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  1. They rock!! I own one and love it. I bought it when it first came out and never regretted it.
  2. so WTF, does this mean that we can not carry in a bar because one lone judge said so.
  3. This is by far the best show on TV. The finale is going to rock. But really it is going to end in the scum bags finding out their boss is a traiter and then killing him and then Jax will say something that will show he intends to dethrone Clay and that is it, but i will still watch.
  4. I can remember when I bought my first Sig, which was a German 226. After I shot it, I was addicted to them like heroin. I now have a BlackWater 226, Misquito, 1911 GSR (which has had most of the internals upgraded by Wilson Combat), P556 SWAT, and now the 229 Elite that COOP mentioned (which I am still dying to shoot, but have not made it to the range). I am getting an itch for a 220, but need to allocate money to more ammo and optics first.
  5. I love my Mexpedition. I use it as a diaper bag when I have the kids or a laptop bag when I am running and I am taking my Dell Mini. And I always have my 226 in the back pocket as well as 2 extra mags. Thanks
  6. I am looking at the pistol, but considering the rifle. I already own 3 ARs, so I was thinking to pistol for variety and then the option to SBR later. Has anyone tried sighting it at 50 yards? 100 yards?
  7. I am really interested in buying a P556 SWAT and was curious if anyone had any experience with these. Accuracy? Recoil? Overall Experience? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Sweet gun. I bought one when they first came out and put a nikon monarch on it. i was shooting 1.25" 5 shot from 250 yrds with it. I love the rifle and it is my most accurate rifle.
  9. Looks like 3 of us responded at the same time.
  10. No, this thing is dead and gone. It was introduced in 2000 and never went anywhere. The Blair Holt crap is not going anywhere either since it really only has one supporter. Here is a link i found about it and I remember this from before. SB-2099 - Tax on your guns or internet rumor? I do agree we need to watch out, but this appears to be a thing floating around that is not really happening.
  11. HanSolo

    Windows 7

    I have been running the final release from the msdn for about a week and love it. I have a solid state hard drive and have seen a huge increase in performance. 7 actually utilizes the speed of SS properly. The pinning of things to the tasj bar instead of having a quick launch has been a little different, but I am loving it now that I am used to it.
  12. I am on COD4 on and off. I will probably be on late 2nite. Tag is GunslingerSolo
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