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  1. There is plenty to consider in this hawg hunters bundle... Cross Machine Tool upper and lower from right here in Tennessee. Bolt Carrier Group is from Young MFG , as recommended by CMT. Wilson Combat 350 Legend stainless barrel with adjustable gas block. STNGR handguard with Magpul K2 and MFT minimalist stock. Leupold RDS with bullet drop compensation turret. 22 boxes of assorted quality ammo and 3 extra 10 round mags. $2,250 Can meet middle TN around Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson areas. Please PM any questions. Smoky
  2. Calling seconds... if deal falls thru, i'll take it.
  3. Absolutely not. For me, being a Glock fanboy has never been an issue because of that weird grip angle. I tried to like them. Just too much forward tilt like High Standard and Woodsman 22s, Lugers and maybe Ruger 22s without target grips. Perhaps growing up with 1911s spoiled me with that natural grip so tilting a gun sideways and grabbing my junk just never set right. Sold them all.
  4. Lot of differing opinions on this but i am not a fan of super strong springs unless running +P rounds. If looking at running hardball, a 14 should cycle reliably. Anxious to see what you end up doing. Please update.
  5. Yes, the magazine and backup sight comes with it like i received it. Reasonable offers considered.
  6. Just my thoughts... Very surprised to see all the diffrent caliber preferences. Granted, actual use not declared whether hunting or target but, imo, a great all around is the 308 Winchester. 500 yard steel targets ring out with regularity. On a good eye day, even the 4 inch swingers get action at that distance. For MOA fans, 150 grain ballistics is not a lot diffrent than a 5.56 in that a 100 zero gets a 2, 4, 7 or 11 MOA crank for 200, 300, 400 and 500 yard clang action. For me, hunting past 300 is not ethical. Really, 250 these days since my eyes just don't make the grade anymore. Harvesting good meat is what matters so a magnum blaster up close is just not required. In fact, that was one of the reasons i went tinkering with the 350 Legend and 458 SOCOM. 150 yards is a cakewalk for both of those calibers but no farther. So overall, the 308/7.62x51 rules around my camp for an all purpose go-to. Smoky
  7. ACSS optic not available now so my prices adjusted accordingly... $750 with upgraded Raptor ambi charging handle or $700 with standard handle. Can meet near Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson. Smoky
  8. SOLD *** Optic was also sold separately *** The Palmetto State Freedom rifle came with Magpul MOE furniture, a nickel boron BCG, tight fitting receivers and a stainless 5.56 NATO barrel. Excellent condition... $750 with upgraded Raptor charging handle or $700 with standard handle. Can meet near Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson. Smoky
  9. Absolutely! If i'd have received it from an online purchase, pout-lip would have been redefined, fer sure. It's just i had been waiting so long for the .308 and got pumped quick then the shine got knocked off instantly. Yeah, the others out there are probly not hangups. Honestly, that's the whole purpose of speaking up... check out the weapon before dropping the cash on the table.
  10. For a few days now, my lower lip been quiverin like a kid whose ice cream fell off the cone. Now that a tear is forming, i figured it best to ventilate to those who can understand. Ain't no pity party at the house. The story begins with a trip to the range then a boondoggle around middle TN countryside. Found that we was real close to Outpost Armory's new store soooo, why not. Went to check it out. WHOA!!!! A 2020 Waypoint in .308 even. I have been looking for one of these in stock for two years now and here it is. Yahoo, right? Not so fast... Asked for help and the fella was on it answering questions. The feel of this masterpiece was spot on what i expected. Looking over the shelves trying not to let wifey know i was in buying mode. Umph, too late, she saw my glazed over look already. Next, that magical enlightenment was wiped off my face when i opened the bolt. WTH?!? It stuck! Unbelievably, the bolt was not like the fine piece of engineering smoothness i had envisioned. After repeated attempts to finaggle the bolt to and fro, there was most definitely a zone of no-go. No eazing or sliding. Had to hold vertical and jiggle it to open. Handed the rifle back to the guy helping me and with a heavy snatch it opened first time. I don't run my rifles like that. What a turn off to see such a rifle having to be man yanked to function. Going into battery position was no diffrent. For the kind of money they be asking, a guy should not have to get out the rubbing compound to slick up the action. Needless to say, i done got the pout lip real bad. Any of you ever come across an issue like this one? It's like they gobbed extra Cerakote in there or something. Input on a Tikka T3X A1 welcome.... I'm off the Waypoint. Smoky
  11. Stainless Kimber .45acp that shoots great! Has a few upgrades: Cylinder and Slide trigger, beveled mag extension and flat bottom Kimber USA grips. $1,200 Probly had 500 flawless rounds thru it. Can meet in middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview or Dickson. Please post an "I'll take it" or PM any questions you may have. Thanks for looking.
  12. SOLD PENDING MEET Ruger AR-556 with very tight upper/lower fit. No rattle. Comes with Vortex 3-9 on PEPR mount. Backup sights included. $1,300. Can meet middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson.
  13. SELL/TRADE PENDING MEET Fulton Armory M14 with an illuminated Leupold 2-7 on an Arms18 mount. Over time, it's been a great combo of old school cool with modern function. Great shooter. $3,250 Can meet middle TN... Spring Hill, Fairview, Dickson.
  14. Forgot to mention a spare AICS 10 round MagPul magazine will be included with the rifle. Trade interest: 17HMR, 44mag.
  15. TRADING... PENDING MEET. Bought this lightweight Cross .308 for a big huntin trip that did not work out. At this point, I do not need it so selling for about what I have in it... $1,650. Can meet around middle TN area... Dickson, Spring Hill, Columbia.
  16. So THAT'S the reason i'm tinkering with carbon fiber stuff. I knew there had to be a reason. Smoky MY FAVORITE M1A/M14 TWEAKS AND TIPS CARBON FIBER STOCK FROM BULA DEFENSE
  17. The promo code CYBER25 just worked for me... $72 OFF! Thanks for the heads up! I been looking at the Miami Classic for years. Smoky MY FAVORITE M14 TWEAKS AND TIPS
  18. Totally agree with that. I had a Kahles on an SSG back in the 80's and that sucker went thru some rough times and never lost zero. It took a 3-wheeler fall with me and developed a fog inside. Called up the distributor at the time and they swapped it out for new one. Diffrent reticle but brand new. Nothing but good things about the brand from me. Smoky MY FAVORITE M14 TWEAKS AND TIPS
  19. Totally agree on 350 Legend availability. Not a lot of users... yet! It is catching on though. Folks are starting to realize the 30-30 power in an AR. Biggest hangup i had in the beginning was the mags. Went Duramag after that and found they work flawlessly. Yeah, technically, not a "big-bore" BUT it's bigger than a .223 with way more umph. Smoky MY FAVORITE M14 TWEAKS AND TIPS


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