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  1. Yep, it is indeed a nickel finish based on the information. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks for the info on the marking. Will check it out when I get back home
  3. They don’t feel like real antler. If they are plastic, they are 40s or 50. But from other examples I have seen online, the other antler like handles are never the same looking. If they were plastic, they used a number of the same casts. They look to have walnut tiles on the back. I downloaded the form last week. Filled it out, was going to wait till after the new year to file the paperwork
  4. The SW response said this one was probably blued. If someone polished it, it was a good job. It looks to be just a stainless steel finish. Trying to figure out if these are real antler handles though. I saw a lot of examples from pearl grips, to walnut. I have seen many similar handles but they are not the same pattern.
  5. This thing is real solid. It does not ratttle or feels loose. It probably has not been fired in 50+ years. Does not have any pitting or any rust. I have several .44 rounds that came with it. Probably 50 years old as well. I feel pretty good about it. But yeah, always a concern with old firearms
  6. So my uncle passed last month. He told my aunt before he died to make sure I get a certain revolver that was my grandfather’s. He already gave me my grandfather’s .SW 38 special which SW dated back to 1964. So I was surprised to hear about this one. I never saw it growing up and had no idea he owned it. My father said he owned this one first but it was just to big to carry everyday. He worked as a constable and at parchman prison in MS. I contacted SW with the serial number and they dated it 1926-27. Very well take care of. Looking forward to taking her out. Going to get the holster repaired as well. proud to have it looks good to be 90years old
  7. I have been many times and never have I seen a gun buster. The last time I went, there was a group of about 5 young black males, in their 20s one guy was open carrying in the food court. He saw me eyeing his glock, I nodded, he nodded, life moved on When i go to cool springs, I enter in an anchor store which do not have gun buster signs. I have yet to hear of any issues at any mall.
  8. Walked up to the door and they now have it posted. Took walk of irritation back to Car talked with the LEO and he said it was not the local management sent nasty gram to the hq
  9. I split my time between a ruger lcp380, ruger sr40 and a glock 43. My carry of choice is my sr40 but it is a bit bigger so I can't cc when I have my work cloths. That is when I carry my 380 the 43 is a flex carry. It all depends on where I am going, what I am doing and how concealed I need to be
  10. Which is the point i guess. I remember in older posts that there was on entrance that never had a sign. Not sure if that was the entrance i came in (behind harley dealership), but i do know every galleria entrace was posted and the one i walked out of in front of gnc shop had no buster
  11. Went to the school Springs Mall for the first time in a long time because The wife instructed me to pick up something that I couldn't get anywhere else. It seems the entrance I used no longer has or it least I couldn't see a sign that they posted a long time ago about no guns in the parking lot. Secondly the main entrance is seem to always been posted but the entrance I went in today did not have a gun buster. I know all of the anchor stores outside have note been posted with the exception of the cheesecake factory which I stopped going to months ago because they posted, but when I walked out the main entrance today I did not see any sign at all. Is anyone seen them change their policy
  12. Not any of the big stores have been. I know the main doors to the mall have been but the last time i have ever gone in via any of the department stores or places like cheesecake factory, they were not posted. Have not been inside the mall in about a month or so
  13. So went into cheesecake factory today and they have a 8x5 sign on front door with a gun buster. I have been there a million times and had my family not already sat down inside as i parked, i would not have eaten there. I get so ticked off when i walk up to a place i have been many times and they slap a sign on the door. I highly doubt there has been any incident with permit holders. Just an emotional or ideological decision. I sent a not letting them know they lost a customer.
  14. I don't eat at TGI Friday's very often, well quite frankly ever. But I met some friends up here tonight and as I walk up to the door and look for a gun buster I don't see anything. I walk on inside we sit down because we're early for dinner and I by chance get up to go grab something and see a gun Buster on the back of the door which I could not see because of a sticker they placed on the front door that blocked it from outside. I was extremely pissed because if I didn't see it after thoroughly searching for a gun Buster before I walked in. If a company is going to post their facility they need to make sure their signage is seem completely and easily to avoid legal issues. I went back out to my car put my firearm in the glove box came back inside and wrote them an email voicing my displeasure and the fact that I'll never come back again due to their policy and then how they put me in a bad situation legally and that I didn't appreciate it.

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