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  1. Wife had an iPhone 3g 8gig. Only problem with hers was the memory. It wouldn't update some apps, like our CoPilot GPS app due to memory. My iPhone 3GS 16g, has no problems and I have a ton of crap that I don't need on it. No problem other than battery life and that's not that big of a deal due to my home charger, my computer charger and my car charger. She left hers at McAlisters a week or two ago and by the time we got back it was gone, one of their employees stole it. We are both eligilbe for the upgrade, she got the 4s for $100. I got the phone, put it on the computer, set it up with the new OS, synced, and it was back to where she was with the old phone, including the wallpaper. It just works. I'm upgrading once I start my job and I am going with the 5. I'll be getting a Lifeproof waterproof case for it. I drop them from time to time, I strap them on while running and riding mountain bikes. The waterproof thing is cool and necessary at times. I have an Otterbox for mine and it has paid for itself many many times! As others have mentioned, they just work.
  2. Older students yes, no tolerance if rules are broken. As far as emergencies are concerned, I don't worry about a shooting, I'm more worried about severe weather, even though both occurrences are statistically low that they would happen to you. I also like my oldest, 13, to have hers, since she does stuff after school, whether it is sports, extra studying, working on a project at a friends house, so I want her to have it then. If she can't bring it to school, then she doesn't have it then either.
  3. Always a classic! Good stuff!
  4. I believe the same tornado outbreak sent one through Cullman, just east of the downtown area and absolutely destroyed it. It was weird going through there this winter and there were no where it went along the top of this ridge line.
  5. Seems like my intent of my statement is not being clearly communicated. Say the kid goes to a wrestling match, he sees the move, he learns the move and uses it. Or he sees someone driving a car, he sees them using the brakes, the gas pedal, the shifter, he steals a car, but has never driven one, but has seen it done. We all learn from things we see, this kid is no different, that's all I'm saying. NO video game or tv show made this kid do anything. The evil that this kid has endured is from his environment and this kid is acting out the way he is raised.
  6. Let me try to explain my comment a little better. The video game/movie thing is not the cause, it might have a contributory effect on actual actions to do. That back kick for example. They can learn wrestling/fighting moves from TV/video games. The evil in this kid was learned first hand, this kid lives in that kind of violence from the people around him in his environment. His mother, father.mothers boyfriend, other family members, friends of the family. I also don't believe that the tv/video game cause folks to do this kind of thing. It just gives them techniques to use in their evil.
  7. IMO, video game/movie violence is just a part of the problem or acts as a catylist to most people. It is the lack of adult role models in their lives, or a distorted view of them or what they are seeing. This kid is living this violence and that violence is toward him and to others around him. The video game or movie or TV just gives him ideas on how to let out his aggression. This kid is living it.
  8. Cullman is a pretty cool town. Go on a retreat there at St. Bernard Abby there every year. And now you can buy beerthere, even in the grocery stores! Up until this year, you were in a dry county!
  9. That kid has been subjected to this type of physical violence himself, by viewing it on tv or video games, and by watching what his "role model's" do and how they act. That violence is his way of life. Kid will go to juvenile detention or something, become more hardcore, go in and out until they can't hold him any longer due to his age, then he will be going to the pen for life. The question is how many people is this kid going to hurt or murder between now and when he is put away for life. This is a sad way to look at it, but this is all this kid is going to know in life due to his environment. The thug mentality is like a disease and the only way these kids know how to fit in is act like thugs. It is a vicious circle, there are very few that will break away from it. The only way would be if he didn't go back to that environment, but he probably won't and the damage might have already been done and won't be able to turn it around unless he is removed and gets massive amounts of re-programing...err therapy. That video is sickening.
  10. Here is ole Mitt's official stance on Gun Rights
  11. Saw a 2nd round fired after a squib (hand load) destroy a S&W J-frame. Bent the frame above the cylinder, broke the cylinder, barrel wasn't straight anymore. Hurt his hand a little, but nothing serious, mostly soreness. I was working at the range and he was also an employee.
  12. Wow, that is horrible. Prayers for all involved.
  13. Had an old 44 mag round that was a bit delayed and way underpowered. Thought I might have had, and probably almost did, have a squib. Scared me a bit. Yep. I've shot some practice reload stuff made locally and have had a few of those in the XD. Tap/rack/bang and keep on moving.
  14. db99wj


    We go through the Wii in the den, Apple TV in my bedroom, computers are hooked up, my iphone and kids ipod touches are. If we could all watch at once, we would never talk to each other! I bought a Bluray player this weekend that has all of that capability but I have to buy a wireless adapter to put in the back of it for it to work. Damnit and all its fine print. I hate using the Wii mainly because I hate the remote.
  15. db99wj


    THey do have a lot of movies on that plan (streaming), but it is still limited. And from what I understand, to get the better movies, you need to sign up for the DVD deal....another $7.99 per month. The streaming plan is around 25% of what they actually have, which is still a lot considering they are readily available for streaming download. I got it this weekend and watched The Expendibles, but was disappointed when I started looking for some other movies, like the Bourne Identity movies, etc. My kids watched about 10 movies over the weekend, so we are ahead of the game. And you can cancel at anytime which helps.
  16. That's what I'm thinking, that he isn't expecting to be hit and if he would have been, it would at a minimum slowed/stopped the massacre and sent him possibly running or stunned long enough for other actions.
  17. The thing I have thought about regarding sensory overload is that, yep, you have a movie, dark, loud, lots of action, then add smoke, gun fire, and everyone running chaotically. How would you get a clear shot, it would be very hard to get a clear shot, unless you were right next to the shooter. My immediate goal would be to do what it takes for me and/or my family to get home. That might mean hitting the floor, under seats, crawling out, ready to shoot if confronted. I also have thought about the whole body armor thing. This guy has never been shot, more than likely. He wasn't expecting to get shot during this, he is probably smart enough to know, no one would have, or at least the odds are against someone having a gun on them, due to the signs! He had the armor on due to the possibility an off duty cop was there or for afterwards. I would imagine, and I have never been shot, but if he would have received a round or two to the chest, it would have stunned him long enough for more action to stop him to take place. Maybe I'm wrong, and the body armor eliminates the impact of the bullet enough that you don't feel much, but maybe somebody here know??? Overall, not sure if a person carrying could have done much, but I would rather have a fighting chance than no chance at all like these people.
  18. That is unfortunate........for the kids. As for the rest....good.
  19. Lots of great advice except for the whole road bike stuff! Get a mountain bike!!! Just kidding. Fit is, in my opinion, the most important thing. Fit will make it more comfortable, along with a pair of padded shorts that feel weird walking around ,but do a lot on the bike, until your body gets use to the seat. My old mountain bike, I couldn't stand riding, changed seats, etc, never could make it comfortable, so I didn't ride for years. I grew up on a bike, BMX/street stuff, so my love for bikes was there, just couldn't get into it due to hurting the next day. Decided to get a new bike, wanted to do some duathlons and work my way up to some triathlons. Got the right bike that fits and I can go for hours without any problem, and really without the padded shorts, although they still do help a little bit. My point, even though I'm not a roadie, is that fit is where it is important, if it doesn't fit well and you are uncomfortable, you won't stick with it and you have basically just paid full price for a good deal for the person who buys it from you.
  20. Something about Crocs, once you wear down the sole/grip, get new ones, quickly, you will bust your aass, hard.
  21. Two kinds of people in the world, those that love crocs and those that hate them. The ones that love them, own a pair. Those that hate them, have never owned a pair. Actual statistic may vary, but this is a consensus of data summarized into two statements. They are great around the house, yard, beach, lake, fishing, jet ski, running to the store.
  22. Someone breaks into my house, I will deal with the fact that I had something to drink later, and be glad that I am able to deal with it....later. Oh, going out to have a drink with friends, no carry. I carry, I believe in the right to carry, I believe in being prepared, however, I am not going to become a slave to it. If I want to do something and I can't carry in that particular place due to the law, I won't carry.
  23. Show before and after pictures in High school health class, right after that old drivers ed video that is probably too harsh to show anymore. That will teach them.
  24. Here is a few pics that I took over on Reelfoot Lake's Walnut Log area. I like them, I hope you enjoy!


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