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  1. cch2a

    What Scout Scope for Socom 16

    I like my Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x w/green triangle for this purpose. Fast close in and enough magnification for mid range using the tip of the triangle. I currently have it mounted on my 16" .308 AR.
  2. cch2a

    Glock 19 Holster Discussions

    I kinda feel the same way. Loved my Phantom LC holsters and now can't find one that does both IWB and OWB well. I run thier Morrigan holster for my 19 with XC1 attached and it's ok but you can't convert it to OWB and it doesn't quite hug your body like the Phantom does. Add in I'm left handed and holster shopping is horrible. Bravo Concealment made a pretty good Phantom copy but last I checked they stopped custom orders and discontinued left hand models to cut costs.
  3. cch2a

    TGO David's Gucci Glock Build - Gen 4

    I've recently become addicted to Gucci Glock builds myself. I have a Zev Tech Glock 17 Gen 4 Enhanced Socom and currently have on order a Zev Tech Glock 19 gen 4 Raven slide. It should be here Wednesday. I have an Agency trigger but have always gone back to just factory Glock triggers with a minus connector. The trigger is nice I just tend to like factory Gen 4 triggers as well.
  4. cch2a

    My FAVORITE 1911 EVER!

    That's an awesome looking 1911. I always wanted a Specialist and now I really want a Specialist Commander 9mm but can't justify it since I don't carry 1911s. Still have my SA Operator but it just sits in the safe even though it is my favorite handgun I own.
  5. cch2a

    Armor for small female

    I'll pm you as I'm not sure of the rules.
  6. cch2a

    Zev Tech Glock 17

    So I finally finished my Glock 17 gen4 minus the magwell. Specs: Zev Tech Socom complete slide in space gray DLC, threaded and dimpled barrel, Zev Tech lightweight extended striker, Zev Tech sights, RMR cut, Agency Arms drop in non adjustable trigger, and Taran Tactical +6 basepads. I also have e the co-witness iron sights if I ever put an rmr on it. Eventually want to put the Zev Tech magwell on as well. Shoots great and I messed around with spring rates/connectors because trigger was too light. Got it up to about 4.5lb now which is where I like it.
  7. cch2a

    Armor for small female

    Several companies make lightweight level III + steel plates now that stop 5.56 & 7.62. They generally weigh around 5.5 lbs a plate and are not expensive. III+ is not an industry standard rating I don't think but has been adobted by companies pitching plates to stop common rifle threats but not full on level IV.
  8. For sale is a Pioneer Arms AK with lots of upgrades. Gun has approximately 50-100 rounds through it. It has a Krebs KS-UFM extended keymod foregrip, Magpul folding adjustable stock, OD green Magpul Pistol Grip, PWS FSC30 flashhider/compensator. The entire weapon minus the stock was cerakoted Magpul OD green by Amendment2customcoatings. Comes with 2 x IO 30 round mags and 1 x Tapco 20 round mags. $550 FTF Spring Hill area.
  9. For sale is a lightly used Trijicon SRS with factory Bobro mount and Trijicon kill flash. This package new was about $1100. I used it on my backup carbine and it saw one carbine class. Glass is in excellent shape and everything works as it should. Still have the box minus some foam, owners manual, and tool. Selling as I went to a magnified optic for that rifle. $700 FTF Spring Hill area.
  10. For sale is a lightly used Gock 17 gen4 OD green frame with Trijicon HD night sights 2 x magpul magazines. $500.00 firm. FTF in Spring Hill area. Thank you.
  11. cch2a

    Sig MPX 9mm with Pistol Brace

    Man that is slick. I would definitely be putting one together if I hadn't just purchased a zev tech slide and in the middle of a .308 AR build. That is the best looking pdw stock I have seen on a MPX. To many things I want and not enough money.
  12. cch2a

    Is your favorite your go to?

    Nope. My favorite is my MC Operator 1911 my wife bought me for Christmas the year my daughter was born. My go to is my Glock 19 gen4 for daily.
  13. cch2a

    Magpul AR .300BLK Mags

    I'm currently running Lancer Advanced Warfighters so I don't mix them up with 5.56 pmags. These will be nice I'm sure but don't know if they are different enough for me to trust myself not to mix them up at the range. Guess I could mark them. I would be super pumped for a .300blk magpul d60 though. Did someone make some mag bands for marking mags on here?
  14. cch2a

    Wheel gun itch

    I always have a revolver itch because I just feel classy carrying one but I remind myself I can't shoot half as good with them as I can my Glocks/1911. Never get enough trigger time with them to feel comfortable with 6-7 rounds. Carried an SP 101 for a bit but always ended back up with my Glock 19. Maybe one day I will get back into a small carry revolver as I'm good enough for 10 yards and in, which off duty is the most likely as far as I would need to shoot. Great now you got me thinking I need a revolver again as I typed this post.
  15. cch2a

    1911 Extended Magazines

    I used the Chip McCormick 10 rounders on my MC Operator and worked great. 99% of the time though I ran the 8 round Wilson's just to cut down on size. The 10 round mags were simply for my SWAT rig but I eventually went back to my Glock 35. The MC Operator never missed a beat though. Congrats on the Kimber it is a very good looking gun. Coincidentally my wife also bought my MC Operator for my Christmas present the year my daughter was born.

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