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  1. Own a Glock 34, 17, 19, and 43. So pretty much same gun except the 43 is obviously a little different. I say go for it.
  2. I agree that typical Hi-point buyers aren't online shoppers. I was just posting for people that are online and watching this thread. I am assuming the initial price of the hi-point will be right around $200 plus transfer fee and the Smith is $250 plus transfer fee and approx $15 bucks shipped. Once the price comes down to current C9 prices you probably will be sub 200 after transfer but right now at assumed prices I still think the Shield would be the better buy. For non online shoppers I can't help them, the hi-point will probably be one of the cheaper guns in the store. It's going to be hard to convince me that the hi-point is the better buy if it's around 200. Maybe a little cheaper but just not enough for me. Now when you start being able to pick them up for $100 I might change my mind.
  3. PSA has the S&W Shield 9mm for $250. Why wouldn't splurge the extra $50. Maybe street price will be lower. Glad that they are trying to improve though.
  4. I see this often and I could argue either way. While the price is pretty high what one person is willing to pay for something varies quite a bit. For me, I have no other real hobbies and married a sugar momma. So I buy a lot of impractical gun stuff. Is it 3x the performance for three times the price? Most likely not. However with most things high end there is diminishing return on investment like sports car price vs speed. Again for me, I felt like I was at a plateau of performance for example on a the 6 plate rack at 10 yards from low ready I average in the 4 second range with a factory Glock 17. With my Zev I average 3-4 seconds and touch the low 2s sometimes which never happened with the stock gun. Sure I could practice more with the stock 17 if it was my full time job and maybe touch those times. However I don't have that kind of practice time so I pay for mechanical advantages. For some people 3x the price might be worth even small incremental iimprovements. I do agree that it is likely not 3x performance enhancing and I will not be buying one. Idk, just rambling.
  5. Yeah so I have emailed them twice over the last week. I keep getting the auto response that they will get back to me in 72hrs. I have not heard anything else in 8 days. I do want to send my 34 in for the Taran Tactical John Wick treatment but its low on my priority list right now.
  6. Lol true. Approx $1500. Maybe not as flashy but solid. We run these in 300blk and sbr'd for work, tack drivers.
  7. At $1350 your creeping into Daniel Defense territory. I currently would go DD if I had the choice just given their track record. I'm sure the Saint would be reliable and serve well too though.
  8. I'm kind of into Gucci Glocks at the moment. I have a Zev Socom 17 and Raven 19. My 17 just sheared both mounting posts under the cover plate after about 18 months of ownership an several thousand rounds. I emailed them yesterday and waiting a response. I'm sure they will say I over torqued the screws but I know I didn't. Love Zev designs but currently seeing how this plays out until I could recommend them.
  9. I like this. Never owned an FN but this one peaks my interest.
  10. I had an early XD 45 a long time ago. That thing felt like it was a tank and never had a hiccup. I always was fond of the XD series despite abandoning it. If it didn't have the grip safety I think it would be a little more popular. $299 is a sweet deal for a solid gun.
  11. To be honest I thought it would be uglier. Still have no interest in it.
  12. I didn't like the color combo until I saw this pic. I don't think it looks that bad. So is the rumored 43x and 48 the same? I assume 43x will be 43 slide on 48 frame. So shorter slide than 48.
  13. I agree with David on the 43, it seems to be successful to me. I love mine and I could carry generally anything I want. Off-duty it is my go to weapon for EDC. I shoot it extremely well compared to others in the field. Capacity is adequate with the TT +2 or +3 basepads. I've tried the Shield, XD-S, and numerous others that I dont quite consider competitors as they are more pocket guns and haven't found one I like better. I am not one of the legit high speed dudes David mentioned but I have done a little bit that I feel I have an ok grasp of weapons and can generate a decent opinion of a firearm. I think the big 3 all put out solid handguns (M&P, XD-S, 43) that just come down to user preference. I have never told someone that bought one of these that they should have bought a 43 because realistically if they carry it, it shoots reliability, and they like it then that is what matters. I am sure the 48 will sell for numerous reasons. Fanboys will buy them because they are Glocks, some legit dudes will buy them for the incremental benefits over another gun they have, noobs will buy them because they will fill several roles with one gun. Like I said in an earlier post I could probably find a day or two that this size would be convenient. Currently funds go to optics and other builds but who knows I may pick one up and it just speaks to me to buy it.
  14. I guess the best attribute it has going is it's a slimmer gun that is easier to fight with given its bigger overall size over say a LCP. It's definitely a gun of compromises. I don't know why this gun is messing my brain up, lol. Everytime I look at it I think "I wish Glock would do something exciting that wasn't this". I don't know what they could do though either to excite me.
  15. I'm torn on this. I work plain clothes and carry both the Glock 19 w/XC1 + RMR and Glock 43 w/TLR-6. Usually in the summer I carry the 43 a little more based on my build and style of dress. Width of firearms generally is my biggest problem given my style of dress. I could see a very narrow niche this could fill for me as I like the extra length and imagine shootablity to be slightly better than my 43. Capacity is kind of irrelevant as I carry +2 and +3 Taran Tactical mags in my 43. But I guess an extra round or two would be nice. I don't know that this would solve any real problem that I cant work around with my 19 or 43 but I can see a very narrow use if I had one. Saying this I don't think I would buy one for the same reason I haven't bought a Glock 45/19x. I just can't justify the money for something I feel doesn't offer a substantial improvement over what I already have (G34,17,19,43). But if someone on here buys me one I would probably find a day or two in the year that it would be convenient to carry. So I guess in summary I'm just trying to say I don't think it's completely useless but also at the same time not very useful, lol.

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