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  1. any clue as to where to get one ? i cant find em anywhere unless there $600
  2. dont ask to see the ksg. wont take it off the wall.
  3. i think for the price of the pistol u are looking at that u should just save a little longer an get the mp5 clone. i would like to have a mp5 an a uzi but decided to sbr a 9mm ar15 so that i can later down the road switch calibers if i decide i want to. for the tax stamp i think the ar15 platform is the only way to go!!
  4. well if u are just gonna sell the upper then i dont understand the question?
  5. sell the upper. sell the stock. put the rest up in the safe an then u will have it.
  6. thanks dolomite. dang alley cat. little bit closer call than mine!!
  7. well i guess i can now add to the been shot list.... i went to the range a few weeks ago with my grandpa to shoot some bolt actions. i took along my ar15 since he hasnt shot one before besides when he was in the military which was wen the m16 first came into service. i was shooting at a paper target an had a failure to feed. i cleared the round and continued. at the end of the mag i ask Papa if he picked the ftf round up as i was looking for it on the ground. he said ya an handed it to me. after inspection i put it in the gun. it the bolt release as the empty mag was still in the magwell. i
  8. bigwakes that is the funniest thing i have read in a while. to funny!!
  9. damn i need lessons on how to do this kinda stuff. lol new gun on her day is awesome!!
  10. Yes Joe did the right thing. I have spoken with a few times after his leave from Hero Gear an have to say he is alot nicer guy now. honestly used to think he was quite an ******* but have become good friends with him in the past year or so. he has grreat ideas for his future but more so than anything has come to realize his role as a parent is #1. I know his daughter enjoys this also!!
  11. well with me being a local an not working due to being paralyzed 8-22-09 i used to b in hero gear daily. unfortuanately i do not go in there much anymore. from my personal opinion i have found that hero gear has lost there strive for customer satisfaction due to being under manned . everytime i go in there....Jeff is the only employee i see. He is A good friend of mine but will tell you just as he has told me that he prefers to be a 1911 builder an not a sales man. i have yet to see the new owner there. there was an older fellow that came thru wen i was there but after trying to speak 3 time
  12. Thanks!! your pendind mac 11 is definately badass. i see your from mid tn so anytime u wanna do some shootin hollar an maybe we can arrange a meet. let u try the sbr before you build....
  13. i have a few but nothin special.... 22/45 with mite 10/22 sbr with mite
  14. heres my Mite on my factory threaded 22/45. it is super quiet an good enough for me.


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