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  1. Looking for a shop in the middle Tn. (Cumberland Countyish) area to mill a 1911 frame for a ramped barrel. Any suggestions?
  2. I've got one I use in an AR pistol I built. Good squirrel gun with a brace. 5.56 out of a 10" is painful.
  3. It's unscoped, A2 style front and rear sights, and I'm shooting Tula may-pops with aging eyes. Consistant ring an 8 inch plate at 50 yd.
  4. I've got one. PSA build, cheap bolt, c products mags, never had a problem.
  5. Nylon 77, rem 550-1, and an old springfield single shot for shooting .22 shorts.
  6. I built one. With the brace and a 10.5 barrel it shot well, but the muzzle blast with 5.56 was horrible. I stuck a .22lr adapter in it and its a fun little squirrel gun now.
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