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  1. Yea it's a 7 shot 357. I've got a TRR8 as well, the 8 shot it awesome. No moon clips on this one though. I've been searching for Smiths to keep me from shooting my python too much.
  2. I picked up a 386 Hunter XL today, it's the scandium 6" 7-shot model. I got it for a pretty good price I think. I was trying to find another to compare price to but can't seem to find one. I didn't have time to shoot it before leaving work. So my questions are, who has one? How is it? I hate using this word, but how "rare" is this? Picture is attached for some gun porn.
  3. If you're ever in Clarksville on a Saturday, give me a buzz, I've got a Tac Sport Orange I'll let you try out.
  4. Haha yea, custom Catahoula hair. Damn dog is shedding its winter coat, I sweep up a rat worth of hair daily.
  5. I've been looking at those, mainly for my CZ since they want well over $100 for their 26 round mags. They make nice stuff, I had their mag bases on my SP-01. If you ever find yourself in Clarksville and want to try this out pm me before you head up. I work at an indoor range on saturdays.
  6. Mine came in today. Just picked it up. First impressions; I had to change the back strap but it comes with a total of 4 so there are options. I'll have to swap out the safeties for the smaller ones when I get home. Aside from the swaps of included parts it feels great in the hand and points well. Trigger pull is nice and crisp in single action and double action is similar to my Sigs. I'll have it at Tennessee Gun Country Saturday along with the CZ Tac Sport Orange if anyone is in the area and wants to try them.
  7. I've got one with the apex upgrade. I feel it's a necessary improvement on the pro series. I've had the performance center and core models, but I prefer the standard with the apex flat trigger. I never did like suppressor sights, couldn't get used to a red dot on top and porting wasn't necessary. For the money you can't beat it in my opinion. I prefer it to a Glock. This is the one that sits on my night stand.
  8. My only complaint with mine is that I have the tendency to hit the mag release when shooting it. I'm sure if I shot it as much as my other guns I could cure myself of it. The extended magazines are a must for me and the trigger leaves more to be desired. Taking into account what it's purpose is, it fills the role well.
  9. It's a great shooting pistol, you won't be disappointed. I just need to find time to shoot mine more. I had to take off the thumb rest on mine as well, my thumb didn't sit on it without changing my grip completely.
  10. Guess I got rid of something that's a little hard to get. Springer Precision has them in Orange, different shape though. http://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=320
  11. I have a citadel 9mm and a rock island, both great pistols in my mind under the $600 price point. I'm hoping to have my 6" 9mm finished by the end of the month. Slide work is all done, working on the frame now. Once my end is done it's off to the machinist for some barrel crowning.
  12. Thanks all, I've got an x-caliber on the wishlist at the shop I work at. I figured for my price it would be worth rolling the dice. I've already got guys at the shop calling dibs on my tactical sport orange if I decide to get rid of it. I will agree my CZ 75s I've owned have been well worth the money. I'm waiting for my 6" 1911 to get back from the machinist, couldn't afford to get the V16 BVD was selling as I was mid build on 2 1911 6" (one in 45 and one in 9mm), so I'm just making my own since I had a v10 sitting around to take measurements off of.
  13. I'm looking for thoughts on Grand Power pistols. In particular I'm looking at the K22 X-Trim and the K100 X-Caliber. I know it's a difference between a 9mm and a .22, but I figured for the price I could try either. I figured the K22 I could let the kids have fun with and plink suppressed and the K100 would be more for me. Your input is appreciated.
  14. I recently acquired a Tactical Sport Orange, I was on the fence as to spending the extra for the Orange model over the traditional Tactical Sport model. With a lot of the same features as the Czechmate, I didn't feel the need to spend the money for the Czechmate. I don't have any plans to run this as a competition gun since having 2 jobs leaves me little time to do competitions, my wife likes seeing me from time to time. One thing I didn't like was the Orange grips and mag base plates, so I cerakoted them black to match the pistol the day I got it. Overall I'm happy with the pistol as far as i
  15. Yes, I put in a couple of the charging handle, triggers and spring kits from HB Industries. The Carbine was the only one that gave me issues. Had to get their removal tool since the bolt is welded on or however they have it fixed in there. The pistol trigger cage came out no problem.


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