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  1. I like the EOTEC set forward with a magnifier behind it. With the 552 you can pick the caliber reticle and the unit shuts off after a period of time to save the battery it also works with NV equiptment but being color blind that does me no good. Product: 552.A65/1 | L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapons Systems A link for more info.
  2. Jamie: I heard a lot of "we did our best" and it usually came down to following the examples set by the parents or the parents wanting to be more lenient with the children. Having been raised in a dysfunctional family i made it a point to study people and relationships. That has been my main hobby throughout my adult life. Did I make mistakes? Sure! Did I learn from them? Who knows! But I continue watching and experiencing life where ever it may lead.
  3. This thread is a very good example of the wisdom from the mouths of children that want to argue with those twice their age as if the older ones have less experience than the young ones. This thread was origionally about the law concerning a FELON shooting a gun. But with wisdom some decided to change it into what describes a felon or if a felon should be given a second chance. Then it turned the corner to describe what makes a man who he is with the 20 somethings considering themselves the experts. Got to love the KIDS! This is a good example of a minority providing a description of youth that the majority of youth do not follow. From experience I have seen that the majority of youth actually respect the experiences of older people.
  4. A suggestion! why not get acquainted with the neighbors to see if you could park a travel trailer on their property some where. I set up a location for a trailer pad with water and electricity. It took me from February to the middle of April to get the work done as I was planning to travel for a couple of years. By the time the land was set up I decided I no longer wanted to travel and set about having my house put together. I have talked to a few people that have vacant property near and offered them the opportunity to park an RV here until they could get their place ready. The first month was traveling 30 miles each way to a camp ground where the trailer was parked. The wiring and plumbing being stolen is common even around here and those who do that are aware of who they are targeting and when they are not around. An RV pad with water, power and septic would be alright if the power is underground and every thing is tightly locked in a block well house so it is protected from vandals.
  5. This is a case of Been There, Done That in both instances. It is a part of experiencing life. We gain life experience by enduring minor situations and maturity by how we react in these life situations. The exciting thing is how very common a blown engine has been in many peoples lives throughout the years and the out of wedlock teen age pregnancy, while not as common is an every day occurrence as is the interracial portion of the experience. Welcome to the everyday happening of life that many here have already experienced.
  6. We have a Penguin that knows how to hold a shot gun for home defense!!!!
  7. WTF

    Adam: Which river? I almost built in Hancock county but found a place just down the river from you if you are close to Clinch River.
  8. Mike357: I used to use Velcro but then I forgot how to untie them so I had to go back to regular boots. I did know a few that put zippers in their steel toed boots to replace the laces. A fellow worker was an AP in the Air Force and others wanted to follow his lead. I thought it was a neat idea but it did not work for me.
  9. Old Goat: About the time you were graduating from High School I married my 3rd wife and acquired step children 18, 20, and 24 along with grand children 4,3, 2 and 1. Step son had the 2 older and step daughter had the 2 younger. We adopted the oldest grand daughter within a year. I recall before retiring that we had a young one on the crew that thought he had the answers and wanted to prove his great knowledge by disagreeing with the older members of the crew. One person told him to show respect as I was old enough to be his father. My reply to that was that I had been dating his mother before he was born so could indeed have been his father which really set him off. He appeared to show a bit more respect after he asked his mother if she had indeed dated me before he was born. The mother called and told me about it laughing the entire time she was telling me. I was not his father as I married wife 3 rather than his mother. It is not age in years but in years of experience that matters. I know a whole bunch of people that lived in a cocoon their entire lives and still believed the same fairy tales at 60 as they did at 15.
  10. I will limit my comments to agreeing with Mike357 and a few of the older posters.
  11. I do believe there is a criminal penalty for those who knowingly provide a felon access to a weapon.
  12. The hi-Point is limited to hi-point mags and the same with the Beretta. I went with the Sub 2000 and Glock mags. That has its own issues but is fun to shoot for a 350 to 400 gun in 9 or 40.
  13. 45 LC or 44 mag Rugers will put a big hole in paper or far a larger hole: Shoot 000 buck or a slug. The Judge can be shot single action. Taurus also makes single action pistols but my favorite was a Ruger 44 mag in the 70s. It would even shoot through cardboard. Like the one in the previous post!!!!!! Get a 6 inch barrel it controls the recoil better in whatever caliber you shoot.
  14. This is a bit cheaper conversion kit Just take the Magazine out of your Glock and put it in a SUB2000 With tax stamp and all it will be less than half price because this does not need a tax stamp.
  15. I have a photo share site where I put my pictures and click on the little tree then place a link to the photo in the box when it comes up.

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