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  1. 100 Yards...shot a coke bottle off the top of a 4" x4" post. Ruger MKIII Hunter. GREAT HANDGUN!!!
  2. Ditto on Tri Cities Gun Depot. Good selection, great prices and Excellent service. You would hard pressed to find better guys to do business with. I have purchased all but 1 of my handguns there.
  3. I saw where Bass Pro Shop has the Baretta 25th anniversary edition M9 for $599. I am not complaining but compared to what I paid for mine this is a very good deal! I purchase mine when they were first introduced so like most things when first out you pay a little more.
  4. 4 days? What calender are you looking at? When a company keeps telling you the order has shipped and should arrive any day for over 1 month I would consider this being jerked around. Especially when come to find out it had not even shipped. The intention of the post was to simply forewarn TGO members of a potential issue with this company.
  5. FYI to those who may be thinking of ordering from Falco Holsters. I ordered an IWB holster for my Baretta Px4 SC on May 2nd. I was told 7-10 days shipping. I followed up on the order a few times and finally cancelled the order after being jerked around for about 2 weeks. If they have this much trouble living up to their promised ship dates it is hard to tell when I will receive my refund.
  6. Damon, head over to Tri Cities Gun Depot in Elizabethton. They have a good selection for about any budget, great prices and excellent service. If you leave there without making a purchase you are one of the very few who does
  7. It is a Colt Combat Target. One owner. purchased new in 1997 and it looks brand new. No scratches or wear of any kind. If think I can get it for around $650. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the information. Hopefully I will actually get to see it tomorrow. I will keep you posted.
  9. I would like to preface this post by saying I wished I had more/specific information to convey. I have been offered a Colt Combat (my buddy purchased it new about 25 years ago) and has never carried it and put maybe 500 rounds through it and has 5 magazines for ther gun. He is not sure the exact model but thinks it is a combat. I asked him if was a Commander or what and he says it is not. I am sure he has kept it in his safe and has not picked it up in years so I can understand the lack of details. Given what little information given, would any of you guys or gals have any insight on reasonable asking price, etc.? I will be taking a look at the pistol in the next few days and will post more information. Thanks Okay, I just received a phone call. The pistol was purchased in 1997. It is actually a Colt 1911 Combat Target.
  10. These shrooms are great! mix up a little corn meal batter, a few spices and deep fry these thing...yummy yummy. I have also heard them referred to as dry-land fish. I guess because of the taste. How do you guys fry 'em up?
  11. I recently purchased a Baretta Px4 Storm SC so I thought I would try the Kholster as I have heard lots of good things about them. I paid $50 for the holster and 2 days later they were on sale for $35 (if I recall correctly). It seems someone could have informed me of the upcoming sale. The holster came in last week while I was in west TN so I was anxious to get home to try it out. I opened up the packaging and thought wow this thing is huge for an IWB holster. So I got the Baretta out of safe and tried to insert into the kydex and had to litterally force it into place. Removing the gun was even more difficult. I contacted Kholster and Jimmy said to take a heat gun or a hair drier to soften the kydex and see if that would help. After about 15 minutes I was able to adjust the fit pretty good. I then tried the holster with several different pairs of pants to determine comfort and concealability. I could not find a good combination that is going work for me so the Kholster will be going back. I do give props to Kholster for suggesting the hair drier trick as well as their 90 unconditional money back guarantee. I am sure there are plenty of folks who love their Kholster and that is great. It just did not work for ME. With all that said does anyone have any recommendations for a leather, IWB holster for the Baretta Px4 Storm SC? Also while we are talking holsters, what about one for the Sig Sauer P238 tactical. This is the one with the laser. Thanks
  12. You might want to check out the Ruger SR9c. I went with the Baretta Px4 Storm SC. It is a little wider than most SC's but it does not bother me.

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