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  1. When I got banned from here by Enfield the queer I joined the FN FAL files seeing as I had just bought a BGS kit. I have come to realize that this forum is filled with a bunch of flower picking sissies who cannot take a joke, wimper at the slightest hint of a heated debate and show a habitual inability to make decisions of their own volition. I am embarassed to be a member of this group of ass-clown sissies, please ban me forever and delete my entire history, all posts, threads, and any related material. What a disgrace to Manhood. Most Sincerely and with great conviction. R Jolly:wave::up:
  2. For the love of GOD you ass-clown. Really, what is wrong with people like you...CALL THE LOCAL PD YOU MORON!!!!
  3. The Truth aye...You can't handel the truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce8CgJRkr_I&feature=related
  4. Roger That. I must say, your state of readiness is admirable and should prove to be very effective should the POOP ever hit the fan. Thanks for the clarification, I may institute a similar plan of action.
  5. All I got to say is thank goodness for the "stop loss". Dumped all i had before I started going backwards. Im hoping it will plummit to $20.00 then I can buy back in and make a wad. Current price: 24-hour Spot Chart - Silver
  6. aint that the truth!! And here all this time I thought I was all alone..........
  7. Heh, you are judged not by who much you say, but rather on the merits, value and validity of WHAT you say. And oh, don't forget, Anything you say CAN and WILL be used aginst you.
  8. Why not just buy some silver and win a whole lot more than a silver eagle. We bought 3k worth in Feb., when it gained 15 bucks in less that 2 months we bought 12k more. I am currently trying to learn how to benefit from the silver futures market. Stop playing aroud and get serious it is still, VERY affordable. Just friggin do it already.
  9. Well if thats the case then all people from the UK are bloody Brits, specially the ones from Northern Ireland, Oh Shoot is a Zealous and Pious Baptist Preacher cause he was born in the Bible Belt, (i recon so at least), and everyone who commented on "Prince Poppycock" thinks he is the shiznit to be emulated hero of the Stars and Stripes. And, Mike357 is in league with Enfield commiting subterfuge and reconnoitering there asses off for their weekly meetings with Kissinger, Obama and G. Gorden Liddy. OR, all Europeans are a bunch of ignorant buffoons who parrot everything they here; or mabey they simply use vague generalities cause they just dont know any better. At any rate, the ubiquitous "They", can call me anthing they like, and I dont give half a horses buttocks; because I know I am a GD redneck ass Heretic who has Lots O Bibles in multiple languages and countless other observations and opinions in them thar Book things. THUS, I got my own opinion of just whats goin on round here so just carry the F on if you don't mind....lesson if theres sumthin I ken do fer ye that is?:screwy:
  10. I thought we already had this discussion a couple of months back didn't we? Yea, thats right, I got the boot for "going off" on Jamie and now enjoy the reputation of being a half cocked loose screw balderdash. Being underestimated has many advantages. Yankee is a "State of Mind". If your a city dwelling gimbus who doesn't know how to plant a garden and has no interest in such things, if you don't own a chainsaw and hate the woods then there is a good chance your a Yank. There are untold southern bred "necks" who are Yank to the core, likewise there are plenty of northern born and bred yankees whou would be right at home in the woods, brewin some shine and have the independant, "rebel" DIY spirit.
  11. Seven...eight ...four er,,uh..niner then ahhhhh. Please then, explain it to me, so that I may be enlightened, and as wise as you are.
  12. "Odd; that's the same view the Pharisees had of the early church following Jesus."-Steelharp Er,..Uh, whaaat?? You are comparing my view of FOX News nonsense to the pharasees view of Christ and the early church. SOOOOOO by that line of logic...YOU view FOX News as the Gospel friggin TRUTH... as utterd by JC himself, is that Correct??? What I am saying is READ A BOOK,then READ ANOTHER ONE,study some history, go to the LIBRARY, practice thinking logically, think from the opposing point of view and put yourself in others peoples positions....etc,etc It aint got squat to do with no pharasees, sadducees, essenes, gnostics, coptics, hooptics or pooptics!!
  13. ;) Nice try, you think you can draw me into a tirade of blasphemous and heretical nonsense. So you can dispense with me once again. I have tasted death and it was lonely, and a bit drab:drama:. Arguing amongst yourselves like a bunch of hens, TURN IN YOUR MAN CARDS!!!
  14. It’s like this really. If you take your ques in life from television personalities. If base your opinions and or actions based on what these news and or TV personalities say/think. Well then have fun with your delusional, half cocked, misinformed, misguided and otherwise fubard excuse for a life. BTW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhlWddAXSRA

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