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  1. Lighten up, Barbara. I was only kidding about it being time for G.H. to go before the death panel.
  2. Not to be a ghoul or whatever you would call it but... White County (Sparta) may be looking for someone. I heard one of their guys in the Sheriffs Dept. passed away. I don't have any details but the source is reliable.
  3. If you can do it and not toss your breakfast, pull up images of Bloomberg. That guy has a bad case of Crazy Eyes. I look at him and all I see is 'nut job'.
  4. What does Haslam have that Corker and Lamar want?
  5. This is one of the comments taken from Alexander the Traitor's FB page. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read it.   "Tennessee expected You to stand up to Harry Reid. You stood just high enough to put your head up his butt. What a disappointment."
  6. It will be interesting to find out what Corker was promised while he was kneeling under the dinner table worshiping in the lap of Obama instead of standing with Rand Paul during the filibuster.
  7. FB was a pit before it went public last May. I consider it  the Detroit of social media so I am not the least bit surprised by any content posted there.
  8. When we get off the trains which line do you think they'll put you in? The 'able to work' line or the 'shower' line?
  9. You have to read the comments under the auction. Hilarious! Someone asked if the paper was standard photo paper or if it was soft enough to wipe with. :rofl:
  10. The gentleman can afford a pistol for his own personal collection and an AR15 to give away but he can't afford a decent dog leash to gift to his step daughter. It is because of this kind of 'self-centered, everything is about me' attitude that causes Baby Sea Lions to be senselessly murdered in broad daylight.     Hey Mark Kelly - just because you are a media hound it does not make you a good dog handler.
  11. Wouldn't work - they would only pull the plug on it that day. The best way to twist their tails is to call in continuously over time to keep the pressure on them. Heck it is an 800#, it is their dime so call, and call often!
  12. Congratulations to you and your wife! Is your wife doing OK? If Riley is in NICU it probably wasn't exactly a day at the beach for her.
  13. Even if the sequester will cause budget cuts, from my understanding, it is a reduction of less than 5% from the budget for next year or maybe the year after. There is absolutely no reason to have these situations now. In a year - maybe. The lying, slime eating, gut sucking prick, Harry Reid actually had the gall to say the sequester was the reason for the accidental death of the 7 Marines from a mortar explosion in Hawthorne, Nevada. The whole bunch makes me sick.   :tinfoil: I believe the reason Reid rolled over on the AWB has nothing to do with his worrying about the careers of politicians in red states or that the AWB will not have enough votes to go to the house; I believe the administration is going to try to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty to let the UN try to deal with the dissidents. :tinfoil:
  14. My Walmart has had the 3 box limit since the beginning of February. The shelves are still bare. On a brighter note: Dunham's got in a couple buckets of 1600ct 22LR. They were gone in a matter of minutes, but they did get them. I'll take it as a good sign.

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