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  1. Can't speak to the newer generation of the xd, but I have an original xd sc .40 for the last 13 years or so. Closes to 5k rounds through it and not a hick up, it's a tank and my go to carry
  2. I know this is old, but I had them do an FFL transfer for me from gunbroker. Picked it up today, $25 for the transfer background check included. Couldnt find anybody close to that in the area. In and out in 20 min.
  3. theres also an option in google maps, sub app, called google latitude. you sign up with your gmail account and all of your friends, co workers, family do the same. then every time you go into google maps, it will display the locations of everyone who is signed in at the time.
  4. 3years personal use, 1 year business use on sprint. It was fine in JC for the personal use. We had great coverage in JC. Didnt work anywhere else. Switched to verizon in 02 and have loved every minute. Used sprint nextel at work and had nothing but problems with their service. As mentioned above dropped calls and missing emails. Think long and hard about switching.
  5. First things first. turn off power, remove "line" side from GFCI. cap the neutral and hot and turn on the power. remove nut on hot (black) and check volts to ground. if no power, do the same for the "load" side of the GFCI. The "Line" side should be your hot. a lot of electricians get this wrong and ruin the outlet. it will not reset, if you put in the new GFCI like the first, wrong, then it will not reset properly either. if neither wire has voltage then you can test continuity by wire nutting the hot and ground on one side (with power off) and checking at the panel to make sure you don't have a break. check again by wire nutting the neutral and ground. Let me know from here if all is well, my credentials are 6 years of trouble shooting electrical systems in residential and commercial.
  6. Just wanted to say this is a great place to break some clay! great course and even better people. First time up there and they walked us around and explained all the rules of the games. took my dad and grandfather, we had a great day. very reasonably priced as well. $6.50 per 25. Keep track of your rounds fired, that's how they charge. they apologized for the skeet course having messed up concrete, but i was still impressed. 45 min drive from the heart of chattanooga, but it goes by fast. Highly recommend!
  7. what's a round consist of? do you have to buy ammo there or can you bring your own? clays as well, can you bring your own?
  8. I love this thing! no cheek trauma. only shot 30 rounds as my dad brought his new/old colt python .357mag he just bought and we had fun with that beast. i'm still not sure about the cheek pinching part. i tried my best to figure out how this could happen. does it get pinched on the extension tube, where the stock slides out? or when the gun recoils into the pistol grip?
  9. just a little sarcasm, along with the aliens....
  10. UPDATED! new knoxx stock. lost my shell holder, but if i like the stock i will get the one from blackhawk
  11. installed last night, took all of 5 minutes. love the adjust-ability. fits my wife great now, pistol grip allows better control for her. i'm gonna put 100 shells down her today and get back with my opinion. If the recoil feature turns out to be a bad thing, i will give the NRS version a try.
  12. As far as the lines, coax (RG6 quad) for tv service, cat5e for phone and internet. smart grid will actually run through the meter base. doesn't matter if you have their service or not only if you have their power. it's all wireless and piggy backs off of those that do have the service. it's pretty awesome technology. it's pretty scary technology.... as far as the controlling of AC and other appliances, controls would have to be installed in your home ie; wireless smart thermostat, smart water heater... the idea is to have controlled "brown outs" at times when people don't even notice the power is off. of course this will lead to "demand" pricing like cellphone providers used to charge (or still do??); peak and off peak. could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, definitely takes away choice. to the ATT outages, they are bringing in "Uverse" which is their fiber to the home. they are upgrading and repairing all over the city. it's not going to be as far reaching as EPB due to the age and breadth of their current network, but it will offer competition in some areas. EPB's "ring" around their service area has many redundancies to prevent outages. of course the internet is an interconnected network of servers so speeds and dependency is up to the load on the individual server you are attempting to access. i can do a speedtest on EPB's network and simultaneously ping a speakeasy server in atlanta and get 4 completely different speeds. my speeds within EPBs network have been rock solid, out of network it depends on user load/time of day. that's what's great about fiber to the home, the bandwidth is all mine, i'm not sharing it with my neighbor when they get home from work.
  13. Not true about all new everything. They will replace anything they need to replace for free. You get one internet line for free. If you want more networking done its 30 a line and you will need a router (not provided). If your existing phone lines are good they will hook them up, if not, you get one free. If you want any new outlets run its 30 a line. I had all new lines already so they hooked up pretty quick, about an hour. My neighbors took about 3. They said to have 4 hours set aside.
  14. I have it and love it. You'll get the speeds you pay for in network and out of network you usually get faster download speeds, slower uploads, typical. I run wireless on both my comps and get 12 down and 8 up. Comcast I never got over 4 and 1. We have the expanded service 72 channels don't need ANY boxes and there's about 9 sports channels! I love it, you also don't need a modem to always reset. We pay $98 after tax for the two services. When my promos expired at comcast my bill jumped to $120+tax. Ill never go back

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