un-engraved home finished lower, I just don't see any real advantage for the law abiding gun owner.
  9. Published NRR as prescribed by OSHA(though some manufacturer's use one OSHA standard and others use another for advertising) is actually a horrible standard to judge an electronic ear muff intended specifically for gunfire protection, a sound which typically occurs in the 1k-4k range almost exclusively. Happy to expand on it if you like but I will say comparing hearing protection for the avid shooter would make likely make a dull but very informative podcast. I recommend the peltors due to their lower cost and VERY similar real world attenuation at the range. A white-paper on some of OSHA's different methods of rating hearing protection in work environments.
  10. I bought the MSA Sordin supreme a few years back with the gel cups. Last black friday I scored a set of the peltor 100, and a set of the walker game ear slims to use a loaners when I bring friends to to the range. I've had the pleasure of using some Peltor 500s and they are nice, not throw away my MSA's nice, but certainly what I would recommend to someone in the market currently who's serious about shooting. I think the gel cups, for almost ANY electronic muff that fits you well are absolutely a worthy upgrade after having them on a few different pairs.
  11. Might have a friend who converted a "bowling alley" under his home into a shooting range. . . so there are ways around in some jurisdictions.
  12. IMHO the State of Hawaii did such a poor job of making and defending their case they left the panel NO other option. I would ALMOST say that this attorney representing the state is secretly pro 2A, it would look better than to admit he was just this bad at his job. TLDW- HI Attorney defending the current number of issued HI permits- "simply the fact that there were none, doesn't mean that none could have been."
  13. 2.ooohhh


    I'm on my feet, and running around all day many days, a few years ago Fleet Feet in Brentwood fit me into a New Balance 990 with a pressure relief insole. As I looked for a second pair after a few months of being really happy with them I found that I can get them US made from the New Balance customization website. Never would have believed I could get US made/assembled custom built NBs for the same price as the retail ones. NB99-1 by Erik, on Flickr NB99-2 by Erik, on Flickr
  14. Posted, and BTW per their security loose rounds are considered weapons. Tried entering with 7 rounds of .380 I had removed from my daily carry gun in my pocket with my change. Metro officer at detector pointed out to security that "He couldn't harm anyone with them in their current state without a pistol and the he appreciated I didn't leave a loaded handgun in my vehicle to possibly be stolen." Security let me through after I tossed them then handed me back my pocketknife. Friend I met up with came for a pre-party 2 hours earlier in the evening walked right in with his pistol b/c the detectors weren't yet set up at the entrance they brought them in through. Was the last event I'll attend at Bridgestone. I can stand putting up with security nitpicking if it's going to be SECURE, but inconsistent security leads to no real security at all.
  15. 2.ooohhh

    World Cup

    Somewhat, no time to watch at the office today.
  16. I got the SD tactical three lug mount, it's threaded the same as several of the existing 9mm cans I had access to, then I built a few for it specifically. Same thread pitch/diameter as liberty/gemtech boosters. Ended up installing three lug barrels on the MPX, and my Scorpion as well, loving it for 9mm cans.
  17. Yes but she made a very interesting statement, That as a student at the university she couldn't carry, but now as a graduate she's a visitor and it's allowed. A very interesting delineation considering one is often required to live on campus for a period of time at many schools. . .
  18. Sig p229 mags will VERY reliably malfunction in dusty environments if you don't throughly clean the packing oil/grease out of the innards upon purchase. Don't ask how I learned, but an old t shirt and some coleman fuel sure gets them all cleaned up.
  19. I've run it on several builds I've worked on. The hardest thing with some forged pistons I've used with big nitrous setups is allowing for the thermal expansion. This can make them loud(loose) at startup, and require a lengthy warm up before driving. Not terrible for a track ride, but quite annoying if wanting to drive it daily. Tuning for a turbo or nitrous shot on track is far more than just the motor, many cars I've set up needed pretty extensive overhauls of spring rates and damping in the suspension to better handle the sudden weight transfer. As for control, I've worked with the max xtreme controllers from some guys in the UK that were pretty nice if they fit in your budget. Wizards of NOS Controllers Here are a few fun shots of the builds my buds at FMU have done on a few BMWs(one dry, one wet)
  20. Also a happy member at Strategic Edge, I use the carbine bays rather frequently especially the low light bay in the evenings in winter. The safety course is very standard, and the members police themselves so there are no "Range Officers" like at a typical public range. I will say my first weekend on the shorter of the rifle ranges was a little overwhelming, but once you're used to the electronic system and timers it is absolutely one of the safest ranges I've used. I am taking the Long Range qualifier this spring work schedule permitting and look forward to stretching the legs on a few of my newer builds. It has to be the best value in ranges in TN IMHO. I can and do shoot pistols in the back yard reasonably often in the summer. The thing you want to look for in property is being outside city limits. The county laws in TN are generally MUCH less restrictive than any of the cities I've lived in.
  21. I'm running a geiselle SD3g, I bought it before they found that the mpx/mcx were particularly rough on them. If it breaks he likely won't warranty it, which I understand but there was NO way I was going back to stock after firing it with his trigger.
  22. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my MPX. But if you are looking to buy the MCX Virtus and then a caliber conversion, new barrel from sig, factory stock, or some other odd or end they showed off at shot. . . Don't get your hopes up. Now if you want the Virtus exactly as offered then snatch one up!
  23. Well unfortunately there have been far too many instances of gun owners/gun stores being targeted for my comfort. Face it as a gun owner you may very well become a target. Especially when I expect to be able to play with my toys in the back yard and then keep them secure when I'm not around. It's certainly layered like an onion though, my layers are just thicker and more numerous than most.

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