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  1. PIcked up a new RDB a few weeks back. Literally picked it up the night before going out of town for 3 weeks. Finally got a chance to shoot it today. I love this gun, ergo's are surprisingly good. Only one FTE, but that was intentional, it was while i was tuning the gas system. Currently sporting a Burris AR 332 (3x prismatic sight), but will probably get swapped out for a 1x prismatic at some point. I think KELTEC has a true winner with this rifle. I've shot the original TAVOr, the X95, and a few other bull pups. Honestly I think i like this one more. Oh got it for a litt
  2. Put them in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. The lube should melt off and ride to the top.
  3. Spent the day with my kiddo.  My wife gaave me the 6 expansions for cards against humanity and the bigger blacker bock to put them all in and my daughter made me a hand-print card at church.  
  4. It's supposed to be on a 3 to 7 year cycle to a year that is divisible by 5. So if you're 29 and renew it would be 6 yrs. Of you're 22 it would be 3. It is pro rated at around $12.50 a year.
  5. Part of DC's law is that it prohibits carry within 1,000 feet from a foreign or domestic dignitary.  At first glance this would seem to prohibit carry pretty much anywhere in the district as dignitaries are everywhere.  However, if one reads the law it only applies to dignitaries moving under the protection of MPD, Secret Service, the capital police or a designate there of; to be charged the area has to be posted or the licensee has to have been informed by LEO's.  
  6. There is no denying that they are fast bikes.  Its a supposed 300 HP bike (haven't seen a dyno confirmation) with a curb weight under 500lbs.  I wouldn't call it a true production bike. yes that bike is factory spec, but its a factory spec closed track only race bike.  
  7. I tend to like the smh 10r from sena. The controls are better on the older smh1p, but I prefer the lower profile.
  8. If you like the metric system and are more used to using meters go with the mrad. If you prefer using yardage go with the moa. Personally I'd pick either over the jm1, but that's just me.
  9. I'm going with number two. Seems like it would provide the most utility out of the three.
  10. Welcome to the forum. For places to shoot you have a few decent options. There is the privately owned weapons range on post (range 16). There is a skeet range on post outside of gate 10. Tn gun country on 41A has an indoor rifle and pistol range. I believe clarksville guns and archery has a range as well, but have never been there. Then there is montgomery county shooting complex with a variety of ranges for different types. Local deals is really more about what your looking for. For example if your a S&W fan then it's hard to beat the mil/leo price at quantico.
  11. It looks like two flashlights, a bipod, a foregrip, a red dot or magnifier of some kind mounted on the side and a scope mounted on the top. When you zoom in it looks a little off, maybe a photoshop job.  
  12. Where are you located.  at over a 1,000 posts your clearly an established member.  I would be willing to bet there are a couple of members here, myself included, that would loan you the tools if your nearby. 
  13. Not sure about the quality of it but bushnell makes one that turns on then the optic is in a shooting position, ie roughly level. 


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