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  1. Church security

    Pastors or other leaders (deacons, etc) can authorize carry in Missouri Churches. It is not a criminal offense in MO to carry without permission in Churches. Misdemeanor.
  2. Do you carry cash?

    I carry cash and use CC for gas, etc but feel broke if I don’t have several benjies in my wallet. Some places here in Sikeston don’t take plastic like Lambert’s and local gun shop. Lambert’s have an ATM if customers need it.
  3. holster advice

    I have 3 of Kevin Manley holsters dba K & D Holsters but if I remember correctly he had health problems and shut down business around 2009 approximately.
  4. Going to pour a concrete shooting bench tomorrow

    Speedcrete (patch) can be used to fill in the imperfections but will be noticeable. If you have someone that makes Concrete pipe in the area they should have some available. I would pour another and use no more than 3" slump with 7.5 bag of cement/yd. 6" slump reduces the strength a lot. Rent or buy a vibratory that can be clamped to frame to consolidate the concrete rather than a stick vibrator.
  5. NRA carry Guard?

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
  6. NRA carry Guard?

    Thanks Chances that chart puts it in perspective. I will pass on NRA CG unless they come up with something better down the road.
  7. Has any TGO members signed up for the NRA carry guard insurance? I am interested in your opinions. Spouses coverage is included in price.
  8. New Micro gun?

    CM9 Kahr is a nice budget piece.
  9. Glad you found a closer dealer to purchase your product. In this area a lot of people buy from Abernathy's in Union City, TN but that isn't close to you. I was there a couple of times last year with my brother to get his Polaris UTV serviced. Lots of sales for small community.
  10. Have you considered renting a small u haul trailer if it wont fit? They are pretty cheap rental imho..
  11. Gempro 250 digital scale table

    I would follow the manual instructions on warm up time. I have the same scale that has been flawless if given time to warm up otherwise it wanders off zero somewhat. My lighting above bar where I use scale isn't flourescent lighting so I can't comment. I have a cheap scale I use to check weight also that weighs to nearest 0.1. Good choice on scale IMHO.
  12. Thanks to rugerla1 problem fixed. I forget to tighten the 2 allen screws inside the trigger housing. Going to the range in a hour or so....
  13. After reading the instructions again I failed to tighten the screws and just placed the Allen screws on top of the screws that are only needed for polymer receivers. Thanks for the answer. I will fix it tomorrow and not make that mistake again.
  14. I don't remember any locking screws for front pin, only second pin. I installed one on a Sig and didn't have this problem. We followed instructions that came with new trigger.
  15. I have a new CMMG Oracle AR15 that I haven't shot yet but trigger was not good enough for me. I bought a small pin Timney trigger from Brownell's and replaced it over the weekend. Was going to range tomorrow and noticed the front pin was loose. I used the 2 allen screws to hold second pin in place. Brownell's was closed when I noticed problem so I couldn't talk with tech support. I am sure someone can tell me if I got the pins reversed or need to buy another pin for front. Search didn't provide any answers. Thanks for the help in advance.

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