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  1. The XD is very "snappy" in 9mm .I owned one and found it to be a very reliable pistol .I never had a single malfunction while I shot it and around 1000-1500 rds between cleanings . The only time it ever had Issues is when my 9yo son at the time tried to shoot it the recoil was too snappy for him to control and his hand would slip off the grip safety and the gun would basically lock down in the middle of cycling which resulted in a FTE . I never had an FTF in over 6000 rds down the pipe but then again mine did get cleaned at least once in a while .
  2. We moved to the Cleveland area about 8 years ago. Chattanooga is my hometown I grew up in Brainerd lived most of my adult life in the Red Bank area . The thuggery in Chattanooga has become very violent .I work off of Bonny Oaks and the occasional trip down to the Mall or Sportsman's Whse or Academy sports is the only time I go there anymore . It's Sad really to see the city be overtaken by lawlessness to the point where no one feels safe anymore . The Mentality in Chattanooga to close down "trouble spots" existed long before Littlefield. All the video arcades and pool halls that catered to the younger crowd were shut down in the early nineties because of "bad elements". Then cruising Brainerd was banned .Then groups of kids were banned at the mall and ultimately no minors were allowed at the mall without an adult chaperone . Kids had no place to go anymore and just hang out with friends. I guess the powers that be just assumed that Kids would stick to school and church functions or just stay home . Instead of dealing with the problem elements they just ruined it for everyone . Now all that exists is the problems and they have no place to go except to spill out into the streets . The crime problem in Hamilton county is multifaceted with the closing of VOTEC schools that problem kids were sent to learn a valuable skill . To the lack of strict Discipline in schools . The decision to target drug users instead of the dealers,and with no parent accountability for the raising of their kids has propagated the massive amounts of misguided youths with no place to go but to the gangs . Gangs are not the problem its the symptom of much longer and deeper rooted issues that the city and society as a whole has created. Chattanooga has a long history of political corruption and as long as politics as usual prevails nothing will ever change in that city . It will just continue to decline. It's turning into a little Memphis and If the Metro Govt. that Littlefield wants ever comes to fruition that's exactly what it will be like if not worse .
  3. NRA Delivers Twelve Big Wins in Congress for America's gun owners--Law prevents the Dept. of Justice from establish a national registry of gun owners or their firearms
  4. Extremely painful to shoot! definitely not a range gun . After firing 20-25 rds my wrist ached for three days(and I'm not a small guy ). Conceals great though. It's accurate enough. My wife hated it she said recoil was to harsh and hurt her hand as well .
  5. Mad_Squirrell

    new XD40

    my last XD had 3000+ rds through it and ZERO malfunctions
  6. What the real problem with fast and the furious scandal is that it was a clandestine attempt to prove to the world that there is a leak of legal U.S guns crossing the border and getting into criminals hands to prop up and gain congressional support for the U.N. small arms treaty which is essentially a global gun ban . Some have suggested that the orders for this operation go all the way to the White House .
  7. The possible end to the ATF <----- link to article here While the end of the ATF which is wrought with corruption from Waco,TX to the Fast and Furious operation/scandal needs to be removed or reduced in their role . It scares me to think what agency or who would be in control of regulation of small arms especially in this political climate . It's bad enough that we have an enemy within so to speak on our 2nd amendment rights . It's even worse if we can't see and watchdog the enemy.
  8. I have owned the lil Taurus PT738 and it is a great gun but painful to shoot after 20 rds I'm in pain after 100 my wrist is hurting for a couple of days. My wife shot it three times and said "I'd defend my self with it but I'm not shooting it anymore this thing hurts" . She is not a wimp either . Everyone that tried it said it was painful to shoot .
  9. Had one. It was reliable but inaccurate low left as everyone stated I could get all rounds 3-4" bottom left of bulls eye but never dead on so I sold it. I prefer a gun to hit what I aim at not close to where I aim . Plenty of flawless rounds down the pipe though.
  10. At least they were nice about the warning labels and put 'em on the under side of the frame and looking through the web pages it does not have an internal lock a padlock will be supplied
  11. Here it is Ruger® SR1911™ Centerfire Pistol Models GT distributors said the pricing they will have is $569.99 Press release : Ruger Introduces All American-Made SR1911 Pistol April 18, 2011 Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the Ruger® SR1911™, an "All American" classic rendition of John Browning's most famous handgun design. The public debut of the Ruger SR1911 pistol will take place during the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania April 29 - May 1. The single-action .45 Auto Ruger SR1911 features a bead-blasted stainless steel frame and slide, precision CNC machined for a precise slide-to-frame fit. The stainless steel barrel and bushing are produced simultaneously, from the same ordnance-grade barstock, for a precise fit and improved accuracy. The slide features rear cocking serrations and a dovetailed three-dot sight system with a Novak® rear sight and standard front sight. "We are very proud to offer a 1911 pistol, an icon of American gun design and manufacturing," said Ruger CEO Michael Fifer. "In this 100-anniversary year of the introduction of the Government Model 1911 it is only fitting that such a firearm be completely manufactured in America with all American-made components." The Ruger SR1911 pistol features a titanium firing pin and heavy firing pin spring, which negates the need for a firing pin block, offering an updated safety feature to the original "Series 70" design without compromising trigger pull weight. An extended thumb safety offers improved manipulation and an oversized beavertail grip safety provides positive function and reliability. A visual inspection port offers visual confirmation of a round in the chamber. Positive extraction is facilitated by an improved internal extractor. The plunger tube for both the slide stop and thumb safety is integral to the frame and will never shoot loose. The swedged link pin also will not shoot loose. The SR1911 uses a skeletonized hammer and an aluminum, skeletonized trigger with an adjustable over-travel stop. The Ruger SR1911 features a standard recoil guide system and flat mainspring housing. The Ruger SR1911 grips feature a Ruger logo in checkered hardwood panels. Each pistol is shipped with one 7-round and one 8-round stainless steel magazine, bushing wrench and a soft case. The SR1911 will fit currently available holsters. For more information on the Ruger SR1911 pistol, or to learn more about the extensive, award winning line of Ruger pistols, rifles, revolvers and shotguns, visit www.Ruger.com or see your local firearms dealer. To find accessories for the Ruger SR1911 or other Ruger firearms, visit www.ShopRuger.com. http://www.ruger.com/news/2011-04-18.html
  12. the last 686 i saw used(in a gun store) was a 6" vent rib version in like new condition ...........asking $720.
  13. Like this ?? found it on another forum thought it was funny thought id share
  14. I have to agree with memphis jim http://www.suresight.com
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVwecwGbEwk try this .he starts field striping it at around 4:40 into the video

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