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  1.   Wow. I can't even imagine how nasty and dangerous the cleanup operation must have been!
  2. Thanks, never heard that story before.   The article says the criticality lasted 20 minutes or something. Do you know how they sqelched it? Something like pump part of the HEU out of the barrel?   Or did it just melt out of the barrel and then disperse on the floor or something?
  3. One thing I liked was all the "oddball characters" in the show. And that nobody had acceptable body hygiene except matt and maybe kitty. Most folks walked around covered in months of grime. Matt probably didn't have to worry about getting snuck up on, because he could probably smell em from the next county over.
  4.   East St Louis was a mess when I lived in the outlying burbs of that vicinity, as a kid in the late 1950's.    Maybe historical research would be useful to discover in what historical era that East St Louis first began to suck? Surely it wasn't intentionally designed to be a hellhole beginning from the first moment of its founding?   When we lived in IL, old dad oft expressed a theory which he probably did not routinely divulge to natives-- According to dad-- In the pioneering days, the smart people stayed on the east coast, and the brave people moved to the west coas
  5.   If all a gadget needs internally happens to be 5 V then probably not a problem with a single battery, even with analog voltage regulators. Ferinstance, the 7805 spec sheet claims that input voltage needs to be >= 7.5 V to maintain regulation. If a 12 volt battery has been drained down that low, then the poor battery might possibly have permanently gone to heaven for its just rewards. :)   I'm so out of date, dunno what folks use nowadays. Dunno the capability of cheap off the shelf new components.   Was thinking of the situation of building a regulator to knock down du
  6. On OOKLA Speedtest, EPB Fiber Optics at my house, today about 3 pm--   Ping: 14 ms Download: 94.06 Mbps Upload: 94.43 Mbps
  7.   Thanks, that is a good point re just using a small always-on smart charger and a deep cycle battery. A possible complication, or alternately I'm overthinking it-- Something on the order of 13.3 V is nominal full-charged car batt. It is doubtful that 13.3 volts (or whatever) would be too high a voltage for typical 12 V computer devices, as they have voltage regulators inside them. However, if the power goes out and the battery has run long enough to sag to 11 volts or lower-- Dunno how low the input voltage could sag and still keep happy a router or a hard drive enclosure? Also perhaps
  8.   If only that were so! :)   edit: Since I started using UPS on all the puter gear, the incidence of mysterious computer crashes "out of the blue" have reduced to zilch. Modern OS don't crash so much anyway, but I started using UPS back in Win98 era. It even cleared up most of the Win98 crashes I was getting. Giving indirect evidence that a certain percentage of "out of the blue" crashes are due to nasty power.
  9.   Am not arguing, merely adding $0.02-- The working innards of telephone exchanges may be different nowadays, but from the very beginning until at least not very long ago, the primary power supply for telephone exchanges was HUGE DC battery banks, and the AC power was used to keep the battery banks up. That is because the system was designed to run on that DC on the lines. So if the AC failed but there wasn't anything wrong with the phone net, then the phones would stay up until the battery banks would discharge. And as you mentioned, they usually had backup power to charge the batteries
  10. Sorry, sounds painful.   Though you most likely can't profitably sue yerself for spilling hot coffee, maybe you can sue the coffee pot mfgr. Or possibly you could sue yourself then the house insurance would have to settle for a large sum to cover your accident liability to yourself! Including extra sums for pain and suffering and negligence. (just being silly)
  11. If I had no other choice but to use comcast to access the interwebz, then I would give up the interwebz.
  12. Long ago, was on the road playing a club in Galesburg IL of all places, and the sign said, "Out of my way, I've got to drain this beast!"
  13. Companies have the right to set selling policies within certain regulatory bounds of which I'm woefully ignorant. On the other hand, in some situations have seen in other markets, non gun markets, franchises appeared to be non-competitive and lead to "unnecessarily high" prices and limitations for customers.   So, though it is the company's biz within legal bounds to set sales policies, if this is a franchise squabble then it is difficult to get too scandalized over it. Maybe "breaking the rules" led to lower prices for some consumers?   OTOH, companies seem to get bent out of sh
  14. So this is a pricing issue where guns were sold legally but in ways that broke the company's official franchise policies? Who exactly were harmed except maybe consumers who paid "too much"?    I'm probably missing the point entirely.   Wouldn't it be glock most likely mad at its employees for privately profiting on broken franchise policy? Or distributors who are mad because they didn't get the cozy deal?
  15.   I'm a complete idjit on hunting, always was. When attending high school in valdosta in the 1960's, the local farm boys would hunt hog and tell me about it. I never went along to watch. That was way before hog hunting was kewl or ted turner ever bought a big hawg hunting estate down in them parts.   I just recall that they would use shotgun slugs, and they made sure to be purt close to a tree to climb. And it wasn't unknown that they would have to climb a tree. The pine trees down there in them parts don't hardly have any limbs lower than 10 or 20 feet, so I always imagined that


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