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  1. Personally, I don't agree with a lot of things that the Big O does, and I do question his ability to run this country, however, I do not disrespect him. I think of it like me and my dad... I may disagree with something he tells me to, and when I'm in my room I'll throw crap and break something, but when I'm standing right in front of him or out in public, I'm not going to disrespect him, not only because he has a belt, but because he's there. I respect Obama, but politely disagree with him in some ways.
  2. ......... Then the husband spouted, "he licked his butt every time after he ate them... do you want to know why?!?! it was TO GET THE TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH" .......................
  3. Yes, but if you fire at an angle away from you, the chances of it ricocheting and coming right back at you are slim, if any, to none... Hell, we might as well never shoot a gun again....
  4. It's sad that companies treat their PAYING customers like this.... Sad day... One reason I could never own/run a restaurant... I wouldn't be able to keep staff... It was hard enough keeping 2 guys at my old game store....
  5. I know there are others that sell Blue Label Glocks. G&L sells them, but I just can bring myself to drive an hour and a half when I might be able to find one near I-40 on the way home... Thanks for the link though.. I will call them on Monday and see what they say. Thanks!
  6. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone on here, but if you fall into this category... Sorry... Thursday night, Alison and I went to the Predator's game, they won, , and I left happy. However, something happened before the first puck dropped that made me very upset. Whenever the lady was singing The Star Spangled Banner someone a few rows behind me, began to "Boo" at the "rocket's red glare..." part. This bothers me for a number of reasons. Yes, I realize you have freedom of speech, but when you're exercising that freedom/right against the symbol that gives you that... Is something to be c
  7. I made the trip to Jonesborough today, for the hometown trip for fall break, and I am looking for somewhere close to buy a Blue Label Glock, and looking for a gun shop that sells them that is close to the Tri Cities area or close to I-40 on the way back to Nashville. Any info helps... Thanks Guys.
  8. Thats pretty crazy.... IDK why it would be extremely dangerous to try though.....
  9. I didn't read that part... I skipped the "any" and just read "a"... Even after you quoted it, I had to read it like a fourth grader and I was like, "WOW!"
  10. I mean, the TCA says that if its an "open container" and it is in no one's possession, i.e. sitting in the cupholder, then it is in the driver's possession. What about if it is a solo cup? It isn't the original container so are the "possession requirements" the same?
  11. However, reading this... I do have a question... What if it isn't the original container? Does that have any bearing what so ever?
  12. I have a Serta Pillowtop... With a Wal-Mart 4" memory foam topper... Never slept on a Tempurpedic... It just sounds expensive.
  13. .............. so the husband called the huzzy, and got some biscuits "to-go"..........................
  14. That means... When the passengers see the blue lights.... All the cup holders must be empty, and no one better have a free hand if there's an "open container" sitting anywhere....


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