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  1. My only experience is a box of .45 ACP that I've shot about 20 rds. so far out of. No problems so far. Its shot good for standard 230 gr. FMJ. Who knows though, it may be awful when I go back to the range. It is very cheap ammo.
  2. Yeah, glad you are ok. That sounds like it might've been bad.
  3. Congratulations Whiskey. Another good bird. I've still not had much luck. This is got to be my worst season in about 5-6 years.
  4. Should work just fine. Most Rugers are mighty strong.
  5. Sometimes in bolt action mags the follower spring will collapse a little and cause feeding problems. You can sometimes stretch the spring a little and try it. I've did this a few times with good results.
  6. Don't let it get you down to much. The first bird I ever shot at, I pulled to the right and hit him but, never found him. I was kinda upset for a while too. It happens.
  7. My luck hasn't been to good. Saturday was awful and Sunday wasn't a whole lot better. I did see a good gobbler Sunday evening and another one this evening but, neither one wanted to come to a call. They were both in a field struttin"
  8. Well, I got in a few minutes ago. Heard several this morning but, couldn't get set up right on any. Most were on property I don't have permission to hunt too. I stayed out till a little after 10:00 and couldn't get any to gobble. The wind has got up here, with hard gusts. Has anybody did any good this morning?
  9. I've shot a lot of cast over the years and in my experience if you keep the velocity at 1000 fps or so, and use good lube the leading is not all that bad. I don't cast my own. I was going to get set up for it and just never got around to it.
  10. A friend at work was helping out with a Easter egg hunt Sunday morning and heard several. He said they were "really jarring the tree tops".
  11. TWRA has a lot on its plate, but they have possibly made a problem with the hogs. I've heard of some landowners that will not let the 10 designated hunters hunt they're land. So, they are now complaining to TWRA about the hog problem, and TWRA now traps them for the landowner. Our stupid tax dollars at work I guess.
  12. Homeagain, I had a similar experience once a few years ago. a spike was chasing a doe and she sort of gave him the slip. She cut around the hillside and he stayed on the ridge top. Anyway I was in a makeshift blind too. He was coming at a good clip, and got to about 10 feet from me. I had to wave my arms to stop him from running over me.
  13. Let us know how you do. Maybe they'll gobble good today.

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